Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-06-24: Maggie’s Eyes Are Finally Opened… But Has She Been Fooling Us All Along?


Konstantin’s secret is about to become undone, and Maggie swears he’s messed with the wrong redhead.

This story has been frustrating because it’s been so damn slow, plus the Maggie we all know and love wouldn’t let herself get snowed by a random idiot who claimed to be Victor’s best friend.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 5-06-24 promise this stupid story will come to a head, but there could be a brilliant plot twist: Maggie might have known what she was dealing with all along.

Not only will Maggie discover the truth about Konstantin, whom some fans call Kon the Con, but she will work with John, Marlena, and Steve to bring him down — or at least, that’s how it seems from the spoiler video.

One clip has Steve asking Maggie if she’s in, and that can only be about exposing Kon the Con’s many lies.

This would require a double ruse since John was last seen stealing the prenup agreement from Maggie’s safe while under Konstantin’s influence. What in the world is going on here?

The best scenario would involve Maggie making Konstantin sign a fake prenup that she was using as bait to test whether he’d try to steal it. That would restore Maggie’s character to its previous non-gullible and naive best and expose Konstantin’s ability to re-brainwash John.

That would also explain how John could both steal the prenup for Konstantin and work to help Maggie bring the con artist down.

Alternatively, Maggie could have installed listening devices in the mansion so that she could find out what Kon was up to. She was married to Victor for over a decade and probably learned some tricks that no one would ever expect the gentle redhead to pull.

Kon the Con is supposed to try to get Sarah on his side after the reveal, so whatever Maggie’s learned about him probably doesn’t involve his orchestrating bab¥ Victoria’s kidnapping.

Meanwhile, the baby switch story also takes a step forward with EJ learning that Jude is Nicole and Eric’s baby.

I don’t get how confessing that helps Sloan. She’s admitting to the freaking DA that she kidnapped his wife’s baby. Why does it matter if the baby is EJ’s son or stepson?

Still, this will likely rely on the tired TV trope of EJ deciding to keep his mouth shut so that Nicole won’t leave him for Eric. Boo! It would be much better for Nicole to be reunited with her baby before Mother’s Day!

Please scroll down to check out all eight spoilers, complete with photos.

Given the health risks, Johnny and Chanel consider whether to keep the baby.

I’m glad that Days of Our Lives is exploring the idea that sometimes women who loved and wanted their babies are forced to consider abortion for health reasons. That’s a strong message that needs to be heard while abortion rights are in jeopardy in the United States.

Still, this story doesn’t seem to be the best vehicle for delivering that social justice message. It seems farfetched for the baby to have serious health issues while the mother escaped radiation poisoning altogether.

Spoilers also suggest that EJ will encourage the couple to abort the baby because of the risks, which seems out of character for a man who would do anything for his children or grandchildren.

Everett writes a scathing story about Paulina over Stephanie’s objections.

Some viewers object to Paulina’s guilt being a big part of Johnny and Chanel’s baby story, but it’s justified. The woman stole a snow plow and drove in a blizzard while radioactive to find her missing daughter. 

That’s something that can only happen in Salem, but it’s also impulsive, dangerous behavior that the mayor shouldn’t be engaging in.

Paulina SHOULD feel guilty, and scathing editorials about her conduct should be the least of her concerns. Anything less would mean she gets to behave recklessly with no consequences.

Sloan admits the baby is Eric and Nicole’s.

This means only one thing: the story will be dragged out longer.

Ideally, EJ would arrest Sloan for kidnapping anyway and keep quiet about the baby not being his, but that’s probably too much to ask of this show.

The chances are that EJ will let Sloan keep the baby because his fear that Nicole will leave him for Eric is more important to him than the pain Nicole has suffered all these months after being told her baby died.

Victor’s will goes through probate, but will some secrets come out?

Victor’s will going through probate is risky business. I’ve never bought that Theresa would work with Kon the Con to change the name of Victor’s secret heir, but her involvement in that could come out if the real heir (Xander) were mentioned elsewhere in the will.

Victor might have also left a nasty surprise for Konstantin or a stipulation in his will regarding any potential remarriage on Maggie’s part, which could ruin Kon the Con’s plans.

If Therese and Alex hadn’t already split for the sake of drama, the truth about Victor’s will coming out would do it. Will this secret stay buried until they’re back together so that they can break up again?

Maggie learns the truth about Konstantin!

As discussed earlier, it would be brilliant if Maggie had been investigating Kon the Con all along.

I’m also interested in how and when she learns the truth and how that prenup John stole figures into it.

Hopefully, this is the end of that silly plot device where Konstantin can mesmerize John with a playing card. That’s ridiculous, even for Salem.

The teens have a prom mess on their hands.

Yep, we’re headed for another teen love triangle.

Holly’s friend Sophia wants to ask Tate to go to the prom with her, unaware that Holly and Tate are secretly dating. Meanwhile, Tate’s friend Aaron likes…

Nope, not Holly, though that’s what usually happens. Aaron is interested in Sophia. That twist might make things interesting.

Chad and Thomas visit Abigail’s grave on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day and Abigail’s birthday are the two times of year that will be most painful for Chad and his kids, though let’s hope this isn’t the only Mother’s Day storyline!

Where is Charlotte? Chad should take both his kids to visit their mother’s grave.

Chad’s single now, so we won’t have the issue of Stephanie feeling jealous and left out because Chad puts visiting his dead wife’s grave over focusing solely on her. Thank goodness!

Ava and Harris learn something shocking from Clyde’s black book.

What secrets does Clyde have, and why should anyone care? The sooner he is locked up and off the canvas, the better.

Clyde has never been more than a stereotypical hillbilly and sexual predator. Why powerful mob figures like Ava Vitali are intimidated by him is still a mystery.

There have been persistent rumors for months that Bobby/Everett is Clyde’s son, which seems pointless even though Bobby Weston has a nice ring to it.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. 

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