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In 2022, pre-writers’ strike, fans received the gift of a new type of primetime drama with a strong undercurrent of family dysfunction.

Fire Country burned through the competition, quickly outranking other shows as it breathed new life into a weekly lineup that had grown stale with remakes and ongoing shows that have continued with long-term success.

Many of the most successful series have spinoffs that expand their universe to include multiple locations, scenarios, and characters.

Series in the procedural and emergency response niche often do exceptionally well as spinoffs, like NCIS, One Chicago, and the Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 duo.

Given how well the Chicago universe did when it branched from Chicago Fire to Chicago PD and then Chicago Med, it’s no surprise that another popular fire series has inspired a spinoff.

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Fire Country is Getting a Spinoff

Fire Country has only been around a couple of seasons — it just wrapped up its second shortened season.

Despite its short run of only 32 episodes, the network has issued a renewal order for Fire Country Season 3.

But around the same time, fans learned of a third season and that Fire Country would get a police-themed spinoff. 

While the third season of Fire Country will return in the fall of 2024, its spinoff, Sheriff’s Country, will not be released until 2025.

Until then, we must speculate on what’s to come for the show and its cast.

Who Will Be In Sheriff Country

We excitedly announced the news of Morena Baccarin joining the Fire Country family earlier this year.

Baccarin plays Sheriff Deputy Mickey Fox on Fire Country and its upcoming spinoff. We first met her on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6.

We cast mighty speculation about her appearance beforehand. But, it tossed fans for a loop when we discovered Fox had a surprising connection to the Leone family.

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Mickey Fox is the sister of Division Chief Leader Sharon Leone. Their parents got married when they were teenagers. But they had a falling out after Mickey had to arrest Bode as a teenager, starting his criminal career.

Fox is a Sheriff Deputy for Edgewater, although she might get promoted to the Sheriff, given the death of the former sheriff.

Fox has a teenage daughter she claimed was in college during her reunion with Sharon years after their rift.

But she revealed in the Alert the Sheriff episode that her daughter was actually in rehab for drug abuse.

We don’t know Fox’s relationship status yet, although she is a single mom. So we could see some romance in her future when Sheriff Country debuts.

Since Sheriff Country won’t air in 2024, Fox may return to Fire Country so we can get to know her character better before she gets her own show.

It was disappointing that we only saw her character once during the second season. She and Sharon seemed to have a reunion moment that suggested she’d be at big family events.

But she wasn’t around to welcome Bode back to society after his prison release in the Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 finale.

Although Vince referenced her name to Manny when an arrest warrant went out for his name in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 9.

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She had many roles before Baccarin decided to lend her talents to play a small-town sheriff.

My personal favorite is in the anti-hero Marvel action film Deadpool. She was excellent as Vanessa, fiancee to Deadpool/Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds.

Her voice hooked us in The Flash when she played the unseen Gideon, the AI assistant to the superhero Flash (her role was uncredited to her name).

She was also in The Endgame for ten episodes, Gotham for 82 episodes as Leslie Thompkins, Homeland for 36 episodes, two episodes of The Good Wife, V for 22 episodes, and three episodes of Justice League Unlimited as Black Canary.

She’s been a force to reckon with, especially for her preference for comic book shows.

She’s always been a supporting character, so it will be exciting to see her as the star of her show.

Who Else Will be in Sheriff Country?

Since Sheriff Country is just getting off the ground in terms of planning, no other cast members have been announced.

We don’t know yet if the spinoff will have its own cast and storylines that play out independently of Fire Country.

We might even see some characters leave their current roles on FC to star in Sheriff Country, like Ben Warren, who will rejoin Grey’s Anatomy now that Station 19 is over.

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Or if the show will have crossovers and share some of the same cast. If the show focuses on its cast, we expect new characters to join before

Since Fox is family to the Leones, and police calls often coincide with fire calls, we might see some Fire Country cast appearing on Sheriff Country.

We could assume that fans might see some familiar faces from Fire Country once or more during Sheriff Country Season 1.

Bode Leone (Max Thieriot)

Bode is the main character of Fire Country, a former prison inmate firefighter trying to get redemption by living a good life on the outside.

Thieriot is the co-creator and brilliant mind behind the Fire Country series and its upcoming spinoff(s).

For two seasons, Bode resided as an inmate firefighter at the CalFire Three Rock Conservation Camp. He worked alongside his firefighting family to handle emergency fire calls throughout Edgewater.

The second season ended with Bode finally being released from prison, which means he is no longer a firefighter.

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But he’s not done with his heroic efforts, so it would not shock us to see him appear in Sheriff Country once it’s going.

Before Thieriot played Bode Leone, fans drooled over his sexy swagger and yummy muscles on SEAL Team for six seasons as he played Navy Seal Clay Spencer.

Sharon Leone (Diane Farr)

Sharon is Bode’s mother and a badass CalFire firefighter. She was Division Chief in the first season of Fire Country.

But she stepped down to go back to fighting fires after a kidney transplant due to chronic kidney disease.

She also used it as a way to escape her anger after Bode went back to prison in Fire Country, Season 1 Episode 22.

During the second season of Fire Country, her job went to her brother-in-law, Luke Leone. But she told him in the last episode that she was ready to take it back.

Since Sharon is Fox’s sister and they’ve made some moves to repair their strained relationship, we might see some sisterly bonding in Sheriff Country.

We might also see Sharon assist Fox with some professional cases.

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Be sure you’re following TV Fanatic as we update this piece with information on the new cast and characters added to Sheriff Country as they release it.

Leave us a comment telling us what you think of the new Fire Country spinoff. Are you excited about the show, or are they overextending something that isn’t there?

Sara Trimble is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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