Found Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Missing While Addicted


The people behind Mosley and Associates are effective at finding missing people because they care more than the regular person or cop.

Gabi Mosley is the best person you would want to search for you if you went missing because she cares more than most. Every case is personal because it reminds her of something that happened to her and its effect on her life.

But is there a point when it becomes too personal? Found Season 1 Episode 6 explored the depths Gabi would go to find a missing person when they took on a case that rang too close to home.

The case brought up a lot of feelings decades in the making for Gabi.

The cold open (emphasis on cold) saw Gabi experience her first winter in captivity, and even with how cold winters are, she never has she wished was in the middle of one at that moment.

Something people take for granted, like witnessing the seasonal change, was a huge thing for her for more reasons than one.

Through Gabi’s pleas to see her father, we learned more about why Sir held her captive. He was trying to recreate a father-daughter relationship with her, and even in the future, in Gabi’s basement, he wasn’t done.

That furthered the hypothesis that Gabi and Sir’s relationship was much more complex than we know because of lingering questions about what Gabi did.

Any rational person would expect that whenever and however she found Sir, she would have sicced the cops on him instead of keeping him.

Was she too emotionally entangled with him to let go of him?

Gabi holds on to things a lot. It makes her effective in her job but can also be a liability.

Margaret: She’s (Gabi) still with Tony?
Dhan: She’s not gonna stop feeling responsible until he comes out of his coma or we catch the bastard behind the trafficking ring.

Found Season 1 Episode 4 was a different episode for Gabi because she was confronted by something that had never happened before. A child was injured because of Gabi’s efforts to free another, and Tony’s dad went to town on her.

Edwards: You said you would protect him
Gabi: Mr Edwards, I tried…
Edwards: You sacrificed my boy for another. Now, you’re here to clear your conscience. You’re no better than any of those people you attack on the news. You cherry-pick who was worthy of being saved. You’re no hero. And now, Tony’s in a coma. Stay the hell away from my son.

His parting shot questioned the morality of Gabi’s actions, where she picks who deserves their search efforts.

The team has worked on cases about people who look a certain way throughout the season.

We saw them work on a case about a white victim for the first time. But the money question remained. How much were they getting paid, and what happened if someone with a missing loved one couldn’t afford to pay?

David’s case was typical of what the team takes on. It was about a marginalized person in society who people don’t care about much while putting the blame squarely on the individual.

It can be hard to deal with people with an addiction. They are very much known for being good liars, and families who have had a person with an addiction in their midst can attest that it isn’t easy.

But understanding that the person with an addiction is suffering too goes a long way in helping them. It is a sickness that some people develop at certain points in their lives, and some may be predisposed to it.

I’ll iterate that it can be challenging to deal with a person with a substance use disorder, but a lot of things in life are tough, and we ought to try.

If we did the bare minimum and empathized with them, it would go a long way in helping them not feel so marginalized, which makes them vulnerable.

Rachel: Gabi, are you any closer to finding my son?
Gabi: We have some leads.
Rachel: That means you know about…
Gabi: David is not defined by his addiction. He’s a good kid.

Everyone used David, from his cousin to those supposed to look after him in the sober living house.

You could see the glee on Jesse’s face when he met “Mike” and Lacey and realized Mike was going to be a great payday.

As I was telling your friend, if card’s an issue, we take insurance.


All of the bad guys on Found have red flags that should be easy to spot. Jesse couldn’t wait to bring up the money conversation upon their first meeting, even without confirmation that Mike was interested in the sober living house.

There are people in all systems who will look to manipulate them for their gain, ignoring how their actions have consequences not only for the person directly affected but for the entire system.

The case saw friction between Gabi Mosley and the team, as they warned her about treading carefully, but she was hellbent on finding David and reuniting him with his mother before she passed away.

Gabi was overcompensating, in my opinion. She was reliving her relationship with her dad through David and Rachel, and reuniting them before Rachel’s death would give her the satisfaction that she did that for someone else when she failed to do it for herself.

At that moment, she was a liability to the team, and it didn’t do her favors with them, especially Lacey, who had noticed that something was off with Gabi.

There’s been distance between us since your father passed. I kept telling myself that it was grief, but I’m not so sure. I think you’re hiding something from me. I don’t know what, but I know that you lied to me, to all of us a couple of times.


As he had done twenty years ago, Sir’s reentry into Gabi’s life upset her entire world, and the consequences might be too dire to weather this time.

Welcome home!

Team M&A

Intrusive Thoughts

  • Am I the only one who cheered when Trent pinned Dhan? I know Dhan Rhana is ex-military, but he needs to check himself before an officer of the law.
  • I love how this team is so self-sufficient, especially in dealing with the emotional part of their jobs. They can trust the other person to offer great advice in times of uncertainty.
  • Did I detect traces of fear in Sir’s voice? Maybe the monster does have a heart, after all.
  • Gabi and Mark seem to have everything needed to make a good relationship, but Gabi keeps holding back. Does that have anything to do with the package in the basement?

Over to you, Found Fanatics.

Are you vehemently hoping that Tony wakes up for Gabi’s sake?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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