‘The Last Of Us’ Actor Nick Offerman Shares Full Flub-Free Speech Following Creative Arts Emmys Win


Nick Offerman‘s emotions were running high following his win at the Creative Arts Emmys for his guest-starring role on HBO‘s The Last of Us.

The actor had prepared a speech that he says he delivered “with a couple of flubs” after his first Emmy win last night. With emotions settled, Offerman took to social media to share his full, and flub-free speech.

“Well, friends, I won an Emmy art trophy last night for my guest star role HBO’s gorgeous rendition of a Craig Mazin script,” he shared on Instagram with screenshots of his prepared remarks. “I am very grateful for this plaudit but it’s also hard to fully swallow since my work was in a full partnership with the magnificent @murray.bartlett.”

He continued, “I prepared some remarks that I was able to mostly deliver, with a couple of flubs due to my emotions running high, so I thought I’d publish my speech which they generously let me finish. Thanks again to all the strawberry fans.”

In his speech, Offerman acknowledged his scene partner Murray Bartlett, who was also nominated in the Guest Actor category. Offerman called Bartlett his “magnificently generous partner and rightly lauded Aussie top man – the Girth from Perth” and said that “without whom it would have been awfully tough to pull off a beautiful, richly-veined 2-hander.”

The Emmy-winning actor also thanked The Last of Us co-creator Craig Mazin calling the script for the third episode of Season 1 “the best script I’ve ever been handed.”

If you enjoy what we do, then it’s always and only because the writing is so good and I’m so grateful to be able to participate in this tradition of ‘storytelling as medicine’ with which we demonstrate our devotion to each other, because as Wendell Berry says, it all turns on affection,” he added.

Offerman also called his wife Megan Mullally his “muse and my acting teacher,” adding, “I would certainly
not be standing here without her patient tutelage and that is not a euphemism.”

He continued, “And finally to my own Mom and Dad, who taught me to use tools in the kitchen and the garden and the woodshop as an expression of love and fidelity, by way of what we do to care for each other, which we have learned once again from Craig Mazin in this episode, is the whole damn point. Thank you.”

Read the full speech below.

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