Invasion Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Breakthrough


Finally, after nearly two seasons apart, the resistance forces are starting to come together.

Still, the title of Invasion Season 2 Episode 9 was a bit of an exaggeration.

The Earth forces know more about the aliens now. But how do they translate that hard-earned knowledge into victory?

It made sense that humanity’s biggest two weapons finally united to make a crucial discovery.

Determined to make amends for the death of her lover, Hinata, Mitsuki has risked her life repeatedly to learn more about the aliens who took Hinata from her.

Even though Nikhil was happy to take the WDC kudos, Mitsuki deserves credit for the handful of human wins in this war against the invaders.

That being said, her blowing up the alien entity/portal with which she had been melding probably wasn’t the best of choices, even though she did stop the seismic events caused by the aliens on Invasion Season 2 Episode 8.

This left Mitsuki feeling the need to do additional penance, refusing to rest as she tried to figure out the connection among the aliens.

WDC officials refused to allow her to see data on other alien portals, but that was mostly to force her to rest.

Mitsuki has never been one to do what’s best for herself. So, instead of resting, she followed the voice of Hinata out into the Amazon.

You just knew all that shiny, sparkly foliage would lead Mitsuki somewhere important.

Also, even though she had no idea who Caspar was, Mitsuki knew “the boy” was vital and that she had to locate him.

Caspar had his issues with which to deal. First and foremost, there was disagreement among his little team.

Monty was being rude toward Caspar for the best reasons: He wanted to protect Jamila from herself since she couldn’t seem to think straight about Caspar.

An example would be her volunteering to be Caspar’s anchor in the real world the next time he went coma diving. Not that she’s shown any particular ability in the psychic world.

Caspar eventually lashed out at Monty because he had enough on his plate without Monty’s snark.

While much of what he said was true, they agreed to a truce since what was most important was keeping Jamila safe.

Caspar did the hard thing, getting Jamila to back off. Even though Jamila couldn’t admit it to herself, Caspar wasn’t the same boy she had crossed the Channel to rescue. He was someone else who even scared her a little.

Caspar’s fellow gifted children still have some role to play in this battle. Who was it with whom they had connected? There’s no sign it had been Mitsuki, so who else exhibited psychic abilities? Luke maybe?

However unlikely, Mitsuki found the golden cable, which she followed to the creepy alien mothership.

That’s where she finally met Caspar since that was where he hung out whenever he was comatose.

So they met and determined where they were. Then their consciousnesses popped back into their bodies.

Now, what can they do with this intel? So far, they are the only ones who can reach the mothership, and two isn’t much of an invasion force.

The other characters were involved in a more traditional battle, with a small guerrilla force trying to distract a more significant, better-armed troop.

The Movement had a solid plan. They had some of their number at the front gate while the rest made noise around the perimeter, causing chaos in the ranks.

Most of them raced through the cornfield, setting off grenades and firing guns in the air, making their numbers seem much more significant than they were and pulling more and more soldiers off the base.

That left Aneesha and Clark to capture a keycard and make their way into the bowels of the base, looking for Sarah.

And, surprise, surprise! Who did they run across but Trevante and Rose, locked up in holding cells? Who knows why it took Aneesha so long to figure out they were on her side?

It certainly didn’t hurt them to have a sniper in their ranks, one authentic soldier against a base full of them.

Aneesa learned from Trevante, shooting out the lights, scooping Sarah, and running up the stairs … right into a dozen soldiers returning from the cornfield. So close!

Around this time, Trevante and Rose burst into the room housing the local residents being experimented on, including Rose’s estranged husband Billy, who looks worse for wear.

What’s next? Those people don’t appear to be in any shape for a mass escape.

And what happened to Clark, who was last seen with those two?

Also missing in action was Luke,, who was supposed to be hanging back with Ryder.

Wouldn’t the only person connected to the aliens be helpful in such an attack? 

It was sweet that Clark and Aneesha each agreed to care for the other’s children should anything happen.

Also, when will the military realize that these “civilians” might have good ideas for the war against the aliens? There’s no sense fighting each other instead.

How is knowing how to get to the mothership helpful?

Did Caspar do the right thing by stepping aside?

Why can’t Aneesha catch a break?

Comment below.

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