Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 7-08-24: Will An Explosive Reveal Give Nicole and Eric Their Happily Ever After?


It’s your week, Ericole fans.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 7-08-24 promise that Nicole will tell Eric that he is Jude’s father.

This should be the couple’s happily ever after, but with Eric set to leave for Paris and Nicole soon to be written out, it may be too late.

Will The Much-Anticipated Reveal Be Too Little, Too Late?

If Ari Zucker were still on Days of Our Lives, this would be a more exciting set of spoilers.

Now that the truth is out, Eric has no real reason to go to Paris to avoid the pain of losing his son, and the reveal clears the way for Nicole to dump EJ and reconcile with Eric.

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However, Arianne Zucker said her last day on air is around July 29. She also added that the way things went down behind the scenes made it so that Nicole’s story wasn’t wrapped up as well as it might have been.

Zucker’s comments suggest that Nicole’s relationships will likely be in limbo when she leaves. She will likely leave town to think about what she wants to do, leaving EJ and Eric to fight it out over who has custody of baby Jude.

If that happens, it will be an incredibly disappointing ending, especially for those who have been shipping Eric and Nicole for years.

Let’s hope that we’re misinterpreting Zucker’s comments and that there’s a happier ending for Nicole than a tired TV trope that leaves things up in the air.

At least we can enjoy the fallout from the baby switch reveal while it lasts, and there’s plenty of that coming up!

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Livs spoilers for the week of 7-08-24.

Now that the truth is out, EJ swears revenge on Stefan and Gabi.

Gabi’s impulsive decision to blurt out EJ’s secret in front of the entire town might blow up in her face.

She meant to hurt EJ, but now he’s on the warpath. As the District Attorney, he still has the power to hurt Stefan and Gabi’s fragile reunion, at least until  Paulina fires him again.

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Paulina rehiring and then quickly firing EJ won’t look good for her, so she may be forced to keep him on a bit longer, and if that’s the case, he can do a lot of damage.

Still, it speaks volumes about who EJ is that he’s focused on vengeance rather than on pleading his case for Nicole to remain married to him after the way he deliberately hurt Eric to hold onto her.

Nicole tells Eric the shocking news about Jude.

Eric’s set to fly out to Paris for a photography job, but he might be the second character in as many weeks to change his mind at the last minute.

He has every right to know that Jude is his son, assuming Nicole gets proof rather than taking Gabi’s word for it, and Nicole will insist on it.

What will Eric do once he learns about this? The situation is complicated not only by EJ’s power but also by Nicole’s marriage and the effect all of this could have on Holly, who is already not in great emotional shape.

Justin opens up to Xander about his pain over losing a son.

We’re inching toward the unraveling of this ridiculous will-swap secret. 

Justin’s telling Xander how heartbroken he is over losing Alex minutes after Xander turned down Maggie’s offer to share her inheritance with him because he believes Victor didn’t care about him enough to leave him anything.

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Xander’s wedding is coming up soon, and the odds are that his mother will show up and announce to the world that he is Victor’s son.

If Theresa listens to Bonnie and has a double wedding, this revelation could also end her attempt to marry Alex, and she’ll likely be on the outs with Brady, too. 

Jack and Chad discover something at Abigail’s grave.

Days of Our Lives is determined to keep the question about Abigail’s death alive for as long as possible, so it’s likely that Chad and Jack discover that Abigail’s body is missing.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Abigail is alive. Someone else could have beaten them to the gravesite, stealing the body so they couldn’t exhume it or make it appear she was not dead.

People returning from the dead happens so often that it seems like permanent death only happens in Salem when an actor dies.

Still, Abigail’s death felt too final for it to turn out to be fake, even if this is business as usual on Days of Our Lives.

Doug’s final scenes air.

This is the real deal.

Bill Hayes passed away in January 2024, three weeks after recording scenes to appear in July. Time has finally caught up with us, sadly.

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Doug’s final scenes will involve celebrating his life with Julie. Coincidentally the same thing happened when John Aniston passed away — his final scenes were celebrating 11 years of marriage to Maggie.

These scenes will be as bittersweet as Doug’s declaration after the Horton House fire that he was glad they still had each other. They will be beautiful, but knowing there won’t be any more hurts.

Jada gives Bobby/Everett an ultimatum.

Jada’s already sick of Bobby’s game-playing. He keeps stringing her along, promising to tell her about Li Shin’s murder if she spends more time with him.

She has all the power. If she doesn’t like how he’s behaving, she can walk away, and he’ll never see her again. She already proved that when she refused to help him leave Bayview in exchange for information.

This will not be any more realistic than any other DID stories Days of Our Lives has had, even if it is more interesting than the ridiculous Abby/Gabby/Dr. Laura story.

However, Jada’s strength might make a battle of wills between them more compelling than it sounds.

Leo’s latest therapy session is emotional.

Leo’s therapy sessions are surprisingly compelling.

Even Marlena haters have grudgingly admitted that she does an excellent job counseling Leo, and his character is more tolerable when in therapy with Marlena.

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Leo strongly desires to fix his low self-esteem and undo the damage his mother caused, and doing so might involve facing his traumatic childhood head-on.

Unlike Bobby/Everett, Leo seems willing to do the work, so let’s go!

A murderer attempts to claim another victim.

Ugh. Serial murder stories on Days of Our Lives are never fun. They usually kill off fan favorites and involve a lot of gratuitous violence.

Connie likely killed Li because she was jealous and angry that he wouldn’t be with her, but what does she need to claim any other victims for?

Let’s hope she doesn’t get away with it, whatever her reasons.

Over to you, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

Which of these spoilers most excites you? Do you think there will be anything close to a happy ending for Nicole?

Hit the comments and let us know!

Days of Our Lives streams exclusively on Peacock. New episodes drop on weekday mornings at 6/5c.

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