All Rise Season 3 Episode 19 Review: Come Hell or High Water


It’s party time! Mark and Amy finally celebrated their bachelor and bachelorette parties, but getting there was an adventure.

On All Rise Season 3 Episode 19, Amy’s estranged family arrived unexpectedly, overwhelming her, and the Russians threatened to wreck Mark’s wedding day if he didn’t cooperate.

“Come Hell or High Water” demonstrated why this couple considered their friends their family and why this wedding was important to them.

While Vic Callen grates on my nerves, I don’t doubt that he loves Mark. Amy’s family was a piece of work, and I understand why she kept her distance from them.

While it worked out in the end, she should have been allowed to reconcile with her family on her terms, not because Rachel unknowingly invited them to surprise her.

I’m unsure why Rachel demanded to become Amy’s maid of honor, but she was way too involved, which she realized when Amy’s mom and sister started World War 3 as soon as they arrived.

I felt for Amy since it seemed like her family didn’t approve of any of her decisions, so it made sense why she left home. Her mom couldn’t understand that she needed to become her own person.

They embarrassed her at her party, accusing her of abandoning Collier and stating she’d leave Mark, too.

That was so hurtful, considering the guilt Amy still suffers over Collier’s death and how long it took her to move on.

Amy’s mom: You abandoned us!
Amy: I moved away.
Amy’s mom: You married Collier, who was the best thing to ever happen to you, and then you left him, too. Let’s see how long it takes you to run away from Mark.

It was refreshing seeing Amy talk with Sherri about leaving home. Sherri often feels like she’s on the outside of the group, so it’s been fun to see her make more friend connections.

Both women have had their share of issues and could relate to moving on.

You erased your accent. I changed my last name. It’s funny, and here we are facing the thing our whole lifetimes trying to run away from.


That encouraging talk motivated Amy to talk honestly with her mother.

Mark’s dad got him into this mess with the Russians, and they weren’t going away. He needed to play ball, or they’d interfere with his wedding and the people he loved most.

Mark: Throwing out that DUI was a one-time thing, and Vic’s record is clear. So unless there is something else…
Wanda Taylor: I was really hoping we could resolve this before your upcoming nuptials. See you soon, Mark.

All Mark has ever wanted was a typical family. He loves his father and wants to protect Vic, but Vic always has drama, and he doesn’t wish to follow him into his marriage.

Mark understands boundaries, which was why he played the Russians’ game. Keeping secrets from Lola proved difficult, though, since it made him cranky, and he’s an awful liar.

I suspect Lola might be in trouble since the Russians demanded that Mark clean up Mr. Costa’s case and that Lola preside over that one.

They were thorough and kidnapped Mark from his party. It was so funny seeing Mark parading around half-naked in his boxers.

We never saw that team-up coming, but we’re so relieved Mark told Robin, and Robin installed a tracker in that underwear. Hopefully, with them working together, they’ll find some dirt on the Russians.

The parties were the best of the episode. These friends would do anything for each other.

It was so endearing hearing more stories about Lola and Mark’s time in college.

Halfway through My Best Friend’s Wedding, Mark is sobbing, and I’m talking uncontrollably. That is when I knew you were going to make a great husband to someone someday. To Mark!


While separate parties were entertaining at first, I’m relieved they combined both later. Did anyone know that Teddy was such a card shark?

With Emily left in charge at the PD, Luke tried incorporating some of her holistic law with his case. The problem was some people had been beaten by the system and didn’t know how to interact with society after being released from prison.

It was hard to understand why Fred would have a gun on him only six months after being paroled. He’d been in prison for 25 years unfairly for petty theft, and even Tony Carver hated prosecuting this case again.

There was something about this guy. He learned music in prison. You wanted him to succeed.

That was why, with DA Bravo’s new bail policy, Lola released him from jail, believing he wasn’t a threat and giving him another chance.

That started a domino effect when Fred held up a convenience store for one dollar. That frustrated Luke since he fought for Fred to get a better life.

Luke: I’m busting my ass to get you out, and you pull off some shit like this.
Fred: Whatever. I didn’t ask you to get me released. I didn’t ask you to represent me.
Luke: The court assigned me because everyone deserves the right to counsel.
Fred: I told you. I’m a fuck-up, always have been. Just let it go, man.

No one truly understood the fear Fred Lawrence was facing until he returned back to Lola’s courtroom. He wanted to go back to prison because he felt safe there. It was familiar.

It’s similar to abuse victims. The unknown is scary, so sometimes you return to what you know. Lola realized that just before agreeing to the plea deal.

She realized that Emily’s holistic and transitional programs of getting Fred integrated into society with housing, medical care, and a job was more beneficial than more jail time.

Mr. Lawrence, we will all help you to become a productive member of our community.


Fred’s case was very impactful, and I wish we could have seen more of Luke and Emily doing holistic law together.

I wonder if they’ll open a firm together.

“Come Hell or High Water”  was very character-driven and ended on a slight cliffhanger.

Now that Robin and Mark told Lola and Amy what really went down, how much danger is everyone in?

We only have one episode left, All Rise’s series finale. To relive Amy and Mark’s relationship, watch All Rise online.

While I expect some drama with the Russians, I’d also like a decent amount of time devoted to Amy and Mark’s wedding day. We’ve waited for this wedding since the beginning of All Rise Season 3.

Over to you, All Risers. What was your favorite part of the episode? What are your hopes for All Rise’s series finale?

Comment below.

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