Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 1-08-24: Is Holly’s OD The Beginning of the End for EJ And Nicole?


Tragedies have a way of either bringing couples closer together or tearing them apart.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 1-08-24 suggest that EJ will soon reach his breaking point, with Nicole continually turning to Eric for comfort.

Are these two headed for a split for the sake of drama? We hope not, but it’s not looking good.

EJ hasn’t exactly been a model husband. Instead of being there for Nicole, he’s running all over town insisting on getting vengeance — and he’s got his sights set on the wrong person.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t go well when Brady approaches Nicole to ask her to get EJ to back off Tate. Spoilers say Nicole will blow up at Brady, insisting that her husband is right about Tate’s guilt.

That’s disappointing. Brady’s always stood by Nicole’s side, even when others turned against her for stupid reasons.

Nicole wants someone to blame for Holly’s overdose as much as EJ does, but it doesn’t make any sense for Tate to be the scapegoat here. Even if EJ were right — which he’s not, at most, Tate gave drugs he bought from someone else to one person.

Prosecuting him without going after the people supplying drugs to all the dealers doesn’t solve anything. It won’t stem the uptick in drug activity or prevent future overdoses.

It’s pure revenge, nothing more, and that’s not what the DA — or his wife — ought to be doing.

Usually, Nicole is the one who can rein EJ in when he goes too far. She tried to stop him from getting revenge on Ava for Susan’s ‘death’ and has talked him down on other occasions.

What happened to that? Why is she agreeing with him while seeking comfort from her “good friend” Eric?

It seems like we’re headed for an Eric and Nicole reunion. I hate how the writers always trash one couple to make room for the one they want to write instead.

Can’t we have a legitimate love triangle without the writers telling us who we should root for?

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 1-08-24.

Chad suspects Dimera involvement in the drug ring.

Chad questions Stefan and Ava about their involvement with the drugs that led to Holly’s precarious situation. This could be interesting no matter which way it goes.

Chad’s grief about Abigail’s death includes a desire to get revenge against Clyde for causing it. If Stefan levels with him, Chad might be willing to do what EJ wasn’t and take Clyde down once and for all.

But Chad is also supposed to be helping Everett bust the drug ring, so will he stay loyal to Stefan or stab him in the back once he has no more use for him?

Tripp is surprised to discover Wendy is still in Salem.

Few viewers will be happy with a Tripp/Wendy reunion. Those two made a bland couple, especially since Wendy was rewritten as a typical Salem girl instead of a badass woman who refused to accept culturally-based gender limitations.

But what on Earth is she doing? She was supposed to be in Hong Kong helping her parents through their grief over Li’s death.

Could she be working undercover for Salem PD in some capacity? If so, popping up when she’s supposed to be on the other side of the world suggests she’s not very good at this.

Will Holly’s overdose spark Sloan’s desire to make things right for Nicole?

Sloan feels guilty about making Nicole think her baby is dead after learning that Holly could pass away, too.

This seems like too little, too late.

Even if Sloan decides to give up the charade, how can she give Nicole the baby back without confessing that it was Nicole’s all along?

Will Paulina’s health issues interfere with her ability to do her job?

Paulina is continuing to be in denial about her health issues, including hiding them from others.

Abe and Chanel already know, so the only people of consequence who don’t are those who work in the mayor’s office.

Of course, there’s no requirement that public officials disclose their health status as long as they continue to be able to work. But with Paulina’s mental health issues, it might be difficult for her to hide her anxiety about her potential cancer.

Brady and Theresa learn something disturbing when they visit Tate in jail.

They discover that Tate has a black eye, and they want him out of there posthaste.

They’re right — sixteen-year-olds should not be held in adult jails, especially when Tate’s alleged crime is giving pills to a peer who then overdosed.

There isn’t even evidence of that, and there’s certainly none that he laced the drugs himself or is dealing drugs to others.

Why, why, why aren’t they calling Shane or Andrew for help with this? The ISA should have the resources to move Tate to somewhere safer, and Theresa’s father is the organization’s regional director.

Paulina prepares to honor Martin Luther King on the anniversary of his birth.

I love that Days of Our Lives has been giving more attention to celebrating diverse cultures lately (even if the way they introduced Everett’s Jewishness is a bit suspect.)

In keeping with that, Paulina will get to honor Martin Luther King as part of her job as mayor.

I hope we get to go to the event this time rather than hearing someone practice the speech in their living room. It would also be awesome if Theo returned to attend this.

Harris offers to get Lucas out of prison, but Lucas would have to risk his life.

Harris is desperate to find out who is behind the drugs — does he suspect it’s Ava after she dumped him for no reason?

He wants to use Lucas as a confidential informant. Only in Salem would someone need the permission of an adult prisoner’s mother to make such a deal, but Kate dislikes it.

This is a retread of when Lucas’ nephew JJ went undercover the first time Clyde was causing drug problems in Salem, but it could be a strong story anyway.

And bringing Lucas back is never a bad idea (although that stupid Lucas kidnapping Sami story came close.)

Tensions spill over between Nicole and EJ.

EJ’s tried to be understanding of Nicole’s need for comfort from Eric. He isn’t capable of giving it himself and wants his wife to heal from her multiple tragedies.

But that acceptance of Eric in her life was out of character for him, so eventually, he would explode over it.

It seems now we’re at the point in the story where EJ, like Rafe before him, is beginning to have enough of Eric, only for Nicole to insist they are just friends.

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