The Rookie Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Backstabbers


Sometimes you need a fun, lighthearted, sweet hour to sit back and enjoy.

And make no mistake, The Rookie Season 4 Episode 18 was that type of hour where we got some of the best elements of the series and season. The Harper and James proposals and marriage were heartwarming and sweet.

We got that Chenford dance, Thorsen found his niche, and Badger returned and redeemed himself.

The train robbery case was one of those wonky ones where most of the fun came in all the antics of the bratty kids and Nolan, Chen, and Badger, along with Harper and Angela trying to solve everything.

Greg Grunberg’s return as Badger was an unexpected but most delightful surprise. It was gobsmacking that a man who fired his weapon inside the station and got fired on his first day somehow managed to become a sergeant.

Initially, it seemed like an absurd fluke and something that Nolan would get irritated about when we know how stagnant his career has been for many reasons.

However, Badger wasn’t some bumbling idiot who fell upward into a sergeant position with the Choo-Choo police. He proved himself as a competent, capable officer with great instincts.

It’s hard to overcome a particular reputation when you’re known for what Badger did, and you have to work with the people who saw you at your dumbest and worst.

Harper and Angela, who were aptly and hilariously dubbed the Mean Girls, weren’t showing poor Badger any grace. Harper and Angela are among the strongest among the many sets of friends that we’ve had the pleasure of seeing develop over time.

They’re two badass moms with similar dispositions and approaches to things. It will remain one of the most adorable things ever that they’ve become each other’s best friends and James and Wesley have, too. We love TWO power couples!

Harpez weren’t there for Badger at all, but at least they came around when he proved himself valuable. Meanwhile, you can always count on Nolan to show more compassion and consideration.

He knows what it’s like for people to judge and have to work extra hard to win people over.

And by the end of the case, Badger deserved that collar. It’s good that Lucy could set aside her frustrations and allow him to get his due.

Bradford was upfront about the nature of the job as his aide and how he’d get much of the credit for things, but it was still catching up to Lucy that her stellar efforts didn’t get the praise they deserved.

While we all know it shouldn’t be about that, as a woman in any male-dominated field, it’s too easy to have input and achievements downplayed or erased.

But it’s Bradford. He has such immense respect for Lucy that he’d do something to resolve that issue, switch it up, and give her the due she deserves.

They teased Chenford heavily in the promotions, and we didn’t get much of it, but it was sweet that they finally shared their dance. And they had that moment when it was evident how much Bradford values Lucy.

We weren’t hurting for anything on Bradford’s end because we got the chance to see him and Thorsen ride together, and they were a refreshing and fun duo.

Tim abandoned the whole Tim test thing, a notable maneuver after everything recently happened with his father and Lucy’s observation about the similarities.

Instead, we got Bradford telling Thorsen that every cop has a superpower. And Thorsen spent the rest of the hour attempting to figure out his.

Out of the gate, it seemed like his superpower would be rooted in his connections with people. Sure, his wealth and esteem breed connections, and it transformed him into a classic “I know a guy, guy.”

Let’s get married so I’m not a baby momma.


It was nothing wrong with that either, but as Bradford pointed out, Thorsen’s understanding of the justice system from a place closer to those they encounter regularly is an edge that helps him relate to people.

The cases like the guy who stole the Ferrari were pure entertainment and fun, and his knowledge was advantageous and furthered the amusement.

But it was the way he treated the recently paroled man prompting a domestic call showed how great Thorsen is at his job. Of the traditional three policing styles, Thorsen manages to capture community policing in a unique way than the other characters.

He’s a true peacekeeper. And I love that they all give out James’ information to help people get on their feet. Thorsen genuinely sees policing as a service, and those ties to the community make them stronger overall.

I need you to be a cop. Make us believe.

Silas [to Grey]

It’s so good when they remember to utilize Thorsen, and now that he’s resolved the murder of his friend, we get to see this angle of him on the job and figuring out his place in it all. Thorsen is a great character, and I’m happy there’s space for this focus on him now.

James and Wesley continue to work as these extensions into the community and system. Not only do they work into the series well as the spouses of two cops, but their jobs factor in organically.

It still isn’t working with Bailey, but her relationship with John is still going strong. I only wish she could pull off what Wesley and James have done.

The two of them are the best bromance in the series. But the addition of Silas and Grey into their arc was pure, comedic gold from start to finish.

I cannot get enough of Silas. I love that kid to pieces, and hopefully, he’s a character that can continue to reappear in the series.

His commentary and how seriously he took filming and directing Wesley and James’ video were hilarious.

Wesley wanting to cover so many subjects of how to handle interactions with the police via this educational video was fantastic. It fits seamlessly with what he and James intend to do and their jobs.

As a defense attorney working alongside a community leader like James, he and Wesley are a match made in heaven.

Grey’s unintentionally funny bad acting, awkwardness, and annoyance with the whole thing were too funny. And I love that Silas captured blooper moments too.

They all looked like they had so much fun filming that. It was the highlight of the hour.

For a bit, on the topic of James, it was worrisome that something would interfere with James and Harper’s happiness and relationship.

Harper proposed in such a quintessentially Nyla way. It was so cute and perfectly in line with her character. As viewers, we have no doubts that she loves James.

Bradford: You know technically I still owe you a dance.
Chen: There’s no technical about it, a debt is owed.

However, it’s understandable that with her phrasing and the sentiment she gave of that, James would want to give her space to change her mind later.

Initially, it was frustrating when he confided in Wesley and made it seem like he didn’t want to get married but panicked and affirmed it anyway.

But James’ perspective made sense. We all know how much James loves Harper, so that was never up for debate. But he didn’t want her to only marry him because of the baby.

It’s reasonable that James needed more reassurance, and he wanted Harper to sit on her decision before moving forward with their city hall plans.

Let’s get married so I’m not a baby momma.


The city hall angle probably didn’t help matters either since she wanted something lowkey that was only about them. But James’ delivery, rushing to tell her about taking some time and not giving her a chance to react before telling her he loved her and leaving, was annoying.

Fortunately, Angela and Wesley were there to offer their support to their respective friends in this situation.

And Harper came to understand what James was doing and what she needed from him, and she reassured him that their marriage was a certainty, not something she planned to do on a whim because they were expecting a child.

Harper wasn’t settling. Her speech was charming, and it made up for the fact that we didn’t get to see their marriage ceremony.

James’ answering proposal with the ring was romantic enough. The Smitty element of them interrupting his nap with all of this, with him crying over the romance, added a comedic touch to a perfect scene.

Angela came through with that reception. Everyone looked fantastic, seemed to have fun, and the vibes felt good.

Harper looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress with the black, sequined blazer. She and James look so damn happy, and it was good to see Lila there, too.

If we have to go on another mini-break before The Rookie returns with that backdoor pilot to the Niecy Nash spinoff, then at least we left things on a high note and with a great hour.

Over to you, Rookie Fanatics. What was your favorite part of the hour? Are you happy Harper and James went through with their marriage? Hit the comments below!

You can watch The Rookie online here via TV Fanatic.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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