Transplant Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Fracture


Things are changing at York Memorial Hospital.

Whether or not those changes were good or bad was left in the air after Transplant Season 3 Episode 1.

And what will this mean for our hero, Bash? He certainly endured a good news-bad news kind of day.

It was a similar situation for many of the staff who aren’t sure what the future holds for them.

Poor Bash couldn’t even sit in the heart of bureaucracy, in this case, the Immigration department, without being called upon to treat someone in need.

A woman nearby was having trouble breathing, and Amira urged Bash to check on her. Rose was just overly anxious, waiting to take her citizenship test. That wasn’t adrenaline junkie Bash’s cup of tea, as was made clear throughout the episode.

That’s not Bash’s fault. He was trained in war-torn Syria, more concerned with keeping people alive than their mental state. If they’re alive, they should be content.

Jed Bishop will be missed. Sure, his condition made it time for him to depart. But he was old school, and he put medicine and results first. Plus, he was Bash’s mentor and the main reason Bash was practicing medicine in Canada.

Neeta Devi is coming from a pretty different place. She comes from the policy side and believes in patient-driven care. She’s concerned with their feelings first and foremost.

Most of the staff is closer to Bishop’s way of thinking. Many patients don’t know what they need and how soon they need it.

This episode highlighted the dichotomy between the two approaches. But since Devi is in charge, staffers must come around or change departments.

Devi found herself amid one of the leading cases when she was on the scene of an accident that injured an electrical worker in a bucket lift. She correctly suggested waiting for the paramedics because of the live wire.

Devi handed off the victim Alex to Bash, and he and Novak agreed to yank out the damaged pancreas.

The Trauma OR has never been mistaken for a democracy, and emergency surgery isn’t where to start debating a procedure. Bash and Novak didn’t have time to hunt for a DID episode from a decade ago when Alex was dying.

Alex kept having trouble with a collapsed lung, and that was when Callum came out to run things.

Devi chose to make Callum feel better about his stay at the hospital rather than pushing the lifesaving surgery that Bash was proposing. Her philosophy seemed to be to let him get worse before they’re forced to make him better.

Then again, Bash and Novak almost killed Mags’ patient Faye with hasty surgery. So maybe looking around a little more while in surgery isn’t a bad thing.

Bash finally humbly convinced Callum to have the surgery done, making it feel like it was their choice.

Then Devi informed Bash that he wouldn’t be getting his shot as a trauma surgeon because he still had to learn how to reach consensus with patients, I guess.

On the positive side, Immigration emailed him that he could take the Canadian citizen test. Also, he and Mags brought their relationship out of the closet, which is more straightforward now that they’re in different departments.

Mags still misses the action of the ED as she slowly transitions to cardiology. Participating in a trial is perfect for her as she’s such a medical nerd. Who else would be testing ICDs on fruit?

She’s the opposite of most doctors there as she gets too involved with patients. The odyssey of badgering her boss to keep Faye in the trial proves that.

Having a relationship with Bash should prove beneficial for Mags. If nothing else, it should get her to leave the hospital rather than spending too much time doing research.

June is another one who needs to better understand a work-home balance. She also needs to be kicked out of the hospital with regularity.

June is used to being on her own. Taking in Shay, her father’s stepdaughter, is already proving to be trouble, and June isn’t constituted to be anyone’s substitute mother.

Shay isn’t the fully formed adult that June expects her to be.

She’s messy and is lurching into adulthood without any real idea of what she wants to do with her life. In other words, it is the exact opposite of June.

That doesn’t mean that June knows precisely what she wants at work. She’s got quite a few options at York and superiors who know what’s best for her.

Theo Hunter is back, kind of, sort of anyway.

He’s been through a lot following that chopper crash and his long walk out of the woods.

The hospital shrink approved his return to work as long as he monitored his feelings.

But he did snap at that influencer who almost killed himself swallowing green slime. Yes, Devi let his outburst slide, but that’s not likely to be the last one Theo has.

Then there’s soaking in that ice bath. What’s up with that?

What did you think of Dr. Devi, and is she the right person for that job?

Will Bash become discontented at York and consider leaving?

Where will June end up?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on X.

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