Ice Cube Claims He Was Banned From ‘The View’ And ‘Oprah’


Tucker Carlson had a blunt question for Ice Cube. Why would you risk talking to me, knowing that it wouldn’t be popular with the liberal left?

“Because I think it’s silly not to talk to people,” Ice Cube said. “Whether we agree or not has nothing to do with it … Let’s talk about it. Let’s debate.”

The two controversial stars were talking in the wake of a drive-through Ice Cube’s old South Central neighborhood, wherein Ice Cube pointed out highlights to a clearly enthralled Carlson.

Ice Cube (real name: O’Shea Jackson) said that he has been prevented in the past from appearing in certain forums because of his views. He claimed that The View and Oprah wouldn’t have him on during the promotional period for his massive hit film Barbershop and while producing a show called Black. White. He said each show’s entire cast was invited on the Oprah show on two separate occasions, but he was not invited.

Ice Cube also talked about his politics. In 2020, the Biden and Trump campaigns contacted him about his “The Contract with Black America” initiative. The Biden team, he said, paid lip service and said they’d talk after the election. The Trump campaign asked, “Do you mind talking to us about it?” which the rapper did.

Carlson asked, “Do you think that crossed the line?”

“I think some people didn’t like that, but I think it’s idiotic. Enemies meet,” he said. “We’ve just got to talk. That’s the only way we’re going to work this out. I know that when the talkin’ stops, the fighting starts.”

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