Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 6 Review: And a Star to Steer Her By


When the community of Serenity comes together, it’s heartwarming. However, it’s just as noticeable when you’re estranged from them.

During Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 6, everyone supported Harlan when his dad had a stroke. They ignored their issues with each other and thought of their mutual friend.

However, when Helen experienced a loss, she couldn’t think of anyone to call that wouldn’t judge her. How sad is that?

Harlan has mainly been a secondary character, assisting Cal with baseball, so it was nice to learn more about his family.

It’s scary seeing a family member fall and not knowing how to handle it, especially learning the uncertainty of it being a stroke.

This room is filled with people ready to help your family, Harlan. Lean on all of us.


This was the ideal time to use the foundation. While Ronnie and Skeeter would have fixed up the Bixby’s house with their own money, this allowed them to make state-of-the-art changes to help Harlan’s dad get around easier.

As Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 2 mentioned, the guys have made these basketball nights their versions of Margarita nights.

They tried to distract Harlan with smack talk on the courts.

As endearing as this storyline was, its main purpose was to highlight the distance between the Magnolias.

The feud had gotten so bad that Helen wasn’t even answering their texts. She only responded to the one about Harlan, and once they discussed the foundation, she disappeared back to court. It was awkward having her at the hospital with Erik and the Magnolias.

While Helen had a part in that fight, Maddie stuck her foot in it by butting in and giving her opinions too quickly, and Dana Sue tried to intervene too much.

It made my heart watching them argue. Even though they wanted peace, Dana Sue, and Maddie spent so much time blaming each other for the fight.

Dana Sue’s theory about making up was accurate, though. Spouses, family members, and best friends shouldn’t go to bed angry at each other. Fights only get worse the longer people have to stew about it.

Helen, I’d rather have lunch with Mary Vaughn every day for the rest of my life than hurt you.

Dana Sue

Everyone was too proud to admit they were wrong. It seemed like they were back in high school, and Cal and Ronnie wanted no part of this mess.

Every time Maddie moaned about the fight, and that she wanted her friends to learn from her mistakes, Cal tried to tell her that she couldn’t solve everyone’s problems.

During Sweet Magnolias Season 3, Maddie and Cal and Maddie’s children have been front and center, while in Season, they faded into the woodwork and let other characters shine.

Seeing them support each other and Cal start a new career has been entertaining. How cute was the new Katie with her excitement and pride over Cal’s new toolbelt? We need to see more of her.

Helen and Erik saw each other at the hospital for the first time in ages. Talk about awkwardness.

Erik started dating Genevieve, the new addition at the Corner Spa, and he’s consulting for Kathy. It’s the first time he has friends outside the inner circle, which ordinarily would be good for him.

Kathy only cared about making her restaurant better than Sullivan’s, so she no longer cared about his Southern comfort desserts.

He was collateral damage in her plan, so she would just make things for Dana Sue and the company if he didn’t follow orders.

Both Erik and Helen are struggling — in their career and the other in a relationships.

They balanced each other out before, even when they were close friends.

I actually don’t mind Genevieve. She seems sincere, and I’ll like her even more if she encourages Erik to get a different job.

He needs his friends and interests before he and Helen even consider being in the same orbit again.

We watched half of Sweet Magnolias Season 3 with Helen and Ryan together, only for them to break up again because Ryan gets restless when he’s in one place too long.

I’m not the man you deserve.


I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to think that Helen would pick up and follow him on his escapades. She has responsibilities, including to CeCe, who she recently became a guardian.

Helen was more mature in the relationship, while Ryan is still a free spirit. Romantic day trips are one thing, but traveling all the time is another. Hopefully, this was the last time she’ll be tempted to try things with him.

I have given up more than you can ever imagine, and I am done!


Helen is my girl, and while I want to feel bad because she’s lost everything, she gave up Erik for this selfish jerk. It’s hard to muster sympathy when she brought on some of this pain herself. Her friends predicted this, but she didn’t want to listen.

Now that Helen and Ryan are through, how long must we wait until the road to Helen and Erik begins again? Things are never easy for our couple since Erik just started seeing Genevieve.

We’ll have to see how long it’ll take before they run into each other and if they’ve worked through some of their individual issues.

Are you happy Ryan and Helen finally broke up? When do you think the Magnolias will reconcile? What are your thoughts on Annie’s lies catching up to her?

Let us know in the comments below.

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