Invasion Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Tunnel


Well, using the Channel Tunnel to go after Casper in Paris seemed like a good idea at the time.

But everything about the alien invaders has been a horror show. So why would Invasion Season 2 Episode 4 be any different?

Fortunately, Monty’s iffy driving skills didn’t kill him, his sister, and his classmates first, even though he inflicted severe punishment on that Jaguar’s transmission.

Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Let’s hope that’s the case for Jamila and company anyway.

It was humorous that they missed a huge global event because Monty was cranking rap the whole way to the Chunnel.

But Jamila wouldn’t let a little thing, such as the latest international reaction to an alien invasion, stop her mission to find and rescue Casper.

Instead, she directed Monty to drive until she could locate an alternate route into the tunnel. And damned if they didn’t find one, breaking into a maintenance building.

It didn’t take them long to discover why the French decided to shut down traffic in the tunnel. The aliens made a real mess of things, didn’t they?

Should they have doubled back after the tunnel shuddered and the lights flickered?

That was a tough call, but Jamila made the right decision. The soldiers would never have let them back into the Chunnel. And it wasn’t like they would share much intel with a group of kids.

So they soldiered on, improvising solutions to the problems they encountered along the way. Even more important, they came together as a team.

Much of the credit for that happening belongs to Monty, as we’ve seen a different side of him since Invasion Season 2 Episode 2.

Throughout Invasion Season 1, Monty appeared to be a bully to Darwin, Alfie, and especially Casper.

Casper had a rough home life, living with his mother, whom his abusive father had put into a wheelchair.

But obviously, something had also gone wrong in Monty’s home, which made him super-protective of his precocious sister Penny.

He had developed methods to help Penny work her way through her panic attacks, which came in handy as they dealt with the horrors in the tunnel.

Penny did surprisingly well, all things considered, bringing along her school report about the tunnel and wandering off to locate an effective shortcut (and a bunch of dead aliens).

It was heartwarming when Monty built a fort for the tired, cold Penny in the backseat of an abandoned car.

Also, he was there for Jamila when she needed someone to buck her up during her frustrations about the many obstacles they had encountered.

His believing in her enabled her to regroup and come up with that wild idea to use the climbing gear to thread their way through the wreckage, with Monty’s unerring sense of direction bringing the concept to fruition.

Give Darwin credit for bringing Alfie and Monty together by speaking frankly about their flaws. To make their truce work, however, Monty had to be willing to fess up about the reason behind “Kiss From a Rose” on his phone, however embarrassing he found it to be.

Alfie and Monty must be on the same page for this mission to work, especially now that the injured Darwin isn’t around to referee.

One thing that was only hinted at was that the shooting down of the alien transport ships seemed to affect the aliens already on Earth.

At first, they appeared to be dropping dead, a promising development. 

But as Jamila’s quintet found out. Instead, they seemingly evolved into these huge wolf-like creatures, as foreshadowed by the psychic child in Casper’s ward. That’s not progress.

Let’s move on to the more intriguing question: What’s happening with Casper Morrow?

Casper isn’t dead. But apparently, he’s been in a coma since being transferred to that Paris hospital.

That was the message from that sympathetic doctor who appeared to be running that secret ward at the hospital. If  Casper’s having seven seizures an hour, it’s little wonder that he hasn’t wanted to wake up. He can’t recover enough to marshal his strength to do so.

So Casper isn’t the only child connected to the aliens. There’s a whole ward of them. And harnessing their powers will be essential if humanity is to ever defeat the aliens.

But if Casper is comatose, how could he communicate with Jamila and have their hands touch solidly?

He explained that he was piggybacking on the aliens’ transmission. But how was he able to do that? Can some of those special kids do the same? Eavesdropping on the aliens’ communications sure would be helpful.

Jamila gave Casper the right advice: learn all he can about the aliens so that the earthlings can discover ways to defeat them. Of course, he could tell more people if he could wake up.

It’s too bad Casper was abandoned when the aliens attacked. But as he’s proven, if anyone can survive the aliens, it’s Casper. Too bad he didn’t come out of his coma in that final scene.

Were you surprised Jamila and her team survived the tunnel?

What’s your opinion of Monty now?

When will Casper wake up?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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