Will Trent Season 3: Everything We Know So Far


We’ll have to wait until midseason to learn what happens next on Will Trent.

While these long hiatuses are challenging, we’ll get almost double the episodes in Season 3.

Will Trent Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger that divided the characters and the audience when Will made a polarizing decision that affected one character’s fate.

We don’t know anything definite about Season 3, except that it will begin even more dramatically after that finale.

Will Trent focuses on two teams: the GBI, which consists of Amanda, Will, and Faith, and the APD, which features Det. Ormewood, Angie, Captain Heller, and Franklin.

Sometimes, the teams have merged to solve challenging crimes or because one of their own was in danger.

Amanda offered Angie a chance to switch from the APD and join the GBI, but that offer may be off the table now, and the teams may not be as amicable.

Let’s discuss what we know about Will Trent Season 3 so far. Remember to bookmark this post, as we’ll update it often.

Has Will Trent Been Renewed?

Will Trent was renewed for Season 3 in April, and we’re thrilled because the series is refreshingly different from other procedurals.

It didn’t suffer from the sophomore slump but expanded on character arcs and showed thought-provoking cases.

What Happened at the End of Will Trent Season 2?

Will Trent Season 2 ended with Will’s polarizing decision that ended on a cliffhanger that crushed everyone.

It seemed predictable that Crystal was involved in the sex offender murders.

She had been traumatized by Lenny, and her mom brought home another boyfriend like him.

No one protected her, so you felt for her.

It became more challenging when she continued trapping older men and killing them.

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They might have worked out a plea if only Angie had arrested her.

Instead, Crystal died, and Angie was left carrying the blame as an accomplice. Angie only wanted to protect her, but we know what they say about good intentions.

Everything was beautifully acted and true to character. Will sees things in black and white, and Angie often hurts herself when helping others.

Besides that, Michael rushed his daughter to the hospital, which brought Gina home briefly, only to announce she wanted a divorce and custody of the kids.

That didn’t go over well after how close he had become to them.

Faith was the only one who ended the Season happily, more in love with Luke as he supported her through everything.

What Storylines Can We Expect on Will Trent Season 3?

The most significant storyline will be Angie’s when the series returns.

Since there will likely be a time jump, the series may show flashbacks or pick up on several months later.

Since this was a murky case and several people may empathize with Angie since she is Lenny’s victim, too, and she meant well, it’s difficult to imagine her doing hard time.

Her decision may impact her career and relationships more than doing jail time.

It’s doubtful she’ll be promoted to the GBI anymore. Angie may not even have a job at the APB anymore.

What will she do now? Angie is one of those people who needs to stay busy so she can stay sober.

She’s worked so hard to stay sober, but this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Erika Christensen would deliver a complex performance if Angie relapsed, but hopefully, Angie is stronger now.

Det. Michael Ormewood’s life could also be in disarray. He will likely be short a partner, so will they eliminate the APD and ask him to join the GBI?

Michael will need something more steady if involved in a messy divorce and custody battle.

It would be fascinating if they covered the custody battle since Gina abandoned them, and raising the kids alone softened Michael, and he grew closer to them.

Will’s storylines may be a blank slate. We’re most curious about where he went when he left abruptly and whether it involved returning to Puerto Rico.

Beyond that, he’ll have to live with his choice, which may include several colleagues who are angry with him and a life without Angie.

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That will be different because the two of them have been friends forever.

We learned so much about the main characters in Season that it would be fun to combine that with more action-packed cases in Season 3.

Which Cast Members are Returning for Will Trent  Season 3?

As far as we know, all the key cast members are returning for next Season.

As of now, the main cast includes:

  • Ramon Rodriguez as Will Trent
  • Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski
  • Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell
  • Jake McLaughlin as Michael Ormewood,
  • Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner,
  • Bluebell as Betty

The executive producers would like some recurring characters to return, including John Ortiz as Antonio Miranda and Lisa Gay Hamilton as Evelyn Mitchell. Ser’ Darius Blain may also return as Faith’s boyfriend, Luke.

We will update this list as we hear more information.

Will Sara Linton Factor into Will Trent Season 3?

I originally posted that I was unsure how Sara Linton would fit into the current canvas.

She’s such an essential character in the Will Trent novels, so her entrance to the TV series has to be well-executed, which the executive producers agree on.

Now that Will and Angie are essentially over for a while, it could work to bring on his other love interest, but it’s a fine line. No one wants Sara to be seen as the rebound choice when she’s his endgame in the books.

Several Will and Angie fans still hope they reconcile, so the writers must weigh all their options before deciding if this is an ideal time to bring Sara on board.

They are still considered a Grant County spinoff featuring Sara, too. Several options are on the table. We will update you when we learn anything concrete.

When Will Will Trent Season 3 Premiere?

We don’t have an exact premiere date, but ABC announced that Will Trent will return at midseason in 2025.

Will Trent Season 3 will likely premiere in January since the network hopes to air all 18 episodes consecutively.

The series will likely have a seven-month time jump, as it did for Season 2, since it often tells stories in real-time.

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How Many Episodes Will Will Trent Season 3?

It’s a first! After only ten episodes this season because of the strike, Will Trent Season 3 will have 18 episodes.

This gives the writers plenty to work with to develop thought-provoking cases and character arcs for each main character.

Executive Producers Liz Heldens and Daniel T. Thomsen stated that the additional episodes will allow them to let stories breathe and let the arcs last longer.

Is There a Trailer for Will Trent Season 3?

ABC has not yet released a trailer for Will Trent Season 3, mainly because production has not begun yet.

However, we will post all teaser and official trailers as soon as they become available.

The trailer will hopefully give us hints about the angle of the upcoming season.

Where Can I Watch Will Trent Season 3?

Trent will air on ABC when it returns in midseason. While a day and time haven’t been announced yet, we’ll guess that it will stay on Tuesday nights like the last two seasons. thre thre

In the meantime, you can binge the first two seasons on Hulu.

What do you want to see in Will Trent Season 3?

Let us know in the comments.

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