Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 6 Spoilers: Danny and Baez Are Investigating WHAT?


What, now? 

Spoilers for Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 6 have Danny and Baez investigating a bizarre case. This isn’t the first time — they’ve worked with psychic Maggie on several cases — but this one takes the cake.

In more mundane news, Garrett has a favor to ask of Frank, but will that go any better than it usually does?

Often, when an aging series offers strange spoilers and gimmicky plots, it’s a sign that the writers have run out of ideas and that the show has run its course.

That’s not likely this time, despite this series being in its final season, barring an eleventh-hour miracle. Blue Bloods’ cancellation will leave a huge hole in the TV landscape, and these spoilers will likely lead to an unexpected but high-quality story.

This Episode’s Theme: Past Problems

Most of the time, Blue Bloods stories are connected by the same theme; this time, it seems to be facing the past.

Spoilers have Erin dealing with a middle-schooler who is angry she sent his brother to jail, Danny and Baez working with Baez’s old partner, Eddie working with McNichols to combat racial discrimination, and Frank considering doing a favor for Garrett.

All of these stories, except for Frank’s, involve unexpected consequences from past events, and even Frank’s story might have something to do with that, depending on who Garrett’s neighbor is and why Garett is calling in this favor.

Garrett was once upset that Frank didn’t seem to have any empathy after Garrett was the victim of a swatting attack. Will he bring this up to make his case now?

That would be more manipulative than Garrett usually is, but he could be reaching his peak frustration with Frank. When Frank acts like a curmudgeon, Garrett always pulls out all the stops to get him to see reason.

Frank Hates to Do Favors

Getting Frank to pull strings will be no easy feat. Doing favors is his least favorite thing, and he always fears it will interfere with his integrity.

Frank doesn’t even pull strings for his own kids, so it would be surprising if he did so for Garrett’s neighbor. The issue is that her car has been seized as evidence in a case, and she wants it back.

That’ll make Frank less inclined to do this favor, as he doesn’t want to interfere with his cops doing their jobs. Additionally, if the woman’s car was involved in a crime, Frank has good reason not to do this favor.

Does Garrett know the details? Is he sure this woman is not involved in a crime herself? This story could get complicated quickly.

Danny and Baez’s Bizarre Case

Danny and Baez investigate a murder that involves voodoo.

Yes, voodoo. This is Blue Bloods, not American Horror Story, so I don’t expect that someone is killing people by sticking pins in dolls.

Still, I’m curious as to how this plays out. Danny and Baez will undoubtedly be skeptical, but is there more to the story than meets the eye?

This spoiler could also be completely misleading. Maybe a serial killer is leaving voodoo dolls at the scene of the crimes.

That would be a case involving voodoo without suggesting supernatural causes for people’s deaths.

Baez’s ex-partner is involved in this case, and maybe he had a similar case in the past. Hopefully, he’s not the perp!

We’ve experienced Baez’s response to Jackie’s return. Now, we get to find out how Danny will feel about Baez’s ex-partner. Since police partners are like work spouses, it can turn into a soap opera when their previous partners show up.

On most shows, anyway. Blue Bloods doesn’t usually go for tired TV tropes like that, even if a sizable part of the audience ships Baez/Danny.

Erin Deals With A Middle Schooler

Spoilers say a middle schooler accuses Erin of sending their big brother to jail. 

That doesn’t sound like much of a story. The logical thing for Erin to do is explain to the child that her job is to prove that someone broke the law after the police arrest them and that it is on the brother to have not done so.

The kid probably believes the brother is 100% innocent. Will Erin reopen the case and discover she made a horrible mistake?

Something more has to happen than Erin feeling bad that a child is missing his brother, and that seems like the most likely direction to take.

Eddie and McNichols Are On The Same Side

Eddie and McNichols constantly butt heads, especially now that Jamie Reagan isn’t working in the same precinct and can’t mediate.

This time, though, they’re teaming up with a Black cop to prove racial discrimination in admissions to a prestigious school.

That’s horrible if it’s happening, but it sounds like a civil matter, not a police one.

Still, it’ll be fascinating to find out how well these two frenemies work together.

The Black detective should also take the lead on this since she’s the one who is affected by racial discrimination. Hopefully, the other two cops won’t push her out — Eddie can be like a dog with a bone when it comes to fighting injustice.

Over to you, Blue Bloods fanatics.

What do you think about these spoilers? Which storylines are you most looking forward to?

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Blue Bloods airs on CBS on Fridays at 10/9c. New episodes drop on Paramount+ the day after they air.

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