Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 3 Review: War & Ice Cream


Another week, another victory for Tommy and company, and a loss for Jenard.

Will the tides ever change?

Right now, absolutely not. Jenard is so far behind he doesn’t even realize he’s in the race. And during the closing moments of Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 3, he was getting high over strategizing, which will always be a recipe for disaster.

What’s cool about this season is that there are a lot of different wars going on, which makes each hour exciting. And each storyline has its own intrigue factor, meaning that there is literally never a dull moment or wasted minute of screen time.

Even during an hour like this that was light on the action and set up to be an hour that puts future things in motion more than answering any lingering questions, everything flowed and worked to create an engaging installment.

The slower-paced hours are always needed during Power seasons to help move pieces. Everything can’t be twist-filled and dramatic at all times.

For Tommy, he was being pulled in a million different directions as he confronted childhood neglect, made business moves, threatened many people, and set up a date.

So, it was a typical day for Tommy, but a busy one, nonetheless.

Tommy and Diamond’s partnership continued to work while also faltering at the same time. It’s starting to feel like it’s hanging on by a thread, a thread made of money.

Everything Tommy has done so far during Power Book IV: Force Season 2 has been with the endgame of being Chicago’s connect, which means encroaching on territories and getting rivals to take each other out.

Diamond’s been on board for the most part, but he’s also trying to keep himself alive and out of prison, while Tommy, as usual, was much more cavalier in his approach.

Moving into the prison was a smart and proactive play because it bit into the Serbs, and they gained another avenue to make money fast. But it wasn’t smooth sailing, of course.

It’s funny because Tommy appears to be making most of the moves, but he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without Diamond, which is why I think he’s keeping himself in check more than he may typically.

He can’t take over Chicago alone, and he knows that. He’s still an outsider, as evidenced by the fact that Lil K went off-script to come after him in the first place. That wouldn’t happen to Diamond, and it didn’t happen to Diamond because even if you’re on opposite sides, that’s not a move you ever dare to make.

Lil K was essentially hiding in plain sight because everybody knew where to find him. And he felt comfortable enough helping his grandmother to the cash-checking place even while knowing there was a bounty on his head.

Give me some of that man’s courage because he was not afraid of anybody.

Tommy wanted him dead, naturally, but I love that he went to Jenard first to do it. It was both a warning and a way for Tommy to get a clearer picture of what was happening in Treason. And he found out quickly that Treason was in shambles.

We already knew Jenard had no control over Treason, but now Tommy and CBI know that, too.

Jenard split away from CBI and Diamond because his ego was bruised, and he didn’t like taking a backseat to his brother. But he didn’t have a solid plan, and now he’s trying to claw out of a hole that keeps getting bigger.

Shanti was right about him killing Lil K not helping his case, but what else was he supposed to do?

Keeping him alive was correct in the moment outside his grandma’s house, but in the long run, it wouldn’t have been wise for him. He had to decide whether or not he tried to salvage what little respect his people had for him or stay off Tommy’s radar.

I know what I would have chosen.

Jenard is like the definition of fake it until you make it because he talks and talks, but nobody is listening anymore. He garnered a lot of respect during Power Book IV: Force Season 1 and, obviously, during the time Diamond was away.

But the losses are weighing heavy now, and the streets talk. CBI was making big moves, and Jenard was getting run off the road and his ride stolen in frankly humiliating fashion.

Was Jenard always dipping in his product? I remember him hitting the dahlia, along with half of Chicago, but I don’t remember seeing him regularly use. And even Lil K seemed surprised, as that old ‘don’t get high off your own supply’ motto clearly made its way around Treason.

Lil K honestly thought he was untouchable because he came at Jenard with major attitude, already knowing the man was itching for a reason to do something violent.

Killing Lil K will set him straight with Tommy but will most likely drive an even bigger wedge between him and Shanti and everyone else. And a full-blown drug addiction on top of that could be a death sentence for him.

I’ve wondered if there was anything that could bring Jenard and Diamond back together in any capacity, and if he hits rock bottom, losing Treason and everything he’s worked for, is there a world in which Diamond buries the hatchet and brings him back into CBI?

Tommy, Diamond, and Jenard working together would be insane if you think about it. Diamond can keep his ego in check, but Tommy trying to boss Jenard around, and Jenard obeying while keeping his mouth shut? Put that at the top of the list of things I’d LOVE to see, but I doubt it would ever happen.

Jenard may be losing now, and Tommy seeing nothing but wins and more power, but I wonder how much he underestimates Miguel.

They’re building Miguel up to be a savage, and cryogenically freezing someone’s hand so you can smash it off didn’t dull that narrative, but he’s also been shown to have a ceiling. He answers to others, and his current power only reaches so far.

Tommy: Due respect, Miguel, what the fuck does this got to do with us?
Miguel: I just wanted you to see what happens to those who betray me.

Miguel and Diamond may have gotten over on Miguel with the heist during Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 2, but they have to know they may not be that lucky again. And while it netted them a short-term advantage, it put Miguel on high alert.

Coming to him with that request for more product was a head-scratcher, if for no other reason than it was like the guys couldn’t read the room. Miguel felt betrayed, and his frame of mind was not right, so maybe their request wasn’t crazy, but Miguel wasn’t in a trusting and accepting mood.

It’ll be a continued tall task for Tommy and Diamond to slip in the backdoor to take Miguel’s business while acting like dutiful soldiers.

The Flynn’s were falling apart at the seams, but that’s not breaking news. Claudia needs to find her identity outside of being a daddy’s girl because Walter may not be willing to give her up to Tommy, but not being responsible for her death seems to be just about the only thing he’s willing to do for her.

There’s been a lot of ragging on Vic from both his dad and sister, yet he’s the only one who talked to Tommy and didn’t immediately tip him off to Claudia being Liliana’s killer.

Claudia had zero poker face once Tommy showed a flash of emotion, and Walter’s inability to maintain his temper will always be a tell.

The Flynn’s have more significant issues than Tommy, but it’s also not something that’s going away. At this point, the only way for Claudia to save herself would be to get into business with someone better connected than Tommy.

She has to become untouchable, or at the very least, embedded into a situation Tommy can’t really afford to mess with.

But then again, it’s Tommy. There isn’t anyone out there Tommy wouldn’t step to if he had to.

Step one of Vic’s ‘take down my daddy’ plan involved was successful, but Vic is not Tommy. I’m giving it one or two more issues before Walter catches on to what Vic’s doing.

He’s not that slick.

After a week off, we checked back in with the family, and it was nice to see some honest conversations among them, even if nothing was resolved.

Kate has been this periphery hurricane for the entire time we’ve known her, popping in to ask for drugs or money and forever giving unsolicited advice. To say she and Tommy’s relationship was strained would do a massive disservice to that word, but Tommy never fully turned his back on her.

He’s always let her back in, even when she didn’t deserve it, because so much of who Tommy is and what he’s become has been wrapped up in family and trying to find that for himself. And suddenly, having Kate, JP, and D-Mac together has undoubtedly had to feel too good to be true at times.

But it’s very real, and it’s working. And I think that’s why Kate has finally decided to get clean. Or at least I hope that’s what’s happening.

Kate has proven herself to be a very selfish person over the years who will protect herself by any means necessary. And Tommy and JP should be skeptical of her sudden desire to change after so many years.

JP especially has reason to keep her at arm’s length still, as he may not have suffered endless disappointment like Tommy, except he did in the way she abandoned him.

Kate can’t change the past and shouldn’t be looking to do so. Much like JP’s conversation with D-Mac, if she wants to make amends, she needs to own her actions, not justify them. Work toward a better future.

JP is right in front of her and willing to work on the relationship. He deserves the hard truths and her commitment to improving things.

I loved this whole side plot with Kate, and I hope they continue to intersperse the family stuff with all the drug-dealing carnage. It provides a satisfying balance, and it’s always been something that all the Power series’ have excelled at.

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Just call Big Smurf Casper because he was following Jenard around all day like a damn ghost over his shoulder, haunting his every move.
  • Even after almost dying, D-Mac wants back in the game, and unfortunately, JP won’t be the one who gets through to him. That job will have to go to Uncle Tommy.
  • Can we get more backstory on Stacy and Bobby? It feels like there is good material to mine there, but we only get these brief little flashes. And cops on Power do NOT last, so please flesh out their dynamic before we potentially lose Bobby.
  • With Joseph Sikora at the head of the call sheet, you know your series is in good hands, but they’re getting some great performances this season. Kris Lofton is doing some good work, and everything Patricia Kalember did this week was mesmerizing.
  • We so rarely get to see Tommy genuinely happy, and he was when he saw that ice cream. His eyes lit up, and for a second, you could see how touched he was.
  • Diamond becoming a little mentor for Leon was nice and should help him with Reeves, who walks around with a constant scowl of distrust.
  • Mireya leaving Tommy on read was so funny. He’s not used to not getting what he wants, and he wants Mireya badly.

Alright, I’ve talked enough! I want to hear your thoughts about the hour and where things could go next.

Make sure to leave your comments down below, and remember you can watch Power Book IV: Force online anytime via TV Fanatic!

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