Big Sky Season 2 Episode 15 Review: The Muffin or the Hammer


Big Sky has officially turned things around.

After a run of solid hours, Big Sky Season 2 Episode 15 might be the best hour of the season. Even though, by all accounts, it’s a relatively quiet affair. It’s much more of a set-up installment than anything else, but the quietness works.

It also doesn’t hurt that we finally get Cassie and Jenny back together, sharing meaningful scenes again. Who would have thought pairing up the best dynamic you have would pay dividends?

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14 left us with that cliffhanger of Jenny in danger, and the hour starts hot, with Jenny in a legitimate struggle. And it was not looking good there for a minute.

Jenny was fortunate to find a gas mask because otherwise, she would have been dead alongside Dhruv. But she makes it out of the lab and runs right into Travis because, of course, she does. And it was kind of surprising to see her beg Travis to leave with her because at this point, doesn’t she realize he is a lost cause?

Travis has given her no indications the last handful of times they’ve been together that he’s interested in abandoning Operation Bullar Takedown.

So why she thought at that moment, he would disappear with her made no sense, but I’ll cut her some slack because she was running off the adrenaline of almost dying for like the third time in a few weeks.

And to be honest, Travis is kind of stuck where he is right now. There’s no way he’s still a cop, right? Seeing through this Bhullar mission may be his only choice, no matter how much Jenny thinks he can still be “saved.” The thing is, he’s never needed saving. He’s got two feet in, and he’s right where he wants to be.

As the hour unfolded, it was only a matter of time before Ren started to put the pieces together and pointed her finger surely at Jenny. Hello! There can be no coincidence that Jenny shows up unannounced one night, Dhruv dies in the lab a little later, and then the next day Jenny and the police show back up with a warrant.

Jenny wasn’t exactly playing it cool, either. But killing a cop is risky, and can the Bhullars afford even more heat than they already have?

One thing about Big Sky is that everyone will make a personal, completely non-sensical decision at least one time each episode. And Veer gets his moment to shine here when he tells Travis to eliminate Jenny like that wouldn’t be suspicious.

Veer is an intimidating presence when he wants to be, but he’s so up and down it’s almost a wonder he’s amassed such a sprawling drug business. Killing Jenny does nothing but get the entire Montana police force breathing even heavier on your neck. It’s just not an intelligent game plan, but there’s not much else anyone can do about it.

Talking to Veer is very much like talking to a wall because he is consistently the man who thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. And he probably is sometimes, but this idea that his kids will do whatever he says because they’re his kids is deeply flawed and becoming less and less likely the more time they spend together. 

Veer’s conversation with Alicia was illuminating on many levels and showed how attuned Alicia is to what’s going on in the Bhullar family. She may be doing her yoga and listening to Alanis Morrisette half the time, but she’s also observing and listening, and she may know Ren and Jag better than their own father.

It’s all well and good to have your children fear you, but there will always come a time when your children, especially once they become adults, realize that their parents don’t have as much control over them as they think they do. Ren and Jag have been slowly coming to that realization, and Veer’s attitude only pushes them further away.

And that’s to say nothing of them finding out that Veer is the one who made the call to cut the fentanyl.

At first, I thought that didn’t add up. Could you cut a few cost corners? Sure. But again, putting out a faulty, dangerous drug doesn’t help you in the long run.

Though perhaps this whole Montana experiment for Veer has always been about asserting his dominance over his children. By essentially sabotaging their operations, he can crush their confidence and remain steadily in control of the family.

It’s a crude move, but if we’ve learned nothing else about Veer Bhullar since his introduction, he doesn’t remotely care about hurting anyone’s feelings, and he loves to hold someone accountable. But now that Alicia has planted this seed about his son killing him, how will that influence Veer’s next moves?

Alicia: When you die, it will be at the hand of your child.
Veer: So, my children will kill me. This is your vibe.
Alicia: No. I said a child. Your son.

Now, hear me out. This is an off-the-wall theory, with little, to no facts to back it up, but what if the son Alicia was talking about is…TRAVIS!

I’m just not buying that Jag kills Veer, even though the story is being set up for “soft” Jag to prove his worth by committing the ultimate betrayal, because that wouldn’t be shocking. And this is Big Sky! They live for the shock factor.

We’ll have to keep our eyes on this as the rest of the season plays out, but you can never say never when it comes to this series. Crazier things have happened!

Elsewhere in town, Cassie is finally back! It’s crazy to think Jenny and Cassie started this series fistfighting over Ryan Phillippe Cody. And now the two of them are great friends and a fantastic duo.

It felt good to see them talking and catching up and being there for one another. One thing about Big Sky Season 2 that felt different was the lack of this dynamic with Jenny now a cop. But it feels like the tide is changing now, and we’re going to see the girls together more than apart, which is something we always need.

And how about the whole crew working together on something? Mark, Jerrie, Cassie, Jenny, AND Denise, all involved in a case that doesn’t include Ronald is a win for us all!

Cassie and Jenny are the show’s core, but Big Sky does have a solid supporting cast. They’ve just often been swallowed up by the unnecessary. But getting to see them all interact and work together was a delight, and it looks like it will continue now that Mark is working at the firm (and doing a damn good job) for the time being.

Okay, I wanted the love triangle sorted out, and not only was it sorted out, but it got resolved rather quickly.

Mark was a conflicted man, torn between two phenomenal people, but Jerrie wasn’t wrong to tell him to choose. He needed to pick, and showing up on Cassie’s doorstep was him making that choice.

Cassie and Mark have been feeling one another out since the moment they met, and they owe it to themselves to at least see what’s there. If it works out, that would be wonderful because no one makes Cassie smile like he does. But if it doesn’t work out, at least they gave it a chance and went with their happiness.

Amongst all the everyday pain and chaos, they deserve a little slice of pleasure.

Odds and Ends

  • Richard and Travis should hang out because they are both on a revenge tour. However, Richard has no idea what he’s doing by going after the Bhullars.
  • Dietrich better keep Cassie and Jenny’s names out of his mouth!
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, Donno and Tonya are made for each other.

Was this the best episode thus far? If you agree, feel free to let me know in the comments! And if you disagree, you can tell me that as well!

Make sure you watch Big Sky online, so you don’t miss any of the action!

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