Make Me A Match Leaves Us Wanting More Indian Matchmaking


Sometimes, a movie couple has so much chemistry you wonder if they have worked together before.

Eva Bourne and Rushi Kota exhibited a natural connection in Make Me A Match, even though only Eva Bourne was a seasoned Hallmark professional. Rushi Kota made his Hallmark debut and his rom-com debut in this film

Did their sarcastic chemistry work? Could you tell they were made for each other instantly, or did you think they’d be butting heads constantly?

In the movie, Bourne plays Vivi, who works at Data Mate, a dating app company, and learned her fiance cheated on her because he was tired of living up to being perfect.

Initially, Vivi was jaded about love and believed in chasing after it, and if she changed the formula of her app, she’d find love.

Cute Stranger: What did you wish for? You owe me after that lump on the head.
Vivi: Fine. I used to wish to find love. Now that I found it, I wished to optimize it.
Cute Stranger: Oh, you’re serious? Find love and optimize it. That sounds like a robot on Valentine’s Day.

Vivi was excellent at her job but didn’t know how to be spontaneous. That’s where Boom came in with his carefree charm, trying to teach her to try new things.

Neither of them agreed with the other about their views on relationships, but they probably thought they’d never see each other again. Fate often steps in when necessary.

Having had the opportunity to interview Eva Bourne and Rushi Kota, I know that they enjoyed their comedic meet-cute scene.

Boom got on Vivi’s nerves with his spontaneous attitude since she over-scheduled everything.

One of Bourne’s most comedic moments was Vivi’s expression when she realized that Boom was Raina’s son and associate and would be helping to find her a match.

Raina: The person we choose to go through my matchmaking process must want a life partner now.
Vivi: Of course. I can’t be the only one.
Raina: Someone who respects our culture.
Vivi: It’s not a fad. It’s a tradition.
Raina: They should have an open mind and heart about matchmaking.

Seeing the differences between Indian matchmaking and a modern dating app made “Make Me A Match” so enjoyable. Vivi constantly thought about successes and algorithms, while Raina and Boom wanted to push Vivi to share anything personal.

Raina wants couples to discuss essential issues such as finances, how they spend their time, and if they want children. These are issues that all couples should confer on, whether you’re going through matchmaking or beginning to see each other.

Knowing whether your partner is an introvert or an extrovert or wants a big family before you get engaged can save you future heartbreak.

If only Vivi followed that advice. To be fair, she tried, but it seemed like she was still putting on an act around the three frontrunners: Paul, Leonard, and Tristan.

Indian matchmaking involves so much more than a simple date. It involves good chemistry between the families and the stars aligning.

Vivi’s parents always argued, and in many ways, Vivi behaved like her mom, wanting to give a good impression. Until one of her suiters called her family dysfunctional.

While you can say things about your family, if other people do, it’s war. That’s how Vivi felt.

Leonard and Tristan were perfectly lovely men but weren’t suitable for Vivi. Vivi had spent most of her life playing tug-a-war and watching her parents fight, so she wanted a stable marriage.

She didn’t know anything about passion but wanted to feel secure and loved. It’s part of the reason she worked with dating apps.

Vivi only lit up when she was around Boom. He challenged her to be better by encouraging her to add color to her life or try something new.

Initially, Boom avoided dating as much as she did, but they kept getting thrown together and seeing how much they had in common. None of her other dating prospects liked traveling or cooking international cuisine.

There were sparks between Boom and Vivi that didn’t exist with the other prospects. He picked up the pieces every time a date went sour, even escorting her to a client’s engagement party.

They looked so much like a couple that Boom’s friend called him out on it when Boom couldn’t stop staring at her.

As they became too close and nearly kissed, Vivi tried again to throw herself into other prospects.

She wasn’t fooling anyone since she kept gushing about Boom to Neela.

I suspect that Tristan ended things with Vivi because he also knew her heart wasn’t in it. Vivi felt crushed for getting her heart broken again and took her anger out on Boom.

Vivi: I chased love. I got burned. Does that make you happy?
Boom: No, of course not.

However, Vivi eventually realized she didn’t want to create shallow dating apps.

She wanted to help people like Raina did since Raina taught her how to be herself.

It took some time, but Vivi learned that there’s more to life than algorithms and formulas.

Besides focusing on the romance, “Make Me A Match” also showed how important family relations were when pairing a couple. Raina and Boom shared some emotional moments as they grieved her husband’s and his dad’s recent death.

In Indian custom, Boom tried to take care of his mom, but she wanted him to find a life-long love as she had.

Vivi: Boom, are finally chasing love?
Boom: Only if you’re finally letting love come to you.

Boom feared falling in love for different reasons than Vivi since she feared ending up like her parents. They both eventually took that jump.

Vivi: Boom, are finally chasing love?
Boom: Only if you’re finally letting love come to you.

The Indian wedding was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen on television, with Boom’s apparel and the vibrant red dress.

We don’t know whether this is the first in a movie series or a one-off until a follow-up is announced, but I have my fingers crossed.

Kota and Bourne’s chemistry was delightful, and it would be entertaining to see Vivi and Boom run the matchmaking business jointly with Raina and Neela.

What were your favorite parts of the film? What would you like to see in a potential sequel? Tell us below.

Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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