Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8 Review: It’s Not Over


As the second hurtles towards the finale, everything is up in the air about what will be left for a third season.

The previous episode delivered the bombshell that Three Rock is closing.

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8 is the nuclear blast that changes everything for the Leone family — in more ways than one.

From a fancy ball with everyone dressed to the nines to convince the governor to keep Three Rock open to a wildfire that’s raging out of control.

Throw in Vince’s health after the massive electrical shock on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 7 and an unannounced guest, and you have the makings for one hell of a show.

Vince: What?
Gabriela: I need more information than fine. Have you had any other symptoms besides tremors?
Vince: No. I got every test they had at the hospital. And they released me. So I don’t need you to be my FitBit, ‘kay?
Gabriela: That’s the price of secrecy. You have to tell me everything.

While this season started out slow and sloppy, things are finally on the right track.

And if we’re to follow the hints from this episode, we have to wonder if that includes Gabriela and Bode’s relationship and Three Rock’s future.

We got a much-appreciated break in the last episode from their relationship drama. But the writers threw us back into the inferno with only two episodes left in the season.

Bode couldn’t keep his eyes off Gabriela — not that we can blame him in that marvelous dress. And he acted cool and collected with Diego.

But surprisingly, Gabs gave Bode just as many doe-eyed looks of longing. She could be reacting to all the stress of late.

Or her near-death experience at the camp when Bode played the dashing hero.

There’s the worry of dealing with Vince’s secret. She feels she has to save him if he won’t save himself.

And save him, she did, even if he wasn’t gracious about it.

Vince: I think this is probably a one time event. You know, I’ve seen it before. On the job. All it takes is one shock to correct the arrhythmia. Alright? So let’s, let’s do it. Shock me, Perez.
Gabriela: I can’t.
Vince: Yes, you can. I’m giving you permission.
Gabriela: No, it’s not you.
Vince: What do you mean it’s not me? I’m your boss, aren’t I?
Gabriela: It’s Bode. If I hurt you, I can’t look at him in the eye again. I, I, I can’t. I can’t.
Vince: That’s fair. I guess.

On top of her complex love triangle and Vince’s second time flatlining on her, the party presented a new problem for our favorite paramedic firefighter.

Her fiance tried to do a sweet thing. It was a thoughtful idea to invite Gab’s mom so they could reunite before the wedding.

But it backfired — sort of. Gabriella finally got some stuff off her chest, but she didn’t get as angry as you’d expect from the situation.

Seeing her lose her cool like Manny did when he punched Luke’s jerky self would have been a nice twist. But she stood up to her mom, which might be a bridge to a good relationship.

It was interesting to see the person who birthed Gabriela. But Roberta was a lot of too much. Her narcissistic self-importance grated the wrong way, as did her habit of putting her nose where it didn’t belong.

But there was that moment between her and Manny. Could that hint at us finally getting to see the former captain happy and settled with a serious partner?

Or was it just a chance to relive the past and nothing more? Kinda like us meeting Sheriff Fox and then not seeing her again in the last two episodes.

Then, Roberta interacts with Jake and Bode. Momma made up for years of neglect by cornering not one but two of her daughter’s love interests.

Jake: Gabs and I just weren’t meant to be.
Roberta: What happened?
Jake: She fell in love with another guy.
Roberta: Of course. Diego. He seems lovely, though. He loves her.
Jake: No. No, no. I’m sorry. Gabs, she didn’t break up with me for Diego. She broke up with me for Bode.
Roberta: Who’s Bode?
Jake: Um, ah, that’s Bode. Blonde. Behind the table.
Roberta: Oh
Jake: In orange.
Roberta: Like mother, like daughter.

She saw past Bode’s “I’m over her facade” like we all did. He’s not as good at hiding his feelings as he thinks.

It wasn’t her place to comment on Bode and Gabriela’s relationship, but she said some things Bode needed to hear.

But maybe his wisdom to her can help set her relationship with Gabs right.

Roberta: You still love her.
Bode: All I want for Gabriela is happiness. Even if that means keeping my distance and my mouth shut. Maybe you should consider doing the same.
Roberta: I can see why she likes you so much.
Bode: Liked. It’s over.
Roberta: You know, I thought Gabbi and I were done too. When one day, I received a phone call. So. Nothing’s over ’til it’s over.

Then she left some motherly advice with Gabriela guaranteed to stir the pot over the final two episodes leading up to the wedding finale. It’s going to be an interesting wait until Fire Country Season 3.

Roberta: Gabbi, I’m not even apologizing. I know it’s too late for that. But I just want to tell you that the only thing that I would change is just knowing you better. But Bode? He knows you.
Gabriela: Did you talk to Bode?
Roberta: I mean, I talked to everyone.
Gabriela: Mom.
Roberta: Gabi, Bode was just doing what he thought was best for you. And he didn’t want to hurt you any more than I did.
Gabriels: Why? Why? Why are you telling me this?
Roberta: Because you’re about to make a choice. A choice you have to live with for a long time. Choose wisely. Learn from my mistakes.

And speaking of what might affect the final few episodes of the season, how about the unsufferable way that Vince talked to Gabriela after she saved his life?

Vince: Well, I think it worked.
Gabriela: I’m telling Sharon.
Vince: What? No. Don’t.
Gabriela: You’ve been like a second father to me, Chief. If anything happens to you, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I can’t keep this secret anymore.
Vince: Alright. You been like a second daughter to me too. And I understand. But what you actually are right now is my health care provider. And if you tell anyone about this, you could violate my right to privacy as a patient. And that would be bad for both of us.

Vince has been a subtle shining star in the show, but his behavior is not in character.

We’ll overlook it since he just came back from the dead — again. But we’re glad Gabriela didn’t.

Gabriela: How dare you threaten me like that.
Vince: Bode’s going to get out in little more than a year. And I just want to fight fires with my son. I know you know what it’s like to wait for Bode. I mean, you did at one time. My pulse is normal and the tremor’s getting better, too. Any more symptoms, I’ll go straight to the ER. Promise. Just give me a little more time. ‘Kay? For me and for Bode.

But are his actions smart? The man was unconscious on the ground when Gabriela found him. What if no one had shown up? Or if it had been Sharon?

Gabs only saved him because she could shock his heart back into rhythm. His heart failure is something Sharon and CalFire should know about in case it happens again. 

More foreshadowing for what’s to come? Or will Fire Country Season 2 leave us with a major cliffhanger of Vince’s future come the finale?

Speaking of cliffhangers, they need to stop playing with our feelings on Three Rock’s future. In the review for the last episode, Luke was mentioned as acting mighty suspiciously.

So, is it surprising to find out he’s the culprit behind Three Rock’s future closure?

Eve: Uh, ma’am. If I may? All the dozers in the world can’t match teams. We need con’s crew up there. They’re a huge part of CalFire’s operations. And if you want to put out that fire, save Three Rock.
Sharon: Yes. She’s right. That’s what this night is about.
Governor: Yes, I see that. I have to say I’m surprised at the big push. Luke made a very strong case when he recommended closing Three Rock.

The dismissive way he acted when Sharon called him out on how he was doing his job was pure writing gold.

Governor: I’m sorry. You are again?
Luke: Uh, Sharon’s part of our 42 crew. Her husband is Batallion Chief Leone.
Sharon: I know Joe Blanchard and everyone in NorCal because, for 15 years, I had Luke’s job.
Governor: Impressive.

But not as great as the showdown between Luke and Manny. Sharon and Vince may have been calm about the betrayal, but Manny had no qualms.

Eve: Manny, I need you to calm down.
Manny: He lied, Eve. He lied to all of us. And he played you. He had us jumping through hoops, knowing that we don’t have any hope. Ain’t that right, Luke?
Luke: Manny. Hey pal. Um, I don’t think this is really the right time or the place to get into this.
Manny: Naw, I think this is the perfect time and place. Look these men in the face. And you tell your nephew that you’re the reason, you’re the reason that Three Rock’s getting shut down. Tell them. And then you tell these men why you got their hopes up for nothing.

The governor got to see all the dirty laundry. Impressively, she didn’t run. She was iffy as she walked away from Eve during her bumbling public speaking.

But she was moved by Bode’s speech and Eve’s recovery speech enough to give Three Rock a reprieve so they could help fight the escalating Lazareth fire.

But as the crew learned on their way to possibly the biggest fire they’ve ever encountered, nothing about Three Rock’s future is certain.

Except that without them, the massive wildfire won’t be beat.

Eve: Eyes and ears, Three Rock. The Lazareth fire is a complex campaign fire currently being fought by over 2,000 firefighters. And it’s winning. It’s a beast job. We’re going to be living on-site until we can kill it. So say goodbye to camp for a little while.
Inmate: For how long?
Cole: Yeah, what do we tell our families, Captain?
Eve: Well, it’s unknown. It could be days. It could be, uh, weeks.
Cole: Yeah, what about Three Rock?
Eve: We saved Three Rock so we could fight fire. We get to go do that.
Bode: But what are we coming back to, Eve?
Eve: It’s unknown, Bode.

But hey, at least Gene wants to meet up with Bode!

That’s a positive sign after the paternal battle between Bode and Jake.

What do you think Gabriela is going to do about her upcoming nuptials?

Shoot us your thoughts in the comments below!

Sara Trimble is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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