Days of Our Lives Round Table: Another Stolen Baby!


Melinda stole Nicole’s baby!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by DoolFan4Life from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate if they love or hate this latest stolen baby storyline, Rafe’s reactions, Maggie’s naivete, and more!

And are Leo and Dimitri destined for love or done for good? Read on to see what our round table team thinks.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Melinda and Sloan stole Nicole’s baby! Rate this storyline from 1 (I HATE it!) to 10 (It’s the BEST!).

DoolFan4Life: I rate this a 1. This was predictable and honestly unnecessary as the fact that the baby is unknowingly Eric’s is drama enough.

Melinda also has an unusual persistence in this story, and it makes no sense for her to be so invested and be orchestrating the whole thing. She has zero to gain from this, and it’s just so overdone.

The only reason it scored even one point is that, unlike most viewers, I don’t feel entirely that bad for Nicole. She did the exact same thing to Sami, lied about Jennifer pushing her down the stairs with the last child, manipulated Jada into an abortion, and the list goes on.

This is karma. Maybe she might actually understand what she did now that she’s going through it herself. Then again, it’s Nicole, all the years on Days and zero character growth, so that could be ambitious.

Jack: -1000. First of all, this story is a rerun of the Sarah/Kristen baby switch, except Sarah’s baby really did die — at least Xander had a good motive for doing something so horrible.

And I know people say Nicole did it to Sami back in the day, but even so, this felt needlessly cruel. Nicole has lost two babies already, and to be told this one is dead when he’s not is just wrong.

Plus, I’m burned out on fake death stories since they happen all the time, and even though the actors did great work, I just felt like it’s a waste of energy when we know the person isn’t dead and that they’ll find out eventually.

I also thought this was very out of character for Melinda. She’s overzealous and pushes the boundaries, but she always did bad things out of a misplaced sense of justice. Why on Earth would a woman whose daughter died tragically make another woman think her baby is dead?

Plus, this would have made more sense with the last baby, who was born only a few weeks prematurely if I recall correctly, and the Dimeras would have had lots of reason to take him from Nicole because she hid him from EJ.

It makes far less sense now and is only a vehicle to get Nicole and Eric back together, but even for that purpose, it’s unnecessary.

Having Eric deliver the baby at the side of the road and be unable to shake the feeling that he has a connection with it would have worked just as well, so why not do that instead? None of this made any sense or fit together at all.

Nicole is not stupid enough to let a random person take her baby. Melinda wouldn’t do this. EJ and Eric should both have put two and two together… this is just a terrible story all around.

The only silver lining is if Sarah realizes this is exactly what happened with Mackenzie/Rachel and helps Nicole get her baby back.

Christine: (Sigh.) Here we go again. Only in Salem are all babies abducted. Another baby swap with the awfulness of parents believing their child is dead. This is such a tired soap trope, and as much as I think the actors are doing an amazing job, it’s just depressing.

I’ll give it a 4 for the performances. EJ and Nicole made me cry. And poor EJ, once again, this isn’t even his kid (Grace/Sydney), and he’s mourning the loss.

Does the show just hate Nicole? Her late miscarriage was awful. Then a still birth, and now this? I don’t care what she’s done in the past. This is just cruel.

Does Sarah really believe that Xander is a danger to Victoria, or is she just pushing forward with the custody case to spite Xander?

DoolFan4Life: Sarah is like a child on an unruly tantrum. I don’t think she cares about right or wrong; she’s just being spiteful and hypocritical.

She knows Xander wouldn’t harm his child, or any child for that matter. Plus, she let him act as daddy to McKenzie before she found out about the switch.

Jack: I think Sarah has convinced herself that she’s protecting her baby, but I doubt she believes it deep down.

She’s hurt and angry that Xander pushed back when she and Rex planned to keep the baby from him and is lashing out. I wish she would stop already. It’s not a good look for her.

Christine: Most of this is spite and anger. She expected to keep the child from Xander. She expected him to walk away when he found out Victoria was his, and that he’s not willing to do it makes her angry.

Her tantrums make her look unhinged. And she’s willing to have her and Xander throw horrible accusations at one another rather than just let the man see his daughter. I can’t wait for this to end.

Are you surprised that Maggie seems so naive about Konstantin and goes so far as to turn on Sarah to defend him?

DoolFan4Life: A bit surprised, but I suppose grief can do that to a person. On the other hand, we are to believe she was the better CEO of Titan. If this is true, she should have better instincts.

Jack: This is more out-of-character nonsense. I know Maggie is an eternal optimist, but I don’t believe, after all the years she was with Victor, that she would be this naive.

Christine: Maggie is grieving, hurting, and lonely since Victor’s death. Many people act differently during the weeks and months after such a terrible loss, so I’m willing to cut her some slack.

But you’d think that Victor never mentioning such a “good friend” would be an obvious red flag, even to Maggie.

Was EJ right to be angry at Rafe for not responding more seriously to Nicole being missing?

DoolFan4Life: EJ reacted the way a desperate man acts when his pregnant wife goes missing. Especially in Salem, the kidnapping capital of the world.

Was he rude and out of line? Sure, but Rafe isn’t his favorite person, and EJ is a Dimera, so he wouldn’t be EJ if he was nice about it.

I also am team EJ in the feud between him and Rafe, so I enjoy any abuse EJ has to throw at him.

Jack: Absolutely! Rafe was not doing his job at all. EJ and Nicole should sue the police department for not doing more to find Nicole before Dimitri could take off with her baby.

Short staffing is an issue, but not to the point where the department can only work on one case at a time! And the fact that Rafe is Nicole’s ex, who is probably jealous that she and EJ are together and about to raise a child, makes his behavior even more inappropriate.

Christine: Rafe was completely dismissive about a pregnant woman who was probably in an accident and may have needed medical attention ASAP.

Rafe had a job to do, and he didn’t need to be hovering over his girlfriend, who was at the hospital receiving medical attention. Some of Rafe’s excuses may have been valid, but I do think he would have taken this more seriously if it weren’t EJ and Nicole.

Are Leo and Dimitri right for one? Does Leo deserve someone better? Will Dimitri return for Leo?

DoolFan4Life: They’re perfect for each other. Both are criminals (yes, Dimitri is worse), but still, both are con artists, and they deserve each other.

I am guessing he will return for Leo and use his knowledge about the baby to bargain for their freedom.

Jack: I was surprised that Leo seems to have developed as much of a conscience as he has lately. He seems like he’s become a decent person who gets in over his head with crazy schemes.

At this point, Leo definitely deserves better than Dimitri. Dimitri is more of a Dimera than the actual Dimeras! He doesn’t seem to have any conscience whatsoever and will kill or maim to get what he wants.

Dimitri leaving town without Leo may be a blessing in disguise as far as Leo is concerned.

Christine: Leo deserves better. Dimitri, deep down, is willing to kill to get what he wants. Leo has a heart and a conscience. He can be greedy and make bad choices, but he’s not violent or evil.

Dimitri and Leo are entertaining and have a sharp sarcastic wit, but I hope for better for Leo in the future.

Chad bought out Gwen’s stake in The Spectator to fire Everett. Will this plan blow up in his face? Do you hope it does?

DoolFan4Life: This will absolutely blow up in his face, and yes, I hope it does. Chad with Stephanie went from boring to just plain insufferable.

Stephanie should have walked once he made his intentions clear, but maybe now this will finally be the end of them.

Jack: It absolutely will, especially since he’s acting like he’s Everett’s best friend at the moment. This whole story is annoying me right now.

Stephanie is obnoxious, and Chad isn’t much better, while Everett is engaging in very obvious manipulations and seems to be Alex 2.0 as far as Stephanie is concerned.

I’m rooting for all three of these people to be single for a long time, which is not good when this is supposed to be a love triangle.

Christine: Of course, it will blow up in his face and give Stephanie even more reason to act hurt and self-righteous, which is unwatchable.

Everett is just Nick 2.0 to me. There’s little difference between the two characters, which is disconcerting.

But Chad and Stephanie are only mildly interesting when they’re unhappy, which isn’t a good sign for any couple, and all three characters are unlikable most of the time. so I look forward to them all moving on.

Stefan bribed Paulina and then threatened her. Should there be consequences? And what are your thoughts on Stefan sticking around Salem without Gabi?

DoolFan4Life: Yes, there should be consequences; if you threaten a civilian, there are consequences, so threatening the mayor should be even more so.

Stephan, with or without Gabi, has no business occupying Salem or my TV screen. He should have stayed dead. He’s a disgusting creep, and I never warmed to his character at all. Please grant me this wish and be rid of him.

Jack: There definitely should be consequences! Paulina is one of the few people who doesn’t allow others to manipulate her most of the time, and threatening the mayor should result in serious jail time.

(As an aside, why the heck doesn’t the mayor have a security detail? Abe’s been shot and hit over the head while mayor, and now Stefan is threatening Paulina in the middle of the Square.)

Stefan needs a story beyond trying to force his way into a pardon/acquittal for Gabi. If they find one, I guess he can stay. I don’t like him and wouldn’t mind if he left Salem permanently.

Christine: I’ve never liked Stefan. I wish Jake were still in the picture, but Stefan can’t leave soon enough for me. All he does is scheme over Dimera shares or have sex with Gabi, and now that Gabi’s dealing with her bad karma, Stefan’s story is even more yawn worthy..

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

DoolFan4Life: Too many babies being kidnapped. I know it’s a right of passage for the babies on Days (I can’t honestly think of one that hasn’t been kidnapped), but two stories going on at once is two too many.

Also, Gwen/Theresa and her fidgeting with her wig. I’m hoping she will be moving on if Jen Lilley isn’t able to stay with the role. It’s just not working out.

Jack: I’ve ranted about quite a few things already. This was not a stellar week in Salem.

But beyond what I’ve already said, I continue to be aggravated that they went in the direction of Konstantin being a bad guy. I’d rather he and Maggie have a real romance, complete with Maggie trying to figure out if she really likes him or just misses Victor.

I also don’t believe for a second that Theresa would give in to this weak sauce threat. I don’t understand why she didn’t take the opportunity after she knocked Konstantin out to steal his phone so he couldn’t call Alex and then tell Maggie that she caught Konstantin trying to kidnap the baby.

Also, Steve confronting Konstantin about how he said a cheap tablecloth from Saxton’s was from Victor’s villa in Greece felt like a parody. Of all the things to investigate, that one just seemed ridiculous.

Finally, I don’t think Xander should be the one to drop the custody case. He’s the one who is being denied access to his daughter for no reason. If anyone should drop the case, it’s Sarah. (Incidentally, you can’t just postpone the case at the last minute, and acting like they can is silly.)

Christine: Theresa is cunning and tough. She should have turned the tables on Konstantin, not followed his orders to the letter, and succumbed to his threats.

Stephanie telling Everett they need boundaries and then putting up none. She can work with him and not tell him everything about her personal life.

Sloan attempting to do the right thing, only for Melinda to manipulate her into do the worst thing possible! Why does Melinda care so much about any of this? It makes no sense.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

DoolFan4Life: Leo was really funny telling Jada to at least buy him dinner first. Also, it was really great to see Paulina put creepy Stefan in his place and not be intimidated by him.

I also enjoyed Xander calling Chad out for his juvenile behavior and refusing to sell The Spectator.

I also have to say I absolutely loved everything with Steve this week. His instincts were spot on, and he was, as usual, first to figure out that something wasn’t right with Konstantin.

I’m looking forward to him and John uncovering the truth. I’d rather see John in a work bromance with Steve than feeding Marlena strawberries and cream again. Just saying.

Jack: Despite how silly Steve’s confrontation of Konstantin was, I liked him and John talking about it and making plans to find out what this guy is really about.

Although I hate the Nicole storyline with a passion, I thought Ari Zucker and Dan Feuerriegel did amazing work, and I hope they both get Emmys.

Christine: I loved that Xander saw right through Chad. And Leo brought the humor to a heartbreakingly sad storyline.

But I love that Steve isn’t being conned by Konstantin, and he and John are headed to Greece to figure out if his story is true.

John has the money to take them wherever they need to go, and although Victor wasn’t always a favorite of theirs, they still have enough loyalty to him and Maggie to not want to see her taken advantage of by this grifter.

Okay, TV Fanatics. Now it’s your turn. Do you love or hate this latest baby switch storyline? Was Rafe negligent in his duties? Are Leo and Dimitri each other’s one and done?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts, then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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