‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ Returning To BBC & PBS After 25 Years


The BBC and PBS are stomping back to Walking with Dinosaurs after 25 years.

The returning series, which is being co-produced with ZDF and France Télévisions, will land in 2025 and has already entered production.

The original series was a huge step for natural history. It was narrated by Kenneth Branagh in the UK and Avery Brooks in the U.S., where it aired on the Discovery Channel.

The reimagining will tell the dramatic story of an individual dinosaur each episode whose remains are currently being unearthed by the world’s leading dinosaur hunters. Thanks to cutting-edge science, experts will reveal how these prehistoric creatures lived, hunted, fought and died more accurately than ever before, utilizing state-of-the-art visual effects. Species will include a Spinosaurus – the largest carnivorous dinosaur to ever walk the earth – roaming the rivers of ancient Morocco; a youthful Triceratops battling a ravenous T. rex in North America; and a lonely giant Lusotitan risking it all for a love in Portugal.

Jack Bootle BBC Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual said: “A whole new generation of viewers is about to fall in love with Walking with Dinosaurs. The original series was one of the most exciting factual shows of all time, and this reinvention builds on that amazing legacy. Each episode is underpinned by the very latest science but is also filled with drama – making this a series for both dino lovers and people who just want to be told a great story.”

“Our human fascination with dinosaurs has remained steadfast, and we are excited to bring PBS audiences this reimagined perspective on these dynamic creatures, combining engaging narratives, backed by the latest science,” added Sylvia Bugg, PBS Chief Programming Executive and General Manager, General Audience Programming.

Walking with Dinosaurs was commissioned by Bootle. Bill Gardner is Editorial Consultant for PBS. Diana El-Osta is the Executive in Charge for PBS. It is a BBC Studios Science Unit Production co-produced with ZDF and France Télévisions for BBC and PBS. EPs are Andrew Cohen and Helen Thomas; the showrunner is Kirsty Wilson; the Producer/Directors are Stephen Cooter; Tom Hewitson and Owen Gower; and the line producers are Max Brunold and Libby Hand. The BBC commissioning editor is Tom Coveney.

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