Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Book Club


So maybe splitting up was the right direction to take all along.

Now that they could leave their confinement at Horse’s mansion, Abigail and Adil, Scylla, and Tally took off on separate missions on Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 6.

And, shockingly, no one came out worse for wear from their adventures.

It certainly helped the Bellweather Unit’s cause that Thelma Bearkiller, their keeper from the Council of the Great River, came over to their side after battling Hearst and his Camarilla soldiers.

Thelma also proved to be a badass as a travel agent, lining up transportation for all three outings.

Abigail and Adil had the most crucial mission, getting a weakened Alder back to the mycelium hidden underneath Fort Salem.

They had to have had the most dangerous route crossing the eastern United States rife with Camarilla. It was good that they had Scylla to give the trio a map of how to sneak onto the campus.

Abigail also was returning to a changed Fort Salem infiltrated by Silver’s spies, the oversight officers led by Colonel Jarrett, who was delusional enough to think that he was in charge, with Petra kowtowing to his every whim.

Petra has been walking a fine line, trying to operate her army and protect the fugitives despite the interference by Jarrett and company.

It must be helpful to telepathically inform your officers not to listen to the blowhard Jarrett and provide counterorders.

Unfortunately, working around the Camarilla presence is only going to get more challenging, as Silver is forcing a battalion of the Camarilla stormtroopers into Petra’s forces to lead the invasion of The Cession.

Thelma inadvertently gave the Camarilla an excuse to invade when she fought Hearst and his thugs.

Never mind that they broke into a Cession facility in pursuit of the fugitives without warning. Thelma’s actions gave the Camarilla the excuse they needed to invade a sovereign territory.

Fortunately, Thelma was one of the indigenous leaders who knew better than to trust the white man. So she had been putting together a militia for just such a situation.

So the Camarilla will find themselves going up against the Cession witches and secretly the Army witches as well. They’ll regret that decision. 

Now, how do those witches get The Spree on board as well? The Camarilla can’t be numerous enough to handle all those witches, are they?

Especially now that Alder is back in the game, thanks to the mycelium. As she said, trust in The Mother.

First, Alder and Willa finished closing down all of the Camarilla drill sites, through which the mycelium was being poisoned.

That means that witches will return to full strength, which should put the Camarilla and their stolen voiceboxes at a disadvantage. This development has to be good news for Raelle, who is recovering in the mycelium.

Then she reappeared at Fort Salem, giving hope to witches there who had been under the thumb of the Camarilla. Alder becomes the witches’ savior after rising from the dead.

What role will Penelope play in the upcoming war of public opinion? Based on how she attacked Abigail, she’s too erratic to explain to the world that her father, the President, arranged for her to be publicly executed, isn’t she? 

It was great to watch Scylla and Edwin bond on their trip back to his home. As he admitted, Scylla is all he has left, with Raelle’s status so in the air. Scylla is his only remaining connection to Raelle.

It was about time that someone told Edwin the truth about Willa and her time with the Spree after she was supposedly killed in battle. Edwin handled the fact well since Willa was protecting Raelle in her own way.

But why was Willa so hellbent on keeping Scylla and Edwin from communicating with Raelle? Sure, Raelle is now safest in the mycelium. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like to hear from her girlfriend and father.

At least her best friend Quinn could get through to Willa even if Willa wouldn’t commit to bringing Raelle back to the real world. That appearance gave Edwin and Willa the closest thing to a proper farewell.

Tally also resolved a lingering issue when she returned to California to ensure her mother May was safe.

Tally saw the reality of Silver’s witch-registration pilot program in action. She also discovered that agents were staked out on her mother’s house.

She found out that May also had her secrets, as her “book club” was planning a raid on a government building to steal witches’ records to slow down the registration effort.

To protect May and her middle-aged raiders, trained soldier Tally went along. She saw permanent witches’ collars in the building’s basement using her scrying power.

May proved that Tally came by her determination naturally when she set the collars on fire, which eventually led to the building blowing up.

Yet the “book club” was back in session when May’s watchers crashed in.

Tally and May made up, making their parting more amicable this time.

May even gave the disillusioned Tally a pep talk, putting her in a better frame of mind for her return to the fight.

To revisit the Camarilla’s scheme, watch Motherland: Fort Salem online.

Did you enjoy seeing parents Edwin and May again?

How can Petra slow down the invasion?

What is The Mother’s plan?

Comment below.

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