The Top Moments From The King & Queen of the Ring 2024!


The much-anticipated King & Queen of the Ring came and went in front of another raucous international crowd, giving us an afternoon of solid wrestling and setting some future storylines into motion.

This premium live event had some added weight to it with the King & Queen matches, which we found out recently would give the winners a title shot at Summerslam

Crowing a King, and more recently a Queen, had been a staple of the WWE, with some of the most famous moments in the company’s history coming during the event.

Think ‘Austin 3:16 said I just whopped your ass’ for starters.

But the matches that supplied their winners with crowns were just two on a heavy card that saw multiple titles up for grabs and ended up being a damn good time.

We’re not here to break down the ins and outs of the matches. But we are here to talk about the top moments from the event, and there were plenty.

These are in no particular order but do feel free to hit the comments with your thoughts about the list and what interested you the most about the three-hour affair

Liv Morgan Completes Her Revenge Tour

If you’ve been watching RAW for the past weeks or following along on social media, then you know that Liv Morgan has been on a revenge tour for weeks.

She’s been looking to get back at Rhea Ripley and reclaim the very thing Rhea had to give up after Liv put her on the shelf for several months and forced her to vacate: The Women’s World Championship.

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The match was fun, and Liv and Becky always have enough chemistry in the ring to make their matches flow properly.

The crowd also seemed to get increasingly into things as the match progressed, with things hitting a crescendo when Dirty Dominic Mysterio came out to seemingly hurt Liv’s chances of beating the current champ.

There’s been a background story here with Dom promising to avenge his injured Mami, and while his throwing in the steel chair for Becky to use against Liv backfired, you have to wonder if there’s something more sinister at play.

Dom has been known to turn on his allies (hello, Daddy Rey!), and with Judgment Day already slowly dying with Rhea gone, it would be a rather twisty turn to see Dom leave his former team and branch out on his own.

While that would be one exciting way to take the story, Liv’s win generally sets us up for another reign with the veteran wrestler who never seems to get her time to shine.

This was a solid win for Liv, and she’s due for a great title reign. Let’s see what the WWE can do with it.

Otis Turns On Chad Gable…Sort Of

Chad Gable has been on a tear since he lost to Sami Zayn on the April 15th RAW, and no one has been spared from his terror. Least of all, Otis.

Poor Otis has stuck beside Gable for a long time, but the fractures are growing, and Otis clotheslining Gable during his triple-threat match with Sami and Bronson Reed may not be something the duo can recover from.

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We’ve seen Chad, more than Otis lately, engage in some singles rivalries, but it would be cool to see what a feud between the two looks like.

How many times will Otis let Gable call him an idiot? How many times can he be slapped around before he snaps? There’s a story there, and they are two solid wrestlers who could bring a lot to a match.

We didn’t necessarily need to see Otis vs. Chad Gable, but now that the idea has been teased, we’d like to see how it plays out.

The Ending To the Queen Of The Ring Match

If you’ve followed the WWE over the last ten years, then you know Nia Jax. You may have been surprised when she returned to the company in 2023, several years after she was released.

Nia took her time away, and she’s come back more dominant and entertaining than ever.

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Since returning, she’s hit her stride and put in the work to fully lean into her heel persona and deliver a bevy of entertaining matches, including the one against Lyra Valkyria.

Admittedly, Lyra was outclassed from the start, but she still showed signs of life throughout, making the quick match not feel entirely one-sided. But that Annihilator? That may have been one of the most brutal ones we’ve seen yet.

It was a perfect ending (Lyra sold it beautifully), and it once again cemented her power and set her up nicely for a summer run that will make her a genuine threat at Summerslam.

Randy Orton Feeds Off The Crowd

As someone who was live on the second night of the most recent Wrestlemania, I can tell you that the fever in the crowd can make or break the feeling of a show.

A quiet crowd with little juice makes a not-so-pleasant viewing experience, whether at home or in the arena. We’ve seen some great crowds this year, with the WWE Backlash crowd in Lyon, France, perhaps the best of all time.

The crowd came alive for Rany Orton during his entrance, and he soaked it all in, making sure to walk around that ring and share in the love and express his gratitude.

Orton is on the backside of his long career, and he should get to bask in the moments while he can. It’s always nice to see crowds acknowledge those who’ve been there and allow them to see the impact they’ve made in the ring.

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Cody Rhodes & Logan Paul Leave It All On The Mat

Love him or hate him, Logan Paul has turned into a pretty damn good wrestler.

You wouldn’t know he’s only had a handful of matches under his belt if you just turned into this PLE for the first time. He hit frog splashes through announce tables, Cody Cutters, and Cross Rhodes flawlessly.

We’ve seen him in the ring with some of the best wrestlers and workers on the roster today, and he more than holds his own.

You can always expect Cody to do what Cody does, and that’s deliver something you want to see. And he hit a VERTEBREAKER.

Wrestling has never been hotter, and that was a remarkable coda to a kickass event.

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