The Floor Sneak Peek: Rob Lowe Charms As Contestant Faces a Quarter Million Dollar Decision


It’s a new year and a whole new game show that is bound to be a family favorite.

FOX rings in the new year with The Floor, a new hit in the making — executive produced and hosted by FOX icon, and 9-1-1: Lone Star heartthrob Rob Lowe.

And TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to get an exclusive sneak peek of the series!

But first, let’s unpack the concept behind FOX’s The Floor, brought to us by Big Brother and The Voice creator John de Mol .

In the latest addition to the network’s roster of game shows that the whole family can play along with, contestants compete for a grand prize of $250,000.

The series has 81 contestants competing on a massive grid of squares making up the floor, and all the squares are representative of everyone’s area of expertise.

The 81 contestants will face off in duels on the floor grid, where the trivia is based on their field of expertise.

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Each head-to-head battle will be timed, and the person who wins each trivia round will take over their opponent’s square.

Unfortunately, the person who loses will have to go home, missing out on their chance to win a quarter of a million bucks!

There can only be one person walking away with the grand prize.

But it’s going to be an entertaining ride until they find the winner.

Essentially, it seems the contestants competing are human chess pieces on a board, and they must outwit each other to get ahead.

The series premiere will kick things off on a fun note when one contestant freezes up as the clock ticks, making for a high-stakes and intense game.

It’ll leave fans wondering if the contestant can make it through to the next round, let alone the end of the competition.

The premiere also teases that there will be an early frontrunner in this competition who may be near impossible to beat.

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The contestant doesn’t hesitate to sweep up multiple squares along the competition.

But will they remain a frontrunner through to the end? And will they be taking home that grand prize?

You’ll have to tune into the premiere to find out!

It’s not Rob Lowe’s first foray into competitive game shows, so he’s right at home hosting this series.

He has the charisma to keep things flowing naturally.

You can catch a glimpse of that in our exclusive clip!

A contestant, Zai has made it well into the competition by riding on the squares that catered to her area of expertise and particular brand of trivia.

That category was tools.

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But now that she’s completely gotten through all the squares related to the subject, she has to tackle a different topic.

Fortunately, that topic is vegetables. How difficult can Veggies be, am I right?

But as Lowe jokes, one never knows what topics will be difficult to take on. Even the trivia a contestant may feel most comfortable with could be a challenge that sometimes trips them up.

And maybe that’ll be the case for Zai, who admits that even her knowledge about tools didn’t come without its fair share of tough moments.

But while facing a new category that could make or break her chances at taking home the grand prize, Lowe presents her with a decision to make. Check out the clip below for more context.

The series premiere of The Floor airs Tuesday, January 2 at 9/8c on FOX.

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