How Evil Season 4 Can Deliver a Satisfying Series Conclusion


When Evil Season 4 premieres in May, fans will be hoping for a resolution to a whole host of questions raised at the end of Evil Season 3.

While some will be answered at the outset, more questions will arise to intrigue us throughout the show’s run.

As all good things must come to an end, we know that this will be the last outing of this crazy, mind-bending show we’ve come to love.

Most seasons have contained ten episodes, so it will be a treat to have four bonus episodes, which Robert and Michelle King are touting as a mini-season to finish out the story.

But how will it end? And with the news that Netflix will soon begin airing various seasons, would Evil be well-served by being “saved” by the streamer?

Evil is not just any show with any creator. The Kings have brought us top-notch dramas: The Good Wife, The Good Fight, Elsbeth, and more.

If you watched any of their shows that have concluded, you know that they are not going to wrap things up in a nice little bow come series finale time.

No. Their shows are far too intelligent and morally murky to have this epic battle of good and evil end with everyone riding off into the sunset.

Evil began terrifying us in 2019, and the content was a little shocking for some. No show has dared marry such topics as the Catholic Church, demon sex, prophecies, murder, and demonic babies.

Somehow, the Kings managed to take horror-movie-level plotlines and infuse them with comedy, playfulness, and just enough ridiculousness to keep even those who don’t usually enjoy the genre coming back for more.

And now that we’ve reached the final season, we hope to see at least some level of resolution for some stories.

With Andy’s return in Evil Season 3 Episode 10, seemingly for good, perhaps things in the Brouchard household will stabilize. Kristen’s scare when Andy was presumed dead might have been enough of a jolt to re-solidify their marriage.

Andy’s presence might also serve to calm those crazy girls. However, it remains to be seen how stable Andy is himself.

How much of an impact did his imprisonment by Leland and Sheryl have? Did that experience somehow bring him into the demonic world?

As demons seem to be congregating in Andy and Kristen’s unfinished addition, can he see them? Is he one of them? Will he start to remember his ordeal, as the picture that Grace drew seemed to trigger him?

Hopefully, we will see an ending to Sheryl’s story. She is doing well at DF Global, managing not to throw up every time she sees the Manager. While she seems very much part of Leland’s scheme, she is wary of Lexis’ perceived role.

In fact, she is less convinced that her granddaughter should play a role in ruling the underworld when she realizes that Lexis does not see the Manager in his true form. Could this lead to a schism between her and Leland?

If so, would Sheryl begin to separate herself from the demonic world? Or is Sheryl the next leader? Perhaps her role is to depose Leland and take his place.

Speaking of Leland’s role in bringing demonic rituals to the masses, a happy ending is not likely for Dr. Kurt Boggs. Kurt’s discovery that he has a fan (albeit a child) is so thrilling that he is addicted to the “help” that he’s getting.

His only hope is Kristen. If she realizes what is going on and manages to pull him out of the rabbit hole, she may be able to save him.

Leland’s story will ultimately be resolved. In all likelihood, he’s going down. His actions are getting too risky.

The girls have exposed him on Bumblebee Valley multiple times, and eventually, it will come out that he killed the Monsignor and was going after Grace. It’s only a matter of time.

The plot surrounding Kristen’s stolen egg is also ripe for resolution.

At the end of Season 3, the woman supposedly carrying Leland‘s baby looks quite pregnant, so unless Season 4 begins immediately thereafter, we can assume that she will have given birth or is about to.

No doubt, there will be new mysteries to be solved. New possessions, new demons, new prophecies from Grace. And we hope for answers to some lingering minor questions:

Is Grace okay? Will the Brouchards’ addition ever get finished? Will we get to spend more time with Ben and Karima?

Perhaps Karima will start spending more time with David and Kristen and help Ben return to being Ben the Magnificent.

For the Kings to provide us with a satisfying end to the series, fans need to know that the Brouchard brood will be alright.

We know that evil will continue to exist in the world, so we cannot expect that all of the demons will be vanquished, but as long as Sister Andrea continues her work with whatever blunt object she can find, they won’t win.

Will David, Ben, and Kristen continue their work as assessors once the series concludes, or will they go off to “normal” jobs?

While either option would bring “closure” to our trio, fans would probably prefer to think of them continuing to fight the good fight.

While we don’t expect a full resolution, the plan seems to be to end the show.

While we never want our favorite shows to end, the Kings may not be interested in dragging this one out, and therefore, a pick-up following a potential Netflix viewership bump may not be likely.

Over to you, Evil fanatics. What are you hoping for when the series comes to a close? What storylines would you like to see get resolved? Should Netflix “save” the show after its run beginning on April 30?

Drop a comment below and enjoy the crazy ride!

Lucy Peel is a staff writer for TV Fanatic.

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