When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 5 Review: Life Is But A Dream


Life is filled with second chances and new starts, and no matter how settled you might be in your world, something is always coming your way to upend it.

On When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 5, Rosemary and Lee realize that having a child of their own is entirely different than caring for someone else’s little one. Nathan realizes that parenting a teenager is much different than parenting a little girl.

Before we get started, please remember that a full recap can be found by clicking the link above. Now, let’s dig in.

Things have been going great for Nathan and Allie. It still makes me smile to hear her call him dad. Their relationship is so special.

But that doesn’t mean that they won’t face challenges as she grows up.

Nathan’s initial reaction to his changing relationship with his daughter is to hide. He can’t pretend things aren’t changing but has no idea how to address it.

Given his reticence with Allie, it was funny that Nathan planned a father-daughter camping trip with just the two of them. He was panicking even at the thought of being all alone with her in the woods.

Allie doesn’t have the same sense of things, but asking if Angela could join them opened the door for Angela and Joseph to run interference if things got uncomfortable.

Does anyone know why Allie and Nathan wanted Elizabeth to permit Angela to go with them? It was really up to Joseph and Minnie, so that seemed odd to me.

Nonetheless, it was a big ask of Joseph and Minnie. They are not used to Angela’s independence just yet, but the faith and trust they have in Angela worked in her favor.

It was even better when Joseph also found time to get away. He’s one of the busiest men in Hope Valley, and his time is precious. Spending time with his girl before she’s old enough to move out on her own is more precious.

Joseph: It sure is nice up here. It’s been a while since I’ve been out of time.
Nathan: Well, you have about 17 jobs, don’t ya?

We haven’t explored much between Nathan and Joseph up to this point. They have interacted in small groups as the men in town work together in various ways, but this burgeoning friendship opened up an entirely new side to both men.

It was shocking that Joseph had no idea Angela was such a talented singer. She has kept her passion to herself in her bedroom, but you’d think sound would travel. Then again, with everything he and Minnie do, Joseph’s probably asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

Nathan was more comfortable on that outing than he’d been in a while, and he even burst into song, surprising everyone. Whoever snags that handsome Mountie will be one lucky woman.

Joseph isn’t alone in how he cares for others, and Cooper worked closely with Henry Gowen after Elizabeth asked him to help the children with planters. It seems like a little thing, but people keep putting stuff before him, and Henry keeps rising to the challenge.

Have you ever seen him happier? There was a sliver of time when his son was in town when he seemed equally as happy, but even then, he was caught up in some business scheme or another, and those moments never allowed him to really relax.

While helping the kids, Henry was in his element. He has finally allowed himself some grace, and the smiles lighting up his face suggest he’s got a good handle on his past misdeeds.

Speaking of past misdeeds, Lucas has had a penchant for acting like a bull in a china shot when it comes to relationships. He likes to take things into his own hands without considering how anyone else might feel.

He got caught in similar scenarios when he first began dating Elizabeth, and once again, he was full speed ahead with the idea he could surprise her with a house on the outskirts of town.

To their credit, Bill and Mike tried to maneuver him out of the hole he was digging for himself, but when Lucas gets excited, people often have to wait for him to recognize what he’s done, and he gets that sheepish look on his face and atones for his thoughtless behavior.

Unfortunately, that behavior is giving Elizabeth pause this time around.

A new and bigger house is actually a good idea. What’s not good is that he didn’t take Elizabeth’s thoughts into consideration. She loves her home and its memories, and even more, she loves being close to Rosemary and Lee.

While I understand that, she’s not being mindful of Lucas’s feelings. Those very memories she cherishes keep her firmly planted in the past with Jack. It’s not easy to start a new family in the shadow of such a significant love.

The driving factor was the thought of moving away from Rosemary and Lee, but their businesses are thriving, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine both families moving to larger homes that would better suit their growing families.

It’s logical to assume that Elizabeth and Lucas will have more children, and one miracle for Rosemary and Lee could lead to two.

I’m a little worried about Elizabeth and Lucas and their future. They don’t seem to be fully on the same page, but they need to be, and that shouldn’t mean that only one person compromises, either.

As more people move to Hope Valley, they may realize that moving is a viable option and want to do so before all the land is snatched up.

Madeline is snatching up some of Bill’s land, and I don’t feel good about it. Bill is clearly smitten, and Madeline was on the phone again with the party that seems to be holding her feet to the fire for something involving her husband.

I had a very bad feeling that what that party wanted was Bill’s land and that she’ll be tested as to whether to turn on Bill’s proposal, offering the land to someone else if not outright buying it for them in the first place.

I hope I’m wrong.

We’re not done with the Coulters yet!

They still have not named their baby. Babies are sponges, and just like they soak up a lot in the womb, you’d think they’d begin to understand their name well before they could otherwise communicate.

Yes, it’s only been a matter of weeks. I can give them a break. Is it too much to want to call baby something other than Baby Girl Elizabeth Coulter?

Rosemary’s reaction to the possibility that Elizabeth might move was more from her exhaustion and need for her friend as she navigates motherhood than a real fear she’d lose her connection to her best friend.

If you watch When Calls the Heart online, you know nothing could tear them apart.

But what about you?

Do you think it’s such a terrible idea to move across town? A castle, even in jest, is a bit much, sure. But is the idea sound or not?

Share your thoughts below. I’ll be on vacation next week, so Laura Nowak will be filling in. It will be fun to get fresh eyes on the game, right! See you soon!

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