Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 7-04-22: Saying Goodbye to Abigail


The time has come to say goodbye to Abigail.

Chad’s been heartbroken since discovering her body, and Jack and Jennifer found it equally difficult to pick out an outfit for their daughter to be buried in.

But on Days of Our Lives during the week of 7-04-22, will anyone find closure during Abigail’s funeral?

Sadly, Abigail’s funeral comes during the same week as the Fourth of July. In the past, Days of Our Lives has had massive holiday parties, but this year it appears the soap will not recognize the day.

Instead, families will spend time together remembering and mourning Abigail.

Not only is JJ back in town for the funeral, but Tony and Anna are due to make an appearance, and so are Sonny and Will.

There are still a few people missing, of course. Will there be any explanation for why Hope is not at Abigail’s funeral when she’s Jennifer’s closest friend as well as her cousin? Will anyone remember that Jennifer has a brother and bother to explain why Mike isn’t there?

And why did Theo leave after his father’s wedding instead of staying for the funeral when the Carvers are such close friends of the family that they are honorary Hortons?

Despite these holes in the guest list for this funeral, these should be some emotional scenes.

According to the spoiler video, multiple people will be on hand to comfort Chad.

Will and Sonny are his closest friends, and they fit much more naturally into the role of comfort-givers than their recent anti-Leo escapades. Will was also especially close with Abigail.

Steve will comfort Kayla, while JJ and Jack will comfort each other and argue over Gwen.

If this all sounds uber depressing, don’t worry. Days of Our Lives will also make progress on multiple other story fronts during the week of 7-04-22. Please scroll down to check out the complete list of spoilers.

Sonny and Will offer Chad much-needed comfort.

As discussed above, Will is coming back to Salem for the funeral.

This should provide Chad with much-needed comfort. Will might also be able to support Gabi, as Salem’s resident diva mourns her love/hate relationship with Abigail.

Will they have Arianna with them, or is she staying in Arizona with a babysitter?

Tony and Anna return home to attend Abigail’s funeral.

Thaao Penghlis always elevates every scene he’s in. Plus, Tony and Chad have become close lately.

Tony will keep it classy while giving Chad his condolences, but what about Anna?

Anna has never met an opinion she doesn’t feel obligated to express. Will she harp on how Chad and Abigail letting Gwen into their lives might have led to the murder, or will she have some tact for once?

JJ and Jack butt heads over Gwen.

Jack’s attempts to disown Gwen never go anywhere. He’s angry at her for thirty seconds before embracing her again because she’s his daughter, no matter what she does to the rest of the family.

JJ takes after Jack in more ways than one. He’s often felt alienated and unloved by his family and harbors guilt over the horrible things he did in the past because of it. So if anyone can understand why Jack wants to forgive Gwen over and over, it’s JJ.

But JJ also has good investigative instincts, and despite his former crush on his half-sister, if he thinks she killed Abigail, he will not let that go. This should be a riveting argument between him and Jack, especially given that Casey Moss and Matthew Ashford are two of Days of Our Lives’ strongest actors!

Kayla struggles to find the right words for Abigail’s eulogy.

While Kayla was close to Abigail, she seems like an odd choice for a eulogy speaker.

That honor should go to Chad, as her husband, and if not him, then her parents or brother.

If Kayla wants to say a few words too, fine, but why is she the main speaker when there are so many people in Salem who were closer to Abigail than she was?

Ciara and Ben share big news with their loved ones.

While everyone is forced to say goodbye to Abigail because of her untimely death, Ben and Ciara are choosing to leave Salem.

The two want to sail around the world on their new boat. It’s a nice tribute to Bo and Hope and a happier method of writing people out than usual.

Hopefully, they’ll make this announcement after the funeral instead of deciding to gallivant around the world without bothering to offer their condolences.

Orpheus puts his plan in motion.

Whatever Orpheus’ plan is probably has to do with keeping EJ and Clyde in line.

It isn’t clear precisely what he’s up to, but at least it won’t take six months to find out!

Evan’s ability to undermine his father is limited since he’s in jail, but he’s strongly motivated to prove that his son is his and not Shawn’s. This is going to be interesting!

Rafe makes an arrest in Abigail’s murder case.

The first arrest is never the real killer on Days of Our Lives, so let’s not get too excited.

Still, who will Rafe eliminate from the suspect list via this arrest?

Clyde is most likely since he gave Abigail’s bracelet to Nancy, which might make Rafe think that Clyde stole the jewelry after killing Abigail.

While fighting with Nancy, Leo has a realization about Clyde.

It’s hard to guess what Leo might realize. He already knows Clyde is a criminal and wants to use Clyde for his own purposes.

Is Leo the killer? Will he realize Clyde makes a good scapegoat?

Or will he think that Clyde had something to do with Abigail’s death and set out to prove it?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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