When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 4 Review: Along Came a Spider


We’ve never learned much about Lucas’s past.

Lucas Bouchard has always had big dreams, loved huge surprises, and been loyal to those he cared about.

When an old friend of his arrives unexpectedly on When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 4, some secrets get revealed.

Lucas and Jeanette shared such a history that he was shaken up by her arrival.

Initially, it seemed like he was displeased because he distrusted her. After all, she betrayed him in the past. But it soon became apparent that Jeanette Aucoin was the ultimate schemer.

Lucas knew she had dirt on him that would be harmful to his campaign or could hurt his image among his friends.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have worked so hard to keep her away from his friends, who wanted all the details.

Mike: It’s so nice to finally meet you. We’ve heard so much about you, or not that much, really.
Lucas: Don’t you two have that thing you need to take care of?

Jeanette claimed she wanted to invest in his new resort and be his partner, but it was difficult to discern her sincerity. Her last scheme got Lucas arrested.

However, Lucas is a businessman, and his distrust of her seems more personal.

Jeanette’s main concern seemed to be Elizabeth. She loved taunting Lucas about the broken engagement and wanted all the juicy details.

It was all a game to her, which was apparent when she marched over and introduced herself to Elizabeth.

It all became clear when Jeanette revealed she and Lucas used to be engaged, too. While that was a bombshell, she never included who called off the union.

Elizabeth assumed Lucas did because she admitted she felt less guilty now.

Jeanette wasn’t the only mysterious woman bringing trouble to the resort. The Benson Hills mayor also caused issues, and it was ironic that the series divulged so much about Lucas and Mike via guest characters in one episode.

Mike’s older sister,  Maisy, seemed bossy and controlling, and Mike seemed terrified to negotiate with her for the rights to the access road.

Lucas: Mike, this is perfect. You have a family in.
Mike: You don’t understand. Maisy’s impossible to reason with.
Lucas: Are you afraid of her?
Mike: Yes. Yes, I am.

Initially, the men thought Mike exaggerated, as people often do about older sisters, until Lee met Maisy and realized she was just as obstinate as Mike proclaimed. She wanted the access road on the Benson Hills side and petitioned to rename the resort to the Benson Hills resort.

However, she wasn’t totally off base with her concerns, thinking that a resort could bring more crime and a small town needed to prioritize safety for the children. They’ve always been the future of Hope Valley.

It complicated things that Mike’s sister and girlfriend hit it off. In another controlling sister move, Maisy visited Mei at the pharmacy and instantly approved of her, especially after she heard Mei utilized mud masks that she learned from her grandma.

Family history was essential to Maisy, and Mike realized their mom had told his sister about Mei, which delighted Mei.

Mei: So you’re not here by accident?
Mike: Mom? She told you about Mei, didn’t she?
Mei: You told your mom about me?

These little moments with the two are so adorable. Mei hasn’t dated anyone who valued her enough to announce their relationship to their family. She’s innocent and kind, which endeared her to even Mike’s sister.

Mei also believed in Mike in a way no one else ever had, and they finally shared their first kiss. Hopefully, we’ll soon see whether Mei can help mend the relationship between Mike and Maisy.

Easter is often about forgiveness and reconciliation, and after Elizabeth solved an argument between two of their classmates by getting them to compromise, Angela and Cooper become determined to help their dad with a reconciliation.

It was almost like watching two kids play matchmaker, but instead, Cooper wrote a note pretending to be his dad to his Uncle Jacob.

The Canfield children and Allie were old pros in their investigative skills. Maybe Allie gets her scheming and investigative skills from watching Rosemary since she knows how to disguise her voice.

While this is a C-level story arc, hopefully, we will get some follow-up. Hope Valley has been bringing many characters’ families to visit during When Calls the Heart Season 11.

It took four episodes for the series to finally focus on the children as the focus of the Easter celebration.

We’ve seen them for a few minutes here and there, but it was touching seeing how much some of them have grown up and how Elizabeth has inspired them.

Elizabeth has never ridiculed Toby for his math struggles but instead praised him for his artistic abilities in decorating his eggs and tricked him into doing math as he explained his design.

Children don’t always realize they use math or reading in many everyday skills.

Jack has also grown up and wants to attend school to spend more time with his mom. It was difficult for Jack since he saw how much attention Elizabeth gave the other children.

Little Jack: It’s like you’re everyone’s mom.
Elizabeth: I may be everyone’s teacher, but I’m only your mom, and that is the most important thing I will ever be.

Jack’s world has been turned upside down. He finally set eyes on Lucas for the first time at the egg hunt. I’m relieved that the series addressed how confused Jack felt by his role in all this.

Besides the charm of the children collecting their eggs, it appears the other goal of the egg hunt was for Nathan and Elizabeth to work together.

Nathan was more used to teenagers, while Elizabeth has worked with all ages, so she knew more about where to hide the eggs.

It’s an overused trope that every time a woman gets on a ladder, she trips and falls into a man’s arms. It has been on so many shows and films.

It’s just as overdone that someone catches them in each other’s arms.

That puts Nathan and Elizabeth two for two in the overdone romantic tropes in this one hour alone.

Elizabeth: What if there’s a chance they could get hurt?
Nathan: Then, I guess they need to decide if it’s worth it or not.

They did seem less awkward and more like a family, but that brings its issues, especially for Little Jack, who appears to be craving more attention from his mother. Meanwhile, Nathan wants answers.

Over to you, Hearties.

What was your favorite part of “Along Came a Spider?” Did you enjoy seeing Little Jack?

Were you excited to meet Jeanette and learn more about Lucas?

We would love to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments below.

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