Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is This The End of Shelle?


Belle and EJ kissed! Shawn asked Ciara if Jan could babysit little Bo. Nicole found out Eric is no longer a priest, while Abby and Chad considered expanding their family this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Tony and Tanna4ever from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Belle separating from Shawn, if Abby and Chad should have another baby, Xander and Sarah’s reunion, who is the most mismatched couple in Salem, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Belle right to serve Shawn with legal separation papers? Should Shawn have signed them?

Tony: Neither is really right in this situation. Shawn should know what Jan’s like, as this isn’t the first time she’s used a baby to get between Belle and Shawn.

However, Belle shouldn’t be throwing a fit every time Jan is mentioned or around. That only adds fuel to the fire. Belle is a lawyer. She should be using whatever legal methods she can to ensure that Jan has nothing to do with them or the baby once it’s born.

Jack: Sadly, I think she was. I’m not happy with either Belle or Shawn at the moment. Shawn seems to have forgotten all the horrible things Jan did to both Belle and Claire.

For some reason, his loyalty is to her, not to his wife. He does whatever Jan wants and is shocked that no one else wants to go along with her nonsense. Did someone slip him one of Dr. Rolf’s drugs? This naive idiot isn’t the Shawn that I know!

As for Belle, she keeps letting Jan push her buttons, throws tantrums, and storms off in a huff… and into EJ’s arms. Her MO is ALWAYS to cheat on Shawn when they’re having problems, and this is no different.

So given the way they’re both making a mess out of their marriage, separating is the best thing to do, even though I hate that it means Jan is getting her way. Ugh.

Tanna4Ever: Belle was right because Shawn is being really dumb in catering to everything Jan wants. He is taking Jan’s side over his wife’s, which is not right. It feels a bit like abuse on Jan’s part.

Christine: Yes, if only to try and get Shawn’s attention, although that hasn’t seemed to work. Belle has let Jan push her buttons, but it’s difficult to blame her. Shawn has moved Jan into their home and refused to consider filing legal paperwork to keep Jan away from the child once it’s born.

Plus, Shawn just seems to expect that Belle will want to raise this child with him without even having a conversation about it. Considering Jan has tried to kill Belle multiple times, that’s nuts! I can’t blame Belle for thinking their marriage might be more and moving on.

Rafe and Nicole are engaged. Do you think they’ll make it down the aisle? If they do, do you think this will be a long-term couple?

Tony: I very much doubt they’ll make it down the aisle, especially now that Eric is back.

Jack: I hope so, to both, but I have my doubts. Now that Nicole’s declared that Eric is her past, it’s only a matter of time before these two find their way back to each other. I really wish it wasn’t that way. I’m sick of Nicole and Eric going round in circles and tearing each other to pieces.

But at the moment, it seems the best we can hope for is that Nicole and Rafe actually get married and have a few minutes of happiness before their relationship falls apart.

Or we’ll have Eric running in to stop the wedding because he just has to declare his love for Nicole.

Tanna4Ever: I don’t think Rafe and Nicole will make it and also don’t think they will be a long-term couple as Nicole is really running away from her true feelings.

Christine: I think Rafe and Nicole will get married, but I don’t think they will be a long-term couple. I’m picturing a torrid affair between Nicole and Eric, similar to John and Marlena on the conference room table.

Abby and Chad have decided to have another child. Do you hope they do? Do you think it will really happen?

Tony: Part of me hopes they do, but on the other hand, it would just be a third child that we’d almost never see and only hear about occasionally when the writers remember that they exist. I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Jack: It’s nice to have a couple doing relatively normal things, though I can’t help thinking that Chad has no job, so this might not be the best time.

I’m afraid this will be the catalyst for Gwen deciding to do something nasty. She might resent that Abby is pregnant while she miscarried and decide to take some sort of awful action to change that.

Tanna4Ever: I would like Chad and Abby to have another child, but I don’t think it will happen.

Christine: I love hearing couples plan to have a child over the surprise pregnancies we see most of the time. However, I fear this will end in disaster as Gwen is determined to make Chad and Abigail miserable.

What did you think of Ciara’s reaction to Shawn asking her to let Jan babysit little Bo?

Tony: That was great! Ciara sounded so much like her mother!

Jack: I loved it! She sounded so much like Hope that I finally was able to believe that she was Hope’s daughter. And Shawn should have known that would be Ciara’s reaction. Thank goodness one of them has a working brain right now!

Tanna4Ever: I am glad that Ciara said no to Jan babysitting little Bo.

Christine: Thank goodness Ciara had the Salem brain! I thought Shawn was only placating Jan when he said he’s asked Ciara about Jan babysitting little Bo. I can’t believe he actually asked his sister to let this psychopath watch her newborn.

It made me think that Belle was right to ask for this separation because Shawn will let Jan do anything and put anyone in danger.

Xander and Sarah have finally reunited! Rate your excitement from 1 (I don’t care.) to 10 (I couldn’t be more thrilled!)

Tony: 5. They’re not my favorite couple ever, but I don’t necessarily dislike them.

Jack: I’m going to give it an 8. I’ve never been a huge fan of Xander and Sarah, but I’m thrilled that this amnesia story was short-lived, unlike when Ciara forgot she’d forgiven Claire and fallen for Ben.

I also didn’t want to live through too much of a repeat of Sarah discovering her baby had died, so I was grateful that didn’t last long. I’m afraid it was too easy, though, and I’m worried about what’s coming next.

Tanna4Ever: On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Xander and Sarah’s reunion a 7, but I think it was too fast and know that something else will come between them.

Christine: I’ll give it an 8. I love Xander and Sarah. They make such a cute couple, and they’ve been apart far too long. I’m also grateful we didn’t have to relive too much of little Mickey’s death.

But, oddly enough, Sarah getting her full memory back and forgiving Xander did feel a little rushed. I just hope we get to see them happy for a while now that they’re back together.

Who is the most boring or mismatched couple in Salem?

Tony: Honestly, Ben and Ciara, since they almost never do anything except lay in bed and talk about how in love they are.

Jack: Shawn and Jan have my vote for most mismatched. Technically, they’re not a couple, but they’re acting like it, so…

Another non- (for now) -couple that needs to not get back together is Nicole and Eric. It always ends with Eric finding out about some lie Nicole told and then berating her for the next six months while she begs him for forgiveness. Yuck!

Of the couples that are actually together, Ben and Ciara used to be the most boring because all they did was have sex and save each other from kidnappers. I’m hoping the addition of baby Bo will change that. They’re already far more interesting now that they have a baby they’ve saved from the Devil.

The couple I couldn’t care less about is Gabi and Li Shin. Talk about boring! Jake and Ava at least have some chemistry, and both characters have actual personalities. So far, Li seems very flat, and Gabi appears to be using him.

It all seems like a giant waste of screen time that could be going to more interesting characters.

Tanna4Ever: The most boring couple is Rafe and Nicole. There is no chemistry between them, and all they do is take bubble baths or are in bed.

Christine: Brady and Chloe. They have no chemistry, and they only seem to meddle in everyone else’s business.

Also, Nicole and Rafe. At first, I was rooting for these two, but they have been afflicted with the Rafe Hernandez curse; any time he’s paired in a romantic relationship, it turns bland and passionless.

Which budding couple has the most potential?

Tony: There aren’t very many budding couples out there, really. If it counts, I’d say Allie and Chanel, but they’re really more of a couple potentially coming back together, even though they technically weren’t a couple to begin with. It’s confusing. Anyway, I’m going with Chanel and Allie.

Jack: I’m still rooting for Johnny and Chanel to get back together. Before the Devil interfered, they reminded me of JJ and Paige and made me feel better about my favorite couple being destroyed years ago.

Tanna4Ever: The couple that I think has some great potential is Jake and Ava, for they both have a bit of a dark side to them. Also, I think they could cause a lot of trouble together in Salem.

Christine: I love the sparks between Belle and EJ. They’re intellectually well-matched, banter well, and have fun together while bringing out one another’s vulnerable side. So far, I prefer them to Shawn and Belle or EJ and Sami.

I also agree that Jake and Ava have a lot of potential. They both have big hearts couple with a dark side. I prefer them as a couple to Gabi and Jake.

Who had the best couple moment of the last couple of weeks?

Tony: Honestly, no couple really thrilled me lately. I guess Sarah and Xander’s reunion was kind of nice.

Jack: Steve and Kayla always bring the romance, no matter what.

Tanna4Ever: The best moment was when Sarah remembered everything that Xander did for the gravesite and the two of them being reunited.

Christine: I loved how EJ tried to take the blame for his and Belle’s kiss. I think he really has grown to care about Belle, and it’s fun to see this side of EJ.

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