Jeff Ross Shares Take On Tom Brady Confrontation During Live Roast After Robert Kraft Massage Joke


Jeff Ross is giving his take on The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady and that particular moment when the former NFL star got out of his seat after a joke about Robert Kraft.

As the “Roastmaster General” on the Netflix comedy special, Ross was tasked to roast Brady and took a shot at the New England Patriots owner.

“So Tom became a Patriot and moved up to New England, and on the first day of training camp, that scrawny rookie famously walked into the owner Robert Kraft‘s office and said, ‘I’m the best decision your organization has ever made. Would you like a massage?’” Ross joked.

Ross was referring to an incident in 2019 where Kraft was accused of soliciting prostitution at a massage parlor in Florida. Prosecutors ultimately dropped a misdemeanor charge against the Patriots owner after courts blocked the use of video from secret cameras installed by police inside the parlors.

After Ross made the joke, Brady got up from his seat to tell the Roastmaster General, “Never say that sh** again.”

Following the roast, Ross now gives his perspective on the viral moment.

“Come on, no way,” Ross said on The Rich Eisen Show. “He was having fun.”

He continued, “Robert Kraft is like a father figure to him. He was just showing his love for Robert Kraft. And Robert Kraft loved it. We had a great talk afterward. He was so happy that I gave him a shoutout and a salute. It was beautiful.”

Ross noted that Brady “loves the roast” and is “a student of the roast,” with the comedian approaching the NFL star for multiple years.

“I knew he was roast fan,” Ross said. “He was into it right away, and we made a deal, and then he un-retired and I held it back until he retired again.”

Watch Ross’s interview in full below.

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