Julie Plec Leaves the Door Open for The Vampire Diaries’ Bonnie Bennett Whether Kat Graham Wants It or Not


Kat Graham may be done with The Vampire Diaries universe

But it sounds like that universe is not done with the beloved star.

Julie Plec, co-creator of the hit CW drama, opened up about the star’s comments on not wanting to play Bonnie Bennett again.

In a new interview with Deadline, Plec said that “the door will always be open” if Graham changes her mind.

“We’ve reached out to Kat plenty of times through the years for different The Vampire Diaries-related things and she’s always been very gracious,” Plec shared.

“She’s very kind as she kindly passes. She feels like she has completed her journey as Bonnie, taken the good parts of that journey with her, and put the less good parts behind her to step into the next phase of her career.

She’s been growing and doing so well with her music, her appearances, and her acting.”

“The door will always be open for Bonnie Bennett, whether it’s for a spinoff or an appearance—whatever.”

“But I know Kat has a really strong point of view about what she wants for her career to be and where Bonnie fits in that and I respect that completely,” Plec concluded.

Graham declined a potential return to that universe in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I mean, eight years, you know eight years of my life. I feel like I spent more time as a character than I spent as myself,” she shared in the aforementioned interview.

“I’m still that girl that was running around rogue, trying to play gigs and, I finally feel like, with especially all the films that I have – five films out this year, it’s my second album I’m dropping this year – I feel like I’m almost playing catch-up in a weird way as an artist.

“I feel like I gave that show, and hopefully the fans that watch it, eight years of my life and poured so much into it and sacrificed a lot of time with my family, even time doing work with the UN refugee agency, doing my activism,” the star, who played the role from 2009-17, continued.

“So much of that has to get put on hold when you’re on a 22-episode series for eight years.”

“So, as grateful [as I am] – and I mean grateful because I grew from that show, I became who I really am in my twenties from that show – for me, yeah, the door is closed.”

The Vampire Diaries universe will be taking a breather following the conclusion of Legacies, which was canceled after four seasons.

In this reboot and revival-heavy world, there’s no telling what might come next for the franchise.

Warner Bros. Discovery owns it, so it’s possible that another show set in that universe could materialize on HBO Max down the line.

What are your thoughts on Plec’s response to Graham?

Hit the comments.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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