Caught Up Trailer: BET+’s Series Explores Non-Traditional Dating in the Modern World!


Dating in the 21st century is unlike anything we’ve seen.

And that’s why any show willing to tackle the clusterf*ck that is modern dating often has a gold mine on its hands.

At the very least, there’s endless content, pure entertainment, and some laughs, too. And BET+’s latest series, Caught Up, teases a little of all the above.

If you’re fresh off that jaw-dropping season of Average Joe, you may enjoy the vibes of Caught Up.

It promises to be a short binge that will make you laugh while contemplating your own love life; there is no judgment here. Trust and believe.

The unofficial King of BET, Tyler Perry, graces us with another one of his productions.

This new dramedy is executive produced by Tyler Perry and comedienne Jasmin Brown, not to be mistaken for Yellowjackets‘ Jasmin Savoy Brown, for the record.

Jasmin Brown also starred in and created the new series inspired by her life.

Caught Up is a four-episode dramedy about a young, beautiful, and funny Caribbean woman who lives with her parents in these economically challenged times and devotes her time to working and trying to build a life for herself.

You know, that Gen Z and Millennial Life.

Nevertheless, her current situation hasn’t deterred her from wanting it all, like most people in their 20s.

After growing up with her parents’ traditional, loving, seemingly perfect marriage as the blueprint, Jazzy wants a career, husband, kids, and house, too.

In the meantime, she’s getting by with her job, confiding in her best friend, her favorite troublemaking cousin, and a trusty purple appendage on those lonely nights.

However, her world gets shaken up when she meets Wayne.

Wayne is tall, dark, handsome, successful, and, oh yeah, kind of taken.

While Wayne is Jazzy’s dream man, he’s not someone her parents would approve of, and that’s before we got to that pesky little issue of him having a girlfriend-turned-fiancee at home.

Record scratch; I bet you all are wondering how Jazzy got into this situation, right?

Well, Caught Up is about to catch us up and this messy situation, and like her prison-bound cousin Toya, who is already set up to be the show’s best scene stealer, we’re already cackling at the messiness and wanting all the tea.

In the trailer, we get an idea of how Wayne managed to sweep Jazzy off of her feet. And baby girl is smitten!

But, much like the lawyer she consulted via her Facetime, we think Jazzy is nothing if not complicated.

How does one end up in such a situation and need to decide whether or not it’s worth it?

From the promo, Wayne had Jazzy at first sight, as she mentions that “when she saw him, it felt like the whole club just stopped, and he couldn’t keep her eyes off of him.”

And in her defense, we hear Wayne declaring himself her boyfriend pretty early on, which sends her into a giggling fit.

But in a montage of all their romantic and sexy moments, the tone shifts when he gets a phone call from his fiancee.

As we said, dating in the modern world is complicated, and things have evolved.

In an age where open relationships and polyamory are more commonplace than ever, this series may dive into unpacking that as Jazzy has to figure out if she should embrace a new concept in her love life or stick to the more traditional way of her parents.

The tagline poses the question, “Is sharing a man settling if you’ve found the love of your life?”

Jazzy feels like she has found the man of her dreams, and everything about Wayne is seemingly perfect.

But is she willing to deal with his engagement to another woman for the sake of their love, or should she walk away from a real connection in favor of monogamy, fidelity, and tradition? Should she extricate herself from this unusual love triangle?

Let’s be real; like everyone else in her life, we’ll all be the judge of Jazzy, but it will undoubtedly be an entertaining journey to follow as she figures everything out.

And who doesn’t like a good mess?

The hilarious new dramedy will stream all four episodes on August 24 only on BET+.

Check out the trailer below!

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. She is an insomniac who spends late nights and early mornings binge-watching way too many shows and binge-drinking way too much tea. Her eclectic taste makes her an unpredictable viewer with an appreciation for complex characters, diverse representation, dynamic duos, compelling stories, and guilty pleasures. You’ll definitely find her obsessively live-tweeting, waxing poetic, and chatting up fellow Fanatics and readers. Follow her on Twitter.

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