All Rise Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Give It Time


Everything has changed, and many of our favorite characters adjusted to the new status quo.

Sherri could not get over the unfair accusations from the impropriety board on All Rise Season 3 Episode 3.

Emily realized that defending clients through holistic health was more challenging than she thought. Mark adjusted his family dreams since Amy wasn’t in a rush to begin one.

In Emily’s first job for the Free Council Initiative, she had to defend Charlotte Collins, who caused severe burns on her landlady.

It was another complicated case where you felt compassion for both parties. Charlotte was a single mom struggling to make ends meet, and her landlady, Mrs. Neal, raised the rent.

Mrs. Neal came to collect the rent, and an argument ensued. Charlotte pushed her accidentally, and a pot of boiling water landed on the landlady.

Charlotte swore it was an accident but didn’t want to get her children involved.

Charlotte: I haven’t seen them in weeks! I’m all they have.
Emily: Charlotte, I will do my best to get you out of custody so they can be with you before and during the trial.

Emily fought to get Charlotte placed at the Southland Re-entry Center. She wanted her and her children to have a better life, and Charlotte could attend counseling and anger management courses.

While Lola approved of holistic law, the DA wasn’t onboard.

DA Foster: I object, Your Honor. We’re here to bring justice to criminals, protect victims, and not award criminals with safe havens.
Judge Carmichael: I’m granting the defense’s motion. Keeping everyone safe not only include’s the victim but also innocent children.

I felt for Emily. She finally convinced DA Foster to agree to a fair plea deal, and another curve ball gets thrown at her.

Charlotte wasn’t an American citizen, and they needed a different deal, one that wouldn’t get her deported away from her children.

Emily was in over her head, trying to find an immigration safe deal, protect her client, and appease the DA.

Emily: I need an immigration safe deal.
DA Foster: I appreciate this new approach, Emily—the casual drinks and the chit-chat, but I’m still a prosecutor. I need a deal that works for both of us.

No one came out smelling pretty in this case since the landlady left threatening messages on Charlotte’s voicemail, and Charlotte left burn marks on Mrs. Neal.

Lola was inclined to sentence Charlotte to the rehab center so she could get help. Seeing her kids ripped away from her since the landlady called protective services just gutted me.

As Emily mentioned, she wanted to help her clients after trial, but she wasn’t expecting this.

Emily: I always hated that I couldn’t help my clients after trial. But now that I can.
Sara: It’ll take time. We’re both in uncharted territory right now, but we have each other.

We finally saw Sara interact with her two best friends. She provided advice to both Emily and Sherri.

While Sara’s new roommate added humor, we hope that Sara and Emily become roommates again soon. Sara always kept Emily level-headed when she went off the rails.

As Sherri dealt with the accusations from the integrity unit, Sara reminded her how invaluable and loved she was.

I miss Lola, Sherri, and Sara working together. The group is breaking up piece by piece.

Poor Sherri felt betrayed that Lola believed the worst about her. Once Lola was ready to talk and strategize talking to the integrity unit, Sherri was too hurt.

By that point, she offered to resign, so Lola didn’t take the heat.

Sherri: Your honor, this is becoming a lot more serious than I initially thought. I’m going to resign to avoid any blowback on you.
Lola: What? Sherri, No! We’re in this together.

At first, it seemed like Sherri made a minor mistake with her volunteering. However, when $500,000 went missing, it was clear there were other players involved.

Thankfully, Mark kept digging until he found the real culprit.

David Sanders seemed like he wanted to help Lola’s campaign, but he didn’t care at all that nearly wrecked Lola’s career, Sher’s job, and their relationship by moving some money.

He only cared that Corrine Cuthbert didn’t win. When Lola informed Sherri that she had cut David loose, Sherri was relieved but said it was too late.

Lola: Sherri, it’s over now. I cut ties with David Sanders.
Sherri: I’m glad you did. Was that for you or for me?
Lola: I apologize if I gave you the wrong impression, but I never left you hanging.
Sherri: It felt like you did. It is easy to show support when things are over. My mind is made up.

I hate that they destroyed Lola and Sherri’s. It was so much fun. I understand her point, though. Being there for someone during the good times is easy.

It’s hard showing support when everyone is against you, and Sherri thought Lola would fire her since David wanted her to. Lola will have to work hard to build Sherri’s trust, and hopefully, they’ll be friends again soon.

The series has experienced some welcome changes since it moved to OWN. During All Rise Season 3, we’ve seen Lola and Robin and Mark and Amy relax more at home.

Lola and Mark have shared more intimate time in bed in three episodes than they did in the previous two seasons. It was so cute when Bailey joined them in bed too,

We need more of these quiet at-home family scenes.

It allowed viewers to see a vulnerable side of Lola, a multi-faceted side of her personality.

I never knew Mark wanted kids, but he was a natural with Bailey. He panicked when she got sick from something he fed her.

Everyone assumed he was afraid of displeasing Lola. While that was part of it, Mark wanted to prove to Amy that he was a family man and could be a decent father.

Neither Mark nor Amy had the best family lives, so Mark wants to do it right this time. Unfortunately, Amy was still scared. She won’t even commit to a wedding date or plan a family.

Amy: It’s not just the wedding. I’m feeling pressured. I see you with Bailey, and I’m afraid you’re going to want to start a family right away. I’m not there yet. I want to marry you. I do. I want to do it right without rushing.
Mark: Okay. We can take it slow.

It’s hard for Amy to believe in happiness. She loves Mark, but she wants this marriage on her terms. I’ve always loved Mark and Amy, so I hope they make it to the alter.

Over to you, All Risers Fanatics. Will Sherri and Lola be able to repair their relationship? Were you surprised David Sanders took the missing money?

Is holistic law harder than Emily thought? Chime in below in the comments.

Remember, if you missed an episode, you could watch All Rise online via TV Fanatic.

All Rise airs at 8/7c on Tuesdays on OWN.

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