‘Ghosts’: Asher Grodman On Finally Meeting Trevor’s Brother, Pete’s Power & “Surprising” Season 3 Finale


SPOILER ALERT! This post contains details from Thursday’s episode of Ghosts.

Woodstone Mansion was in for quite the surprise on this week’s episode of Ghosts.

The penultimate episode didn’t disappoint, revealing yet another ghost’s powers. It looks like Pete (Richie Moriarty) isn’t stuck on the property after all. Unlike everyone else, he isn’t bound by the ghost border at Woodstone and can travel wherever he pleases. Naturally, his first getaway is a trip to the grocery store with Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), who immediately loses him due to the fact that he can’t actually see any of the ghosts.

Luckily, this wasn’t another Flower (Sheila Carrasco) situation. By the end of the episode, Pete had returned safe and sound. But the newfound confidence he got from leaving the property inspired him to take a trip to see his family. Hopefully he’ll be back in time for Isaac’s (Brandon Scott Jones) wedding!

Although it’s been a shorter one, Ghosts Season 3 has certainly packed a punch. Over the course of nine episodes, the show has revealed more ghosts powers, introduced and said goodbye to a love interest for Alberta, and gave audiences much-needed details on some of the ghosts’ backstories, including how Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) died.

Another touching story involved one of the first ghosts that viewers ever learned more about — Trevor (Asher Grodman). After his memorial last season, mention of his younger brother inspired an entire episode in Season 3, where Trevor got to not only see his brother but also instill some older sibling wisdom onto him, even from beyond the grave.

Grodman spoke with Deadline about Season 3, his hopes for Trevor in the future, and whether or not he’s actually secretly jealous of these other ghost powers.

DEADLINE: We didn’t get a chance to talk after Trevor finally met his brother, so let’s start there. It’s something that fans have been asking for since Trevor’s memorial.

ASHER GRODMAN: Shoutout to our writers and showrunners, Joe Port and Joe Wiseman. They had one line in an episode about Trevor’s parents visiting the house in Season 2. It was just like a reference to Trevor’s brother. He’s still crashing in the parents basement, and it was one line. And from that audiences were like, ‘Oh, we’ve got to meet this guy.’ It’s just such good writing when, with so little, you can stir something that’s so engaging, so shout out to them. As someone who grew up playing Madden and warring with my brother over football, I certainly related to the storyline. And one of the fun things that Trevor gets to do — that Pete gets to do a little bit — but it’s a unique thing with those who are more recently dead is that the impact that we had on the living world is still being felt. So we get to have these ‘Tom Sawyer at his own funeral’ moments and then play with how Trevor saw the world or how Trevor sees his brother, and how that is different from how the rest of the world may see his brother. So it’s just very fun to kind of play in two worlds, if that makes any sense. We’ve spent a lot of time establishing the dynamic of the house and the history of the house. We get these one off episodes every once in a while to fill out another universe. So as an actor, that’s really, really exciting.

DEADLINE: Did you have any ideas or expectations for how that eventual storyline with Trevor’s brother would go?

GRODMAN: I probably pitched a couple of things. I just threw out some goofy ideas. But they’re really good, our writers. They don’t need my help. I think they did a great job with the casting. [I like] going deeper into the Trevor storyline, because we have this fun thing where we get to move the story forward by going back in time, and so even though even though this isn’t a flashback, which is how we usually do it…having his brother there is kind of like a blast to the past. It was for Trevor. I don’t think there was a ton of stuff that I was tossing their way. I think that they had a really good grasp on this thing.

DEADLINE: Is there anything else you’re really hoping to learn about Trevor in the future?

GRODMAN: I mean, I’m always fascinated by that transition into the afterlife, because Trevor was the first person we saw go through that with ‘Trevor’s Pants.’ I think that’s a lot of fun to dive into. I’d also love to understand — and we’re starting to get into this a little bit — the reasoning behind ghost powers. So like, what is it about Trevor’s right finger that is so powerful? That would be a fun thing. Picking up on what we talked about earlier, there’s still people in the world who Trevor had an impact on out there, and whether it’s a good impact or a bad impact, seeing what happened in his life, and then to what extent he wants to get involved or change or not change the impact that he left behind.

DEADLINE: Any time that someone from a ghosts’ past visits, they always trigger some sort of growth, I think.

GRODMAN: That’s a fun dynamic, because it’s also fun to watch us grow and then snap back to our dysfunction.

DEADLINE: I’m glad you mentioned Trevor’s powers, because I’ve been hearing that as more ghost powers get revealed, there’s some jealousy over who gets what powers.

GRODMAN: There was a time everyone was jealous of me. That is gone. [Laughs].

DEADLINE: Well, in this new episode, we find out that Pete can cross the ghost border. He can go anywhere! What was your reaction to that power?

GRODMAN: I just thought that was so clever…Our show has this massive limitation that we can’t [leave] this property. We don’t get to do far off and exotic locations. One of the my favorite things about the writing is that we lean in to the limitation, if that makes any sense. It’s like you’re working with one hand behind your back. I think the writers do a really good job of leaning into the limitation and subverting it, using it as fuel.

DEADLINE: I have to ask if you’re secretly hoping that Trevor has another power to unlock.

GRODMAN: It would be amazing if Trevor had another power. He’s not the youngest in appearance or age sense, but because he’s the youngest ghost, he almost has this little brother thing, and he absolutely lived the best life of anyone. So the idea that this guy would have this treasure trove of riches of powers or experiences would just be so annoying. I do think that’d be a lot of fun to play with. So yeah, maybe there’s another power in there. Or something that it’s like, ‘Ah, Trevor gets it? Again? Come on, man.’

DEADLINE: So first we lost Flower. Then we lost Pete. It’s like the writers are trying to tell us nobody is safe anymore. I’m hoping no more ghosts go missing any time soon.

GRODMAN: I hope the same. It definitely feels, despite the fact that there’s eight of us, like it’s a very empty house when one of us isn’t there. I think Sheila Carrasco, in addition to just being an amazing human being, is a genius. And when we shot those scenes of her in the well for the first time, we were all cackling on the side because she was just so funny. Same with Richie. We missed their presence in our little clown Muppet Show that we’re doing, because everyone has such a specific voice and sensibility.

DEADLINE: There has been some really fun guest stars this season. Since we already know the show has been renewed, who are you hoping to see make an appearance?

GRODMAN: Wow. I mean, look, there’s that big fish out there of Mark Hamill, who is a fan of the show and kind of blew all of our minds with that. If it were a Trevor story, I’d personally love to see Max Greenfield come along, because I just think the two of them have a very similar sensibility.

DEADLINE: I think at this point the Mark Hamill thing has to happen.

GRODMAN: There was a moment in there where I really thought it was gonna happen. And it might have just been a timing thing. But it felt like there was something that was written for him. I have no confirmation of this. It was just something I saw on the page that was there and then it wasn’t there. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we had tried to make it happen in the past.

DEADLINE: The finale is just around the corner. What can you say about where Season 3 is going to end?

GRODMAN: I’m just thinking how dramatic I want to get…I can tell you that if your stomach was churning at the cliffhanger of Season 2, Season 3 is going to be much worse. We have an amazing finish to Season 3.

DEADLINE: Those cliffhangers are really becoming a staple of the series.

GRODMAN: I know, there is that torturous thing of that flip or whatever it is that happens at the end of an episode. Something that our show does, it was one of the one of the things that I loved about ‘Trevor’s Pants,’ is that they kind of turned something as trivial as a missing pair of pants into this commentary on bullying dynamics and then also did it as a murder mystery. So we do this thing where it’s a show about ghosts, but it’s also funny and weirdly sentimental at times. We’ve jumped genres. We’re gonna mess around in that surprising genre game at the end of Season 3 in a fun way. I think people will enjoy it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, you’re going to really wish there was one more episode or an episode coming out sooner.

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