Days of Our Lives round Table: Losing Abigail


Abigail was murdered! Kate lied to cover for Lucas. Tripp left Salem, and Gwen and Leo pointed the finger at one another this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kate and Trey from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate the best and worst of Abigail’s murder, who was their favorite Abby, if Tripp should return, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Kate lied to Chad about telling Lucas that Abigail knew Chad’s secret. Understandable or a huge mistake?

Jack: It was typical Kate. She wants to protect Lucas, and she assumes he isn’t guilty, so in her mind, it doesn’t hurt anyone and will keep Chad from freaking out.

But with the additional wrinkle that Lucas was drunk and had no memory of that night, this could turn out to be a HUGE mistake. Even if Lucas ultimately turns out to be innocent, which I expect he will, Chad may find out why he is a viable suspect and feel betrayed.

Trey: In that moment, it’s totally understandable. I would probably do the same. Chad was rightfully angry and was ready to accuse everyone of killing his wife. He’s in shock and needs answers. Chad hasn’t had a chance to process what really happened.

Kate is doing damage control as well as keeping a cool head and assessing the situation rather than adding fuel to the fire.

Kate: After watching that full scene, I’d say it was a huge mistake. I don’t understand how Kate could lie to Chad while he was in tears, and the fact that I really don’t like Lucas anymore isn’t helping Kate’s case.

I’m a little upset that this character has my name, to be honest.

Christine: It’s both. Kate’s first instinct is to protect her son, and I doubt she believes that Lucas killed Abigail. Plus, Chad was understandably on the verge of hysterics, so it made sense that Kate tried to keep him calm.

Unfortunately, we know the truth will come out, and Lucas will be a suspect. Chad may never trust Kate again, which is sad because she’s been a mother figure to him for years.

Gwen accused Leo of murdering Abigail. Leo wondered if Gwen did it. Do you think either of them killed Abigail?

Jack: I think we can rule these two out. Leo seemed genuinely shaken, so I doubt he had anything to do with the murder, despite possessing Abigail’s jewelry. He also genuinely seemed to wonder if Gwen had done it.

Gwen is exonerated only by virtue of being too damn obvious. Usually, when they build a case against someone at the beginning of a murder mystery, that person is innocent. Half of Salem suspects Gwen, so she likely didn’t do it.

Trey: I don’t think Leo murdered Abigail. He’s out for revenge, but murder isn’t really his style. I think if anyone on-screen murdered Abigail, it would be Gwen. She went missing from the prison. She had a motive, and she’s consumed by hatred.

Gwen has no remorse for her actions or who she hurts. She doesn’t feel bad for what she’s done to anyone (including Sarah!). She only feels bad for losing Xander and being stuck in prison.

Kate: I think Gwen was going to, but changed her mind at the last minute and didn’t. If it was Leo, that would be too simple and lame.

I hope it was Lucas just so he can face some consequences for once, but rationally that option seems a bit simple too.

Christine: Leo was out for revenge, but he’s more about messing with people, not murdering them! Gwen could have killed her sister. She’s cold-hearted enough, and she may have snuck out of prison.

But with so much focus on Gwen, I’d guess that it isn’t her but someone most of Salem wouldn’t suspect. At least not yet.

Tripp is leaving Salem to visit Stephanie and Joey. Do you hope he returns?

Jack: I’m disappointed that Tripp left. I like him, and we need more good characters. Everyone is evil or gray. Also, I wanted Chanel to decide to give Tripp a try instead of either of the twins.

Trey: I really like the character of Tripp, but there’s no one in Salem for him to be romantically linked. I hope he returns when they have a real storyline for him.

Kate: I like the character, though I don’t necessarily need him to return. He did his storyline, and in Salem right now, his closest friends are his ex and her best friend. I definitely understand his wanting to leave for a bit.

Christine: I love Tripp. He’s turned out to be a good person with lots of potential. I enjoy his relationships with Steve, Kayla, and Ava.

However, it would be nice if he had a love interest that wasn’t Allie. But either way, I hope Tripp returns to Salem soon.

So far, what’s been the best part of the storyline involving Abigail’s murder?

Jack: I was pleasantly surprised by Gabi’s heartfelt grief and the tribute to Abigail that she expressed to Li. I also was a fan of her wanting to find Abigail’s murderer (though if this is leading toward a Chad/Gabi pairing, I’m going to be severely annoyed).

Trey: I am not enjoying Abigail’s death, so if I have to find a silver lining, it’s watching the range of actors on the screen. Her death really brought out strong emotions from various cast members.

Kate: A couple things for me. I like it because it leaves the possibility of Lucas having done it and dealing with the consequences of his actions. The ‘Who Done It?’ mystery of it is great too.

I also love the angst and hurt/comfort this storyline brings along with it and that it includes most of my favorite characters (EJ, Belle, Chad, etc.)

Christine: I love that it’s giving characters such emotional scenes. Billy Flynn deserves an Emmy for his work as Chad this week.

I loved how EJ was there for him and Belle, having to tell Marlena and Susan. Jake, Gabi, and Steve had some great scenes reacting to Abigail’s murder.

And what’s been the worst part of the storyline involving Abigail’s murder?

Jack: The fact that it happened. It was entirely unnecessary. There were at least five other ways Abigail could have been written out while they searched for a new actress to play her.

Trey: I hate that Days killed another legacy character. I have watched DOOL for a long time and “grew up” with Abigail and some emotional roller coaster storylines (including her aplastic anemia). Her murder seems rushed.

I’d have rather they recast the role or had her leave off-campus. Plus, there are not many unlinked females in her age range other than Gabi. And, honestly, Gabi can’t date everyone (Li, Chad, Jake, etc.)

Kate: I love not knowing who did it, but at the same time, I know that finding out who killed her will be painfully slow.

Christine: I hated that Jack and Jennifer were told off-screen. And then Jennifer went to the pub, and Jack went to see Gwen. How about seeing your son-in-law and the grandchildren who just lost their mother!

And I know that now one likes legacy characters being killed off, but I wish they’d be done with Jennifer. She was once my favorite, but if Missy Reeves can’t even come back for a story of this magnitude, what’s the point?

I would have preferred they recast Abigail and killed off Jennifer so that Jack move on.

Over the last decade, Abigail was played by either Kate Mansi or Marci Miller. Did you prefer one over the other?

Jack: I far prefer Marci Miller. I felt her version of Abigail was far more what I would expect from Jack and Jennifer’s daughter. I never found Abigail a compelling character or Chad and Abby a compelling couple when Kate Mansi played her.

I enjoyed the character and couple a lot more once Marci Miller was on the scene. I just wish she had had better writing, as she certainly had the acting chops to pull off a decent storyline.

Trey: I really like Kate Mansi. Both actresses are great, but Kate brought out a little more fire in Abigail.

Kate: I was only around for a little of Kate Mansi’s performance, and I wasn’t hardcore watching then, so I’d have to go with Marci Miller.

Christine: I enjoyed them both. I used to love Kate Mansi’s Abby because she had more fire and was a bit of a mess. In comparison, Marci Miller’s Abby was a bit dull at first, but recently I’ve liked how she dove into being an investigative reporter.

Marci Miller’s Abigail was the more grown-up version, and in the end, I think I liked her best.

Now it’s your turn, Days fans! Which actress played your favorite version of Abigail?

Sami is set to return to Salem soon. If she learns that Lucas was behind her kidnapping and that he got blackout drunk the night Abigail was killed, will Sami stand by him?

Jack: Not at first, but hopefully, eventually. Although this was totally out of character for Lucas, she’s forgiven EJ for far worse.

Trey: Sami is unpredictable. She likes to dangle EJ and Lucas on a string. If she doesn’t immediately run back to EJ, she’ll stand by Lucas. They always find their way back to each other.

Kate: The promo for next week wants us to point towards yes, but I doubt she’ll stand with him if she learns about both possibly killing Abigail and the kidnapping!

I don’t love Sami or Lucas as characters, so it doesn’t bother me much either way. But I hope Lucas suffers some consequences.

Christine: I hope Sami does forgive him, not that I’m a huge Lumi fan, but because I’m over Sami and EJ. I’d love to see EJ move on with Belle or someone else.

Sami and Lucas have been friends for decades; they share two kids and always have each other’s back. In the end, I’d like to think that Sami will forgive Lucas, but knowing he kidnapped her, framed EJ, and let him go to prison will be tough to get past.

Which character/storyline are you most looking forward to seeing that wasn’t on screen this week?

Jack: The Price/Grant family. I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve seen them. Is Paulina still in jail or what?

Trey: I am interested to see the development of Sarah and Xander (especially with Sarah possibly hallucinating).

I’m also looking forward to seeing if a romance will bud between EJ and Belle. I really like them together and am rooting for them against hurricane Sami.

Kate: We know one of the suspects for Abigail’s murder is Sarah because she’s been having hallucinations lately, but we didn’t see any of her this week. This leads me to believe she is more likely to have done it, so I hope to see more of her next week.

Christine: I really wanted to see more of Sarah and Xander. We never even got a scene with Maggie learning that Sarah got her memory back, and the hallucinations were only explained to Marlena.

All of that is kind of a letdown, considering we’ve waited over a year for Xander and Sarah to get back together.

Now it’s your turn! Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us what your thought of this week’s Days of Our Lives. Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review.

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