Found Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Missing While Indoctrinated


For every person the team saves, Gabi celebrates the win and then moves on to the next case. For those who don’t, Gabi keeps their pictures in her house as a reminder of what might happen if they’re not diligent.

Found Season 1 Episode 10 saw the team do something atypical where they revisited a past case that had been troubling Gabi since Tony was in a coma for six weeks and Gabi was in limbo for the same period.

For the first time, the team sought out a case instead of receiving one from a client, and the irony was that this was a case too similar to something Gabi had experienced.

A case connected to the past made for an exciting hour because we had been waiting for the outcome of Tony’s comma.

After Tony woke up, I thought Gabi would grovel to his dad, be forgiven, and then move on.

However, the very life of M&A was on the line because after the team lost Melissa on Found Season 1 Episode 9, DCPD got the ammunition they needed to remove this minor but recurring nuisance from their midst.

It seemed hypocritical of them to pile on M&A for losing a client. The police lost many missing people because they didn’t approach the issue well or at all.

The outcome of this case was critical not only because it would save several lives but also because it would also save M&A.

For the second time, the team was divided on handling this, with the rational group erring on the side of caution while the other team wanted to go in, guns ablaze.

I know this is just the second time, but a pattern is emerging here where Gabi makes all the team decisions. She is their leader, but why bother asking for or listening to their input if she just ignores it?

Democracy in business rarely works, which is why there shouldn’t be any since it makes the decision-maker look like an ass.

It was questionable how the team would go about this case since there technically wasn’t anyone missing, but Tony solved that for them. With no idea what he intended to do, the team knew at least one life was in danger, and it was upon them to find him.

Efforts to find Tony led the team to a high school where several things happened.

We saw a flashback to Teen Gabi; for the first time on Found Season 1, she wasn’t scared for her life. She was a regular teenager at her locker, enjoying being a child with her friends.

It was a powerful flashback to include because we shouldn’t let Gabi be defined by the worst thing that happened to her.

The team met Principal Chloe, and the moment she opened her mouth, I knew she was the one. Did you?

Principal Chloe: Chloe Weller, principal. Miss Mosley, I am such a fan. I heard you would like access to the campus. I’m assuming this is about Tony Edwards.
Gabi: Yes, he’s missing now, and we’re helping him in the family
Principal Chloe: Of course. And I’m beyond grateful that you’re on his side. No one seems to see the good in these kids. I’m sorry, but I am gonna need to verify your credentials first since you’re not parents or faculty. I have a lot of parents to answer to.
Gabi: Your truancy records are low for this area.
Principal Chloe: In the five years that I’ve been here, I have whipped this place into something my students and staff can be proud of.

It would be best to always be careful with people who talk about themselves too much. It is one of the first signs of severe narcissism.

She made a point of making everything about her and what she had done. People like her always hide something, which should be a red flag.

They should be thanking me. Those kids were screw-ups — a blight on society. I did the world a favor.

Principal Chloe

How Principal Chloe appeared seemed eerily similar to Gabi. The only difference was that Gabi didn’t blow her own horn, but other people did.

I get that she does a lot of good, but it can’t be suitable for someone to hear constant praise from all corners.

It was what has given birth to insufferable internet celebrities who exist in their echo chamber where they eat their praises for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

To some extent, it can’t be avoided. People will always admire someone who does the kind of good that Gabi does.

A system is needed to ensure that people don’t deem themselves gods among men. And for that, one needs a great support system. Lucky for Gabi, she had team M&A to keep her in check, but I doubt their effectiveness since Gabi doesn’t listen to them much.

Matthew was scouted on the internet. He was trafficked through the internet and could have been lost forever.

The internet indeed birthed a new front for crime, but it also has advantages like anything else.

With the media on the other side, M&A lacked a mouthpiece, and the internet was their only friend.

The episode’s biggest surprise was the revelation that Sir was a teacher at Gabi’s school!

Throughout the Found Season 1 reviews, I’ve wondered what he did that made him so effective at solving clues, and a teacher ought to do it.

My mind went to the extreme, and I thought he was some rich, overeducated man, but the answer was simple.

As a teacher, he had access to all the children he could want to kidnap, and that’s scary.

At first, it didn’t make sense why Gabi stormed out of the interview with Finn fuming because she heard a teacher had paid extra attention to a student.

There’s technically nothing wrong with that, but if we assume Sir paid attention to his favorite English Lit student, Gabrielle Mosley, it is understandable why Gabi would be cautious of such teachers.

The team found Tony, learned a few things about the trafficking ring, and for the first time in what felt like forever, the below quote echoed in the offices. Oh, how I’ve missed that.

Welcome home!

Team M&A

Finally, Gabi learned that Mark was offered his job back and was hesitant. She did what we’d been waiting for her to do and acknowledged that being a cop was what he was happy doing.

Gabi: Sorry for how I spoke to you during Melissa’s case. For taking my pain out on you, something I’m realizing I do often
Trent: Well, apology accepted, but I can’t apologize for caring if you live or die.
Gabi: OK. One more thing.
Trent: Here we go…
Gabi: You need to go back to the DCPD
Trent: Why you afraid I’m gonna ask for a job at M&A? I’m not.
Gabi: You need to go back ‘cause it’s who you are and where you’re meant to be. You’ve been lost without it.
Trent: Well, maybe it’s time for a change.
Gabi: If that was really how you felt, you would have turned Mallory down immediately. Take your job back, Trent. You’re one of the good ones. We all need you there.

Was it surprising that it was all he needed to hear?

He needed to hear those words uttered by someone he cared about because they would carry some weight. Like everyone, he doubted whether he was meant to be a cop or he followed the prescribed family path.

Towards the end, Gabi realized that the young woman who had promised to save her was a student of Hugh.

As I said, Gabi tends to stick to her analysis of things and misses the bigger picture. While she was convinced that something happened to Annie, I wasn’t.

One of the easiest ways to kill a person’s spirit is to deny them hope. Better yet, dangling hope in front of them only to kill it.

If Sir had been kidnapping and brainwashing kids before he took Gabi, it’s a fair assumption that he might have managed to convert one because, on the flip side, he failed to convert Gabi.

What if Annie was working with him, and her whole reason for being there was to dash Gabi’s hopes of ever escaping?

Sir said he didn’t kill her, and I’m confident he didn’t because he didn’t have to!

This story always appears deeper than we know, and I think we are on to the next layer. Even in captivity, Sir is still in operation in the outside world.

That’s just a theory.

Intrusive Thoughts

  • Zeke Wallace and Lacey have been hanging out far too frequently. She even met her father-in-… excuse me, Zeke’s father.
  • Ethan told Dhan what? I’m sorry, but how do they co-exist in the same house when Ethan is always using therapy on his husband?

Ethan’s worried about what kind of emotional relapse I might have without M&A.


  • Margaret began to make progress, and we love to see it.
  • Whatever happened to Joey Ann-Reid being on NBC’s fiction shows?

Over to you, Found Fanatics. What did you think? Chime in in the comments section.

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