Mama June Road to Redemption Exclusive Sneak Peek: Will June Leave Geno?


Mama June: Road to Redemption continues Friday at 9 pm on WE tv, and June’s journey is only just beginning.

In an exclusive look at the new episode, June calls her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon with a bombshell:

She left her boyfriend Geno Doak because he was “drunk and passed out.”

This is a surprising development, but it may not stick.

When her daughter questions whether it’s over for good, June says that they went through addiction and recovery together.

This is a strong hint that their relationship is far from over.

On top of that, June vows to go to Geno’s court date instead of spending time with the family and her newborn grandson.

The family is less than impressed by June’s choice of words, especially given that she wasn’t around for the birth of Lauren’s baby.

Last week’s season premiere found June opening up about some alarming behavior from Doak when she claimed he was no longer sober.

The series desperately wants to showcase June’s comeback, which involves her making amends with her children.

The unfortunate part of this is that June needs to want to fix the relationships that broke down.

If she’s putting other people before her children, then there’s no way the kids will be able to forgive their mother.

“June’s been hiding from Geno for weeks, but finally tells him what she really thinks of him and their relationship,” reads the episode’s official description. 

“Mama shows up to Pumpkin’s house and the girls are furious. Pumpkin comes up with a way to get Jessica off her couch for good.”

Check out the full-length clip below.

Be sure to watch the episode as it plays out on WE tv.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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