Station 19’s Jason George Checks Back Into Grey’s Anatomy!


Benjamin Warren is back in business!

In news surprising no one, let’s be honest; it’s confirmed that Jason George will be checking back into Grey Sloan permanently.

There was curiosity about where fan-favorite characters Ben Warren and Carina DeLuca, who originated in the Mother series, would land upon Station 19‘s shocking and disappointing cancellation.

Will Station 19’s Carina DeLuca and Ben Warren Return to Grey’s Anatomy?

With both Ben and Carina coming from medical backgrounds, the latter still actively working as one at Grey Sloan, it made sense for the two to return to Grey’s Anatomy in some capacity.

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It’s a question that has been at the forefront of fans’ minds for a while.

Well, now we have some official clarification on who will return to their roots.

According to Variety, Jason George will check into Grey Sloan for a full shift.

That’s right, Warren will return to Grey’s Anatomy as a full series regular after signing off on Station 19.

It’s exciting news for those who still hope to have a piece of Station 19 lingering long after the series has signed off, but it certainly serves as another dash of hope to revive it in some capacity.

What Does Jason George’s Return to Grey’s Mean for the Fight to Save Station 19?

Station 19 fans have been relentlessly fighting to save the series, so the news broke that it had been canceled.

They’ve even turned their efforts to other networks, proposing that Netflix Should Rescue Station 19 and pitched why it would be a perfect fit for the streamer.

Sadly, no news indicates that the series will be brought back or relocated anywhere else.

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What Was Ben Warren’s Station 19 Arc?

When we tuned into Station 19’s series finale, they did a solid job of wrapping up various stories for the beloved characters, treating us to flashforward dreams and a definitive glimpse of the future.

With Warren, it was fitting that how he departed Station 19 would be similar to how he entered it.

As the primary Grey’s Anatomy character to launch the spinoff, we followed him into firefighting as the often impulsive Warren made a huge career shift.

Since Warren’s introduction to the franchise, we’ve witnessed him shift from anesthesiologist to resident in pursuit of becoming one of Grey’s hot doctors.

But then he got bitten by the firebug and, to Bailey’s chagrin, pursued a dangerous career in firefighting.

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Throughout Station 19, it was apparent that Ben wasn’t long for the field.

While he was a fantastic firefighter, various circumstances often challenged his future in the field.

For starters, as part of a deal he made with Pru’s grandparents to raise the late Dean Miller’s child, he agreed to step back from the dangerous components of the job for Pru’s sake.

And he did that one and off throughout the series.

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However, as someone who got into firefighting late in the game, he’s experiencing some of the wear and tear on his body that comes with a strenuous and dangerous job.

He’s had many near-death experiences over the years.

How Did Station 19’s Series Finale Set Up Ben Warren’s Return to Grey’s Anatomy?

As we saw in Station 19’s final season, Warren took a renewed interest in practicing medicine while out in the field.

He was often linked to the Physician Response Team arc, which saw him combining his past as a doctor with his present as a firefighter.

However, when that was shut down, he was often active in Vic’s Crisis One storyline that frequently honored Dean’s legacy.

In the two-part series finale, Warren took an active role in predominantly medical-related cases while fighting a massive wildfire about to hit Seattle.

And he even assisted Carina in delivering a baby.

He then informed his captain that he would depart the station to return to medicine, something the others saw coming a mile away.

The series finale perfectly set up Warren’s return to Grey’s Anatomy and even gave us glimpses of what that may be like.

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They even established a decent story arc for him, with his foster son also taking an interest in the medical field.

It may also have him interact with Grey’s Anatomy’s group of beloved interns.

Over to you, Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy Fanatics? Are you thrilled about this news? Let’s hear it below!

You can stream both Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu.

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