Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-10-24: Who Gets Shot As Maggie’s Wedding Spirals Into Chaos?


Maggie should have had a better plan.

When Konstantin didn’t actually embezzle money from Titan, she made it look like he did so she could humiliate him at their wedding, confronting him with all his evil deeds and forcing him into a corner.

Unsurprisingly, Konstantin tried to fight back, and now spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-10-24 promise a gunfight and a significant character getting caught in the crossfire.

How Many Salem Weddings End Like This?

Almost every Salem wedding is nearly derailed, many of them with gun violence or threats.

Nobody should have expected Konstantin to slink quietly away or wait around to be arrested and deported.

This plot also involved John’s silly declaration that a recorded conversation in which Konstantin clearly told him to kill Maggie wasn’t enough evidence to abort the wedding idea. What more evidence did he need?

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John revealing that he was no longer Konstantin’s pawn was great, but there was no way Konstantin would go down without a fight.

We have to hope that no one is seriously hurt and that justice is served. Years ago, it worked that way, but modern Days of Our Lives too often has the bad guys escaping to commit more crimes another day.

Is Abigail Alive?

Coming back from the dead happens too much in Salem, and the two years of Chad’s grief underscore the problem with this Days of Our Lives plot device.

I don’t get how she could be alive when Chad saw her bleed out, but if DAYS wants her back, it will find a way to explain this mind-boggling situation.

In any case, Julie is the first person to think there may be something to it, so Chad may begin to look into it. I’d rather Julie open that time capsule already, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards, at least not yet.

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The confrontation with Konstantin turns violent.

It’s hard to tell from the spoiler video who gets shot. It looks like Maggie collapses, but that could be from anxiety or shock.

Steve also falls to the ground, making it more sense for him to be the victim.

I’m curious what Kayla will say. She insisted he stay out of Montana because it was too dangerous, only for him to get shot while across town.

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Steve won’t die. Recent set photos of Stephen Nichols make it obvious that Steve is still going strong six to eight months later.

Konstantin makes a cryptic comment that confuses Alex and Xander.

I’m praying to whatever soap gods exist that we’re almost at the end of this Theresa/Konstantin secret. It’s dragged on for too long, and Theresa’s behavior is somewhat out of character.

Up until she met Konstantin, she was focused on being a good mother and winning Brady back.

Getting revenge on Xander didn’t seem to be anywhere near the front of her mind, and the later ret-con to her wanting Alex’s money didn’t fit her either.

Konstantin blurts something out while holding Theresa hostage (I think; it’s hard to tell), suggesting Xander may be the Kiriakis heir.

I smell another split for the sake of drama for Alex and Theresa, but at least this story is on its way out.

Marlena has more disturbing info for Stephanie.

This DID story is done better than when Abigail was ill, but that’s not saying much.

This story still relies too much on stereotypes about DID. I’m not sure whether one personality can choose to lock the other one away forever when a person has DID, but that’s where we are in this story.

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Marlena will tell Stephanie that Bobby/Everett is showing no signs of Everett being in there anywhere, leaving Stephanie heartbroken.

Eric asks EJ for legal help.

I have to admit I never saw this one coming.

Eric isn’t interested in a custody battle and wouldn’t hire EJ if he were since EJ is one of the people he’d be fighting. 

So what does he want? Divorcing Sloan is probably on the top of Eric’s list, though I don’t understand why he wouldn’t call Belle for that instead.

Teaming up with your worst enemy, only to find out they did something horrible to you, is a tired TV trope, but it means this story is on its way out, and I can’t wait.

Leo turns toward Marlena for help changing.

Marlena will be very busy… with cases she can’t possibly be objective on.

Leo’s bad behavior hurt Eric. How on Earth is Marlena going to set that aside to counsel him?

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Additionally, Marlena is preoccupied with the Everett/Bobby case, so I’d like to know how she has time to work with Leo.

Johnny and Chanel discuss their future.

After getting test results, the two have a lot to talk about. Chanel will even put her pride and hurt feelings aside to speak with Paulina.

Hopefully, the baby will be fine. Either way, Chanel’s committed to having it, so abortion is likely no longer on the table.

I know there probably isn’t time, considering that Ari Zucker’s days on the show are dwindling, but I’d love for Chanel to discuss this issue with Nicole.

After two miscarriages, one child by surrogacy, and one kidnapped child back in the house, Nicole should have a lot to say and would probably encourage Chanel.

Rafe grills Clyde for answers about Li Shin’s murder.

Now that Clyde’s back in custody, Rafe wants answers about Li’s murder so he can get Gabi out of jail.

However, Clyde is the kind of bad guy fans love but would never hang out with, so he’s not likely to cooperate.

If he does, his leverage over Stefan disappears.

Still, this is only the story’s beginning, so there should be some movement here, even if it’s not as much as Rafe wanted.

Julie is shocked by what Chad tells her.

No matter how much they try to spin it as a miracle, I find Abigail’s potential resurrection to stretch disbelief to the point that it breaks.

Abigail bled out all over the bed and died when she got to the hospital. Chad saw her die. Her last words to him were attempting to tell him who killed her.

Doing a 180 on this now is ridiculous, but Julie thinks that any chance of Abigail being alive should be investigated.

In a way, I can’t blame her. Unlike the rest of Salem, she seems to know that people come back from the dead regularly here.

Over to you, Days of Our Lives fanatics. 

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