Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Save My Place


Dana Sue and Ronnie’s big day finally arrived!

Dana Sue and Ronnie celebrated their vow renewal with their family and friends on Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 10, and Kathy finally made amends.

Erik finally forgave himself and returned to Sullivan’s. What did that mean for his and Helen’s future? Read on to find out.

Kathy’s games hurt more people than she knew. Erik had never met Kathy before since he didn’t attend high school with them. He assumed she was a shrewd businesswoman trying to survive.

If he knew differently, he would never have helped her. Erik cared about Dana Sue and Ronnie and never would have betrayed them.

I only found out after I quit.


What hurt Dana Sue more was that Erik didn’t trust their friendship. She knew better than anyone how Kathy could lure others into her trap, and she could get past that if he trusted that they loved him.

Erik is a proud man, and he couldn’t forgive himself that Kathy vandalized the restaurant because he quit. Kathy knew how important Erik was to Dana Sue, almost as much as the restaurant. It was a one-two gut punch.

After he processed everything, Erik prepared a tower of cupcakes representing the people in Serenity that loved Dana Sue. It was the exact type of cake she dreamed about.

However, Dana Sue stood tough and refused to discuss the cake until  Erik returned home to where he belonged.

Dana Sue: if you’re coming back into my kitchen, you’re coming back full-time. You’re coming home.
Erik: I would love to come home.

What does this mean for a potential Helen and Erik reunion? Since she broke up with Ryan, they’ve only bumped into each other at Jeremy’s fruit stand on Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 8.

When Helen brought the elaborate floral cake topper, it was the first time they had a meaningful conversation in weeks.

There is nothing like a wedding to bring people together. That cake topper symbolized many of the essential things in Dana Sue’s life, including a paper flower of Erik’s brownie recipe.

Those were the brownies that Erik brought Helen after her last breakup with Ryan. Erik’s desserts have always cured all as the two longingly stared at each other. They weren’t back together but didn’t hate each other anymore. Baby steps.

Before we discuss the main event, let’s discuss how our other potential couples were faring. Annie had recently grown up, so I was proud that she wouldn’t hear Jackson’s excuses.

Annie knew she deserved better, and while they were best friends, it was evident she needed a different type of comfort as Annie ran straight into Ty’s arms.

Ty: What can I do?
Annie: Just be there.
Ty: Always.

These two have been dancing around whether they are best friends or something more since Sweet Magnolias began in 2020.

Ty has always been in Annie’s corner, and their looks aren’t fooling anyone. Even CeCe knew they needed time alone.

It should have been the happiest day of Dana Sue and Ronnie’s life, but they injected some drama into it since it was the finale.

Kathy had to make the big day all about her. She couldn’t wait until another day to apologize to Dana Sue.

Having Bill play the hero instead of the victim was refreshing. He finally learned from his mistakes and urged her to make amends before severing all ties.

To further help Maddie, Dana Sue, and Ronnie, Bill left town with Kathy, ensuring that she would be preoccupied for a while. He made a huge sacrifice and didn’t even get to talk to the kids, who may think their father deserted them again.

The vow ceremony was precisely how small-town weddings should be. Everyone important was involved, from Katie as the flower girl to Erik’s stunning cupcake tower.

It was such a privilege to hear Helen sing at the wedding. Heather Headley’s voice was flawless.

Exchanging the vows outdoors in the misty rain was the perfect touch.  The barn had some country charm to it, especially all lit up.

Dana Sue and Ronnie fought so hard to get to this place, and now we need to get Cal and Maddie married next season.

So much has changed during Sweet Magnolias Season 3. Who would have thought that Annie, Lily, and CeCe would have been the sisterly best friends Annie wished for on her 16th birthday?

During Sweet Magnolias Season 2, Lily seemed gossipy, and Annie and CeCe were rivals.

All three of them grew up and needed a fresh start and a shoulder to lean on, especially with Lily’s parents possibly getting divorced.

Annie: Whatever happens, we’re here for you.
CeCe: To the three of us.
Lily: Yeah

The Magnolias remember being friends when they were that young and hope they’ll be friends when they’re Ms. Frances’s age.

For once, Sweet Magnolias didn’t end with a cliffhanger. While that lessons the anxiousness, It’s also worrisome that the series tried to wrap storylines up.

There is still plenty to write about, with the growing potential of Ty and Annie and the reconciliation of Helen and Erik. He looked so happy when she caught the bouquet.

Many fans still want to watch Cal and Maddie get married and see the Maddox and Townsend family expand.

They also started some new arcs with Paula’s new boyfriend and Isaac’s secret. What is he hiding?

Now that Sweet Magnolias Season 3 has ended, what were your favorite parts?

Which couple or relationship would you have liked to see more of? Which character do you hope never returns?

Let us know in the comments below.

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