When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 1 Review: When Stars Align


Welcome back to Hope Valley, Hearties! 

A lot changed in When Calls the Heart Season 10, and we’re here to review what happened in When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 1 Episode 1 and if it was worth it. 

Honestly, things seemed to go a little slow in this first episode, but there are mysteries arising that we’re hoping to see play out before too long. 

The new season began with a bang, literally. Actually, it started with two bangs as it was revealed that Lucas had been shot shortly after being elected governor. 

This was a dramatic move,  but do not worry; it was revealed very shortly that Lucas is okay and recovering pretty well, from what we can see in the episode. 

We knew something big was happening to Lucas after When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 12, but it seemed a little too dramatic that he got his heart broken and got shot at almost the same time. 

However, When Calls the Heart isn’t always known for its dramatic tactics, so we’ll still hang tight and give it some grace as they tries a flare for the theatrics.

Speaking of dramatics, it’s a relief that Rosemary is the same after all these years. She’s calmed down, but she’s still the biggest drama queen in Hope Valley, and we love seeing it. 

Although we could have seen more of Rosemary and Lee in this first episode, we’re certain that they will be more prominent as the season continues. 

He’s not a secondary character, but there is someone we can’t ignore: Nathan Grant

Oh, Nathan. 

It’s clear to everyone but Elizabeth that he still has feelings for her, and it seems obvious that Elizabeth still has feelings for Nathan. Will these two ever get together? Will Elizabeth ever take the risk of loving a Mountie again? Only time will tell. 

Nathan will never be Jack Thornton, that’s for sure. He’s an entirely different and new character, but one that was like a breath of fresh air. After all, we can’t have a town without a Mountie, and Nathan didn’t take long to become part of the community. 

So what is going on between him and Elizabeth?! They went from being friendly friends to being awkward counterparts between the seasons.

We saw them share a close and intimate moment at the end of When Calls the Heart Season 10 when Elizabeth is visiting Jack’s grave, but the moment was interrupted by the news of Lucas being shot. 

Watching Lucas’s recovery reminded me that what we make of our lives is up to us. Moment by moment. And I’m really enjoying the feeling of being open to… infinite possibilities.


It’s evident that Elizabeth still cares for Lucas even if she doesn’t love him romantically. After all, she was quick to ride away on horseback and leave Baby Jack with Rosemary and Lee to run to Capitol City to be by his side. 

Will Lucas and Elizabeth reconnect? Honestly, hopefully they don’t. There have been many ups and downs in that relationship, and we’re ready for something fresh and new. 

Lucas Bouchard always seemed to be doing too much for Elizabeth; his gestures were too grand for this big-city girl turned small-town widow. 

However, seeing a new character introduced for Lucas would be fun. Someone who wants those grand gestures a little more than Elizabeth, who is content in her little life. 

Always remember, you may feel lonely, but you’re not alone.


That’s not a dig at Elizabeth, either. She has a content life full of friends, love, and joy despite her struggles and hardships, and even though she lost Jack, who remains at the forefront of her mind very often. 

The episode started a bit dramatic but slowed as things became more apparent. 

Lucas is still Lucas with his grand gestures for the townspeople as he announced his plan for the Territorial Fund and his plan to use it to build a hotel and resort right in Hope Valley. 

I was elected to make a change. To set this territory on a new course.


It would have been nice to see more of Nathan, as we’re anticipating a romance to bloom between him and Elizabeth this season.

Maybe the romance won’t happen, but love is a central theme of the show in all ways, and it doesn’t seem right for Elizabeth not to have a romantic interest. 

We still see love blossom between Mei and Hickam, which is so sweet to watch. Even sweeter was when he gifted her a bicycle to go to the hot spring to collect clay more easily. How thoughtful! 

She was stressed about her time management with Fiona gone, and he found a way to save her some time — Hickam is a sweetheart. 

We will miss Fiona this season. Her arrival was shocking to Hope Valley, and her departure was surprising, even though it was quieter than her first modern steps in the town.

One mystery we’re waiting to solve is the identity of the actual shooter.

Was the man arrested the one who did it? Was Montague the one involved? And does Lucas not remember who shot him, or is he just protecting someone? 

Overall, we give the episode a 3.5/5 rating.

It wasn’t a bad episode, but the exciting parts moved a little too quickly and left much to be desired.

What did you think of When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 1? Let us know in the comments below.  

Devin Piel, an entertainment news writer from the Midwest with a passion for true crime and binge-streaming the latest Netflix series, is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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