Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Audition


Things are coming to a head at York Memorial Hospital’s emergency department.

There were too many over-stressed staffers on Transplant Season 3 Episode 6.

In some cases, they suffered from the effects of Dr. Devi’s patient-centric approach, of an institution implementing changes without the required resources.

Others were bringing their problems into the ED, affecting their performance.

Neeta means well with her patient-friendly policies, and she was allowed to prove that her academic concept could work in the real world. 

More of the blame should rest on the hospital’s administrators, who hired her to do the impossible.

A certain amount of wait time for treatment is integral to Canada’s public healthcare system.

York’s cynical administrators figured that a more content patient would be less likely to sue in the event of a problematic result.

Now, all Devi has to do is to install her system only by reallocating existing resources.

That’s where the rebellion began as already-stretched-thin staffers saw their schedules get rearranged to fit her scheme.

Not that Neeta has done an excellent job selling her plan, with her talks to the staff along the “suck it up, buttercup” line.

Instead, she should have tried to sway Claire, who is connected to the nurses, the surgeons, and Jed Bishop, to her side. Claire’s opinion would have carried weight.

The exhaustion of the nurses, as seen on the faces of Rhoda and Arnold, was evident.

Now, the nurses, who make any hospital run, were turning on her. And with a significant nursing shortage in Canada, they have all the leverage.

To protest Devi’s changes, Claire told her the nurses, who had been working extra hours for no pay to help their colleagues, were moving to “work to rule.”

A British concept, “work to rule” means following “official working rules and hours exactly to reduce output and efficiency, especially as a form of industrial action.”

It’s not a strike or a work stoppage, but it effectively conveys their message.

And when the nurses aren’t following up for the physicians, the doctors will let their inconvenience be expressed.

Neeta’s unpopularity has left Mags in a difficult position. Devi gave her a second chance in the ED.

Plus, Mags believes in what Neeta is trying to do. That’s what led to her clash with Claire.

Mags also hurried back too soon. She’s used to throwing her little body full force into her work, and she can’t do that in her current condition.

But since she’s returned, Mags must adjust to pacing herself and asking for help. As she proved when she ran the code on Pasha, Mags can do what she has to under her restrictions.

She’s also back where she has people rooting her on instead of laboring for Dr. Fisher on a project she doesn’t believe in. That’s got to be a step forward.

In addition to finding just the right amount of support for Mags, Bash learned what many before him already knew: parenting teenagers is difficult.

A lot of the rift with Amira is on Bash. He’s been spending much of his limited free time with Mags during their honeymoon phase, neglecting Amira to a degree by leaving her with his ex-fiancee Rania.

But he just isn’t hearing Amira either, as they argued over her desire to attend a performing arts school on the day of his citizenship test on Transplant Season 3 Episode 4.

Judging from Amira’s audition tape, Mags had the best description, calling her “enthusiastic.” But that shouldn’t matter, as now is the time she needs to determine if this is a dream she can realistically chase.

Bash recalled his teen years during the Arab Spring when his mother warned him about participating in protests against a repressive Syrian regime. 

But that’s a whole different situation than Amira’s battling for the right to sing show tunes.

Treating a diabetic mother and the teen son on whom she was too dependent, Bash gained insight into the parent-child dynamic when Griff complained about how Elena never heard what he was saying. That was resonant of the Bash-Amira clash.

After a couple of sessions with Kamir, Bash was beginning to come around, to the point where he invited Mags home to have dinner with Amira. But it was already too late, as Amira had run away (hopefully just to Rania’s place).

June had a rough shift, and for once, it wasn’t her fault. She attempted to assist a nasty coffee customer who had tripped and dislocated her hip, and for her troubles, she ended up with a sliced hand after her patient shoved her.

It’s little wonder that surgeon June prefers her patients to be unconscious.

Later on, that patient apologized to June for her racist behavior. Shook by that, June ignored Leslie’s complaint of pain in her uninjured leg, and she later ended up suffering an embolism.

Also, Novak sent her to his meeting with Devi with the plan of them becoming buddies. June couldn’t pull that off.

Theo continued his season of being humbled. Neeta needed him back as an attending. But that would only happen if he agreed to apologize to Roberta for abusing her.

He did a nice thing, sitting down with the widow of the chopper pilot killed in their crash last season and trying to take the blame for the accident.

Can Devi win over the staff?

How long will it take for Mags to become comfortable again?

What was Amira thinking?

Comment below.

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