Only Murders in the Building: These Celebs Need to Check Into the Arconia!


Only Murders In The Buildings Season 1 saw its fair share of celebrity guest stars, from familiar names like Sting, Nathan Lane, Tina Fey, and Jane Lynch, to Broadway stalwarts Ali Stroker, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Mandy Gonzalez.

Season 2 is set to be much the same, with the likes of Shirley MacLaine, Cara Delevingne, and Amy Schumer making appearances.

Ever speculating, we made our own wish list of potential guest celebs who would fit right in at the Arconia for future seasons.

These are just a handful of celebs we think would be a great options for the growing Only Murders family!

Let us know what you think of our ideas and who you’d like to see on the show!


So many of Tim Curry’s roles are iconic, but his natural British charm and eccentric edge would be a perfect fit for the Arconia.

He could be a reclusive old academic with information/insight into a suspect or a British theatre director and rival of Oliver’s!

Curry has elevated the murder mystery to an art form, as evidenced by his performance as Wadsworth in the film version of Clue (a cult classic and must-watch!), so it would be great to see him make a meal out of a role here.


Fresh from a delightful turn on Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Alexander has just the right energy for the Arconia.

He could easily play a new backer for the podcast, or perhaps a producer intent on buying the rights to the Tim Kono story and then make it into a Broadway musical.

Not only that, but you just know Oliver would totally be tempted to direct/write/star!


If we’re getting meta (as OMITB is prone to doing) and doing a musical version of the podcast within the show, Stephanie Beatriz would be perfect to portray a fictionalized version of Mabel.

Beatriz can do the wry, dark comedy, as evidenced by her stint as Rosa on NBC’s Brooklyn 99, but we also know she can sing thanks to her star-making turn as the voice of Mirabel in Encanto.

There could be some great comedy as Selena Gomez either tries to befriend or gets intimidated by a different version of herself.


It’s easy to forget that Blige is not just one of America’s top recording stars but also an Academy Award-nominated actress.

She’s been seen on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy and Fox’s Empire, and among her many accomplishments is a 2003’s Grammy-winning collaboration with the Arconia’s resident celeb Sting, “Whenever I Say Your Name.”

Blige could easily play a heightened version of herself like Sting did in Only Murders In The Building Season 1 — maybe they could even team up again and come up with a theme song for the podcast.


Another potential “musical” guest would be rising star/pop sensation Camila Cabello.

Even if there was no singing involved, Cabello could easily be a friend or relative from Mabel’s past, perhaps a fellow artist or schoolmate jealous of Mabel’s fame and/or notoriety.

We haven’t seen much of Mabel’s past, other than what we know about her Hardy Boys and her mother, so it would be interesting to see more people from her life show up.


Similarly, if we’re going the “frenemies” route, we could picture Demi Lovato making an appearance.

Lovato and Selena Gomez have a checkered history, both appearing on Barney at a young age and becoming Disney icons for a new generation. Lovato showing up on OMITB could be an intriguing prospect, with them and Gomez sharing the small screen again.

We know there will be fireworks in Season 2 — Lovato could keep things blowing up into Season 3!


This woman is certified comedy gold, and she’s never stopped working — she’s been part of Hallmark’s popular Signed, Sealed, Delivered series and will be featured on Apple TV+’s upcoming Mrs. American Pie series.

Burnett would fit right in at the Arconia, maybe as a relation of Jackie Hoffman’s character (Uma) sister or yet another rich old lady (the Arconia is brimming with them!)


Who doesn’t love a reunion?

Peters would be an inspired choice to play Charles’ ex-girlfriend (Lucy’s mom) Emma since she starred opposite Steve Martin in his quintessential comedy film The Jerk.

Previously seen on The Good Fight, Smash, and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Peters is a Broadway legend who has made a splash on the small screen. She brings depth to any character and she and Martin could easily rekindle an “old-flame” chemistry.

And hey, if Burnett and Curry were both on as well, you’d also get a reunion from 1982’s Annie!


As of Only Murders In The Building Season 1, we still haven’t met Mabel’s aunt, who owns the apartment at the Arconia, nor do we know what she does, where she is, or even her name.

Who better to fill this role than a glam Salma Hayek? She could inject some fire upon her return and find out what her niece has been doing — maybe create some tension between Oliver and Charles, who would both find her intensely attractive (they’re only human).

This would then make Mabel awkward and uncomfortable as she’d have to live with her aunt if she wanted to stay in New York. (Bonus: Hayek also starred with Tina Fey on 30 Rock!)


Whither Tina Fey goest, there goest Jane Krakowski.

The Schmigadoon star also previously starred with Fey on 30 Rock and has the market cornered on playing vapid, cutthroat socialites. She could be a resident or perhaps a little something different, like a mysterious relative of Jan, claiming to be a long-lost half-sister, looking for her fifteen minutes of fame.

Admit it — you could see it!


Also a longtime co-conspirator of Tiny Fey, Parks and Recreation‘s Amy Poehler could bring some of her fun energy to the Arconia.

Give her something wacky to do — maybe an undercover private detective investigating the trio on behalf of Cinda Canning?

Poehler would rock any role on this show with her perfect mix of quirkiness and gravitas. (She’d also be a “clever tie-in” guest star for Apple TV+’s Severance, but that’s another post…)


One of the funniest women to come off of Saturday Night Live, Rudolph has had some memorable roles in film (Bridesmaids) and guest roles on television comedies (The Good Place).

She’s been keeping busy with voiceover for animated hits Big Mouth and Human Resources. She’ll be back on our screens soon enough for Apple TV+’s Loot, but we’d welcome a little jaunt over to the Arconia in her spare time!

Rudolph has no need to prove herself, and she’s versatile — she could be a restaurant critic, opera singer, philanthropist — the possibilities are endless!


Something about Cheech Marin screams hard-nosed cop with a sense of humor.

Give him a link to Charles’s past on Brazzos — either as a cop who’s a fan (or hater) of the show or, better yet, a former co-star who played Brazzos’s boss or buddy. Maybe he’s just as washed-up, or maybe he hit the big time, lives in a mansion in L.A., and is filming a new film in New York.

He could even have some unfinished beef with Charles, making him a suspect!


Real-life husband and wife Parker and Broderick returned to Broadway this year in Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite. They’d be right at home as a bickering or gossiping couple that can’t keep their affairs private — or know everything about everyone!

Parker is forever linked with Manhattan thanks to Sex and the City, while Matthew Broderick is forever linked with Nathan Lane (OMITB’s disgraced producer/deli owner Teddy Dimas) thanks to their many roles together (The Lion King, The Producers).

It only seems fitting that this couple would find their way into the Arconia.


What do you think of our choices, Arconiacs?

Who would you love to see on Only Murders In The Building in upcoming seasons?

Are you excited for Only Murders in the Building Season 2?

Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

Mary Littlejohn is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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