All Rise Season 3 Episode 16 Review: Passionfruit


Things are changing for All Rise. While seeing all these developments is exciting, it almost felt a little too late, considering the final season is more than halfway over.

During All Rise Season 3 Episode 16, Ness tried her first big case, and DA Bravo announced the next Head Deputy DA.

Ness passed the bar exam ages ago, so seeing her go head-to-head against the district attorneys would have been entertaining to see earlier in the season, too. Let’s discuss how she managed her first big case.

Social media influencers make challenging clients. Mark and Sara learned that in All Rise Season 3 Episode 2, and it took many arguments to teach Gigi to become authentic and not care about upsetting her fans.

Now, it was Ness’s turn to defend a social media influencer, and she was not happy since her client had been accused of second-degree murder and poisoning customers. 

Ness: I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, but now that it’s here, it feels slightly off.
Luke: I get it. I had a hard time reconciling and defending people who had done bad things. But somewhere along the way, I realized everyone has good in them. Sometimes, you have to search harder to find it.
Ness: Look at you, sounding like Oprah.

Camilla Kahlo had everyone fooled for a while. She seemed like a bubbly yoga instructor who cared about her clients, but the truth came out.

Her products were contaminated, and she never stopped selling them, even after she received a court order.

In addition, Cailla’s boyfriend followed her everywhere with his video camera and the trial was televised, making Ness even more nervous about succeeding at her first trial.

Ness: I’m a decent poker player.
Sherri: You’re going to be an even better lawyer. You got this.

Ness tried to remain confident, but she had a client who didn’t care about the consequences and witnesses who backed that up. It was a losing battle versus the dream team of Maggie Palmer and Teddy.

Since Camilla used to be an actress, she thought she could rectify all the ugly things the witness said about her.

Camila: I’m paying you $500 an hour. This isn’t a request.
Amy: You’re paying us a lot of money because we know what we’re doing.
Camilla: Like I said, I’m not asking.

Camilla thought she could spin a tale where she doesn’t deal with the products herself. She kept saying she no longer lived for success but to help others. Little did she know that Teddy was researching her past roles.

Teddy Biswas was so creative in court because he threw back every quote she said from her past movies and proved what a fake Camilla was. Teddy has proved his worth as a second chair, and hopefully, we’ll see him in court again shortly.

This trial was just another acting role to her, and even the jury recognized that.

While I would have loved to see Ness win her first case, this wasn’t the case.

Maggie and Teddy had too much evidence stacked against Camilla, and allowing every meeting to be recorded worked against Camilla, making her sound like a fraud.

Ness was kinder than I would have been when her client fell apart, only encouraging her client to be more authentic.

The ruling seemed fair. Camilla didn’t commit murder, but the poisoning charge should stick.

Andre appears as a stalker. He constantly texted her and showed up at her chambers during an interview.

Sherri: Do you want to let him down easy?
Lola: It doesn’t need to be easy. I just need him out of my life.
Sherri: Brutal. I like it.

I’m still suspicious that he leaked those fake photos in All Rise Season 3 Episode 15 to cause more problems for her and Robin.

It sounds like something he’d do since Andre didn’t accept that Lola wanted closure by meeting in person and instead thought she was flirting with him.

Lola insisted she was happily married and in love with Robin, but will Andre finally get the message? He’s still involved at Audubon, Quinn, and Associates, and now he recruited Luke to join them. He’d still see her if he was involved with Lola’s friends.

It made no sense that Andre recruited Luke. Like Emily, Luke has always been happier embracing restorative justice and giving others a chance, making him the ideal candidate for the PD.

Additionally, Mark didn’t trust Andre, partly because of his indiscretion with Lola. Unfortunately, Mark opened his big mouth and mentioned Andre’s offer to Emily, who had no idea the two men talked, and it only made her feel more insecure.

Emily felt the awkwardness in her and Luke’s relationship since she announced she didn’t want kids. She let her anxiety get the better of her, feared the relationship was over, and stormed in to confront an unsuspecting Luke.

Luke: Having kids does matter to me, but you matter to me more.
Emily: Really?
Luke: Yes. The thing that matters to me the most is that we’re together.

While I’m thrilled they reconciled so quickly, they need to communicate better. They’re such a fun couple and deserve their happy ending, too.

It’s lovely to see DA Bravo around more in the second half of All Rise Season 3. I had missed Ian Anthony Dale on television since The Resident ended.

I always wondered when DA Bravo put Mark in charge of naming DA Choi’s replacement if he wanted Mark as the next Head Deputy DA. It’s a shame that he, Mark, and Maggie didn’t talk honestly about it beforehand.

Mark: Where is this decision coming from:
DA Bravo: I gave you the opportunity to fill this role or find a qualified candidate who could. You didn’t, so I chose for you.

The decision hurt Maggie; she was sure she would be next in line. She’s a fierce attorney and deserved her chance, though I’m unsure if DA Bravo selected Mark because of gender bias.

Mark will be a wonderful DDA. Unfortunately, he’s not more excited, and his dad’s visit came at such a terrible time.

Vic’s been sending Mark urgent texts since All Rise Season 3 Episode 14, so Mark and Amy were suspicious when he unexpectedly showed up on their doorstep.

Amy has tried to broker peace between the Callan men since All Rise Season 1, and she met with Vic privately, offering to help, but begged him not to mess up Mark’s new promotion.

Most importantly, she cared about Mark’s peace of mind but also wanted to forge family relations with her future father-in-law.

To relive all the Callan family drama, you can watch All Rise online.

What a cliffhanger. That was exactly what Amy didn’t want — Vic messing up Mark’s promotion.

What will Mark do? Despite their estrangement, he cares for his father and doesn’t want him harmed.

However, involving the Russian mob could hinder his new job and other loved ones.

This is a new dramatic factor for All Rise, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Over to you, All Risers. What were your favorite parts of “Passionfruit”?

Were you surprised that Mark is the new Head Deputy DA? How do you think Ness did with her first case?

Comment below.

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