2024 Cancelations: What’s Next For the Stars of Station 19, Blue Bloods, Young Sheldon?


Cancelations suck, and the 2024 season has been particularly brutal.

Long-running favorites such as Station 19, Blue Bloods, and Young Sheldon are going off the air, leaving fans brokenhearted — and actors out of a steady gig.

Sometimes, actors land a new gig right away, and other times, they struggle to find new work. The cancellations were recently announced, so not everyone has had the opportunity to move on to a new project yet, but there are some interesting things in the works.

Having a Long-Running Series is a Double-Edged Sword

When actors land a gig that lasts for half a decade or more, they’re guaranteed work for as long as the series lasts (or until their character is written out, anyway).

That allows them to become household names but also can make it harder for them to get new jobs in the future. For example, Henry Winkler was so associated with The Fonz that when Happy Days ended, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to get other work.

Of course, being well-known can also be an asset. Sometimes, networks count on the actor as a draw for a new series and build one around that star or promote the new show as the talent’s latest series.

Justin Hartley found great success on Tracker after This Is Us ended, so there’s no reason the stars of these other soon-to-be-gone hit shows can’t move on to something else.

Station 19 and Young Sheldon ran for seven seasons each, while Blue Bloods will have run for a whopping 14, wrapping up its run only four episodes short of its 300-episode milestone.

Does Anyone From Station 19 Have a New Project Lined Up?

Station 19’s cancelation was especially sad because the decision came down soon after they hit their 100th episode milestone, dampening the cast and crew’s celebration.

The hit show did not have as strong ratings as 911, so it was canceled in December 2023 but given a final season to wrap things up. Unsurprisingly, most of the actors have not lined up new gigs yet.

Co-stars Jaina Lee Ortiz and Jay Hayden have made the news for another reason: they have been dating but kept their off-screen relationship private until recently. Thus, they may be looking forward to taking some time off to be together before either one lands their next role.

The good news is that since Station 19 is a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy, Ben and Karina can return to their original show. 

The showrunners have already announced that the pair will cross over to Grey’s one last time before Station 19 departs. They don’t plan to bring them back full-time but have said they are looking forward to featuring them in more crossover appearances after Station 19 ends.

Young Sheldon Has A New Spinoff

The Big Bang Theory franchise continues to expand. Young Sheldon stars Montana Jordan (Georgie) and Emily Osment (Mandy) get their own spinoff this fall on CBS called Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage.

None of the other Young Sheldon stars appear in this series, though there may be opportunities for guest appearances. Sheldon is supposed to be starting his CalTech adventure, but there’s no reason Zoe Perry (Mary), Annie Potts (Meemaw), or Raegan Revord (Missy) can’t visit from time to time.

They could even create newly minted flashbacks of George Senior if they wanted Lance Barber to return!

Although she will not appear in the new spinoff, Ravord has exciting news on the horizon. She is also a writer and avid reader who has an Instagram book club for young adults. Her debut young adult novel, Rules For Fake Girlfriends, will be released in the fall of 2025.

Iain Armitage doesn’t have a new gig yet, but he is a talented actor who will likely go far. In the meantime, fans who can’t get enough of him can watch his acting debut on Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 8. on Peacock.

Blue Bloods Stars Haven’t Given Up On Saving The Show

The heartbreaking news about Blue Bloods cancelation has sparked fan outrage and an ongoing petition to save the show. CBS recently announced at its upfronts that Blue Bloods would wrap up in December 2024, but that hasn’t deterred determined fans…. or some of the stars.

Tom Selleck said in a recent CBS interview that he “continues to hold out hope that CBS will come to their senses,” and co-star Gregory Jbara also recently said that he hopes the ratings are strong enough for CBS to extend the final season until May.

Since half a season remains to be filmed for the fall and the stars haven’t given up on getting more despite CBS’ decision to end Blue Bloods, most of the stars haven’t begun lining up their next gig yet.

However, Selleck’s comments were part of an interview he did to promote his new memoir, You Never Know, which was released on May 6. His co-stars joined him at a promotional event in New York City recently, and Bridget Moynihan (Erin) hosted a Q&A for him.

Which of these shows will you miss most?

Will you be watching the Young Sheldon spinoff? Do you plan to read any of the stars’ books?

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Jack Ori is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. His debut young adult novel, Reinventing Hannah, is available on Amazon. Follow him on X.

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