The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Flashback


It’s never good news when intelligence agencies work together. Each works like an independent body and always looks out for its interests.

Events of five years prior come to haunt Garza on The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 9. He is pulled into a conspiracy to set him up, but lucky for him, he has a team of seven great agents who believe in him.

Having people who believe in you is one of the best things a person can have.

This being the midseason finale, they left nothing to chance. It had action, jokes, and a major cliffhanger.

We were wondering when we would see Mark Atlas again, and lucky for us, it was sooner rather than later. I’ll come out and say that I’m team Mark and Laura, and I’m thankful for him. This rules out the possibility of the writers making Brendon and Laura a thing, which is weird.

The Rookie is known for pulling insane stunts and storylines, and in this one, I feared they might turn Garza into a bad guy. The man has dedicated his life to the agency, and it would not be good for them if all this while he’s been working for Russia.

Speaking of Russia, I’m not thrilled about this choice. It is usually the easiest route, which speaks to the need for more innovation on the writing front. It’s at par with writing an ex-actor in Los Angeles, which I ripped on The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 1.

Calling Simone was a weird decision on Garza’s part, and we all wondered why. Simone is barely an agent. She’s a problematic rookie, and not his trainee.

Simone: I thought I was gonna be the one sneaking in?
Carter: You’re still a probationary agent. You get caught, you’re fired.

He, however, knows that she will fight for him. Many people hated Simone because she appeared insubordinate, but Garza saw beyond this. He sees her passion for the job and how much she sacrifices for the people she loves and believes in.

The counter-intelligence mission in Panama also felt very typical and didn’t leave much of an impression. It’s an old trope.

A man goes undercover for intelligence; he is betrayed, loses a lover, and is either wrongly accused or seeks revenge. A hundred and one movies have been made about it.

In the early minutes of the hour, I was convinced that this was Tracy’s ploy to get Garza and the team disbanded. Imagine what an epic midseason finale that would have been.

I could see why Laura has a thing for Mark. The man has some game and courage. Not many people can make Laura giggle and blush like a teenage girl while on the phone.

Elena was beside herself when Garza was arrested. She might take every opportunity to roast him, but she cares about him a lot.

Elena: Will my tio be okay?
Carter: It’s too soon to tell. [to Simone] She deserves honesty, not platitudes.

I have never noticed how quietly she walks. She seems to appear out of nowhere and catches many people by surprise. Garza may be used to it, but Simone is not. She nearly had a heart attack from it.

Mark helped Laura and Brendon by getting them a warrant to snoop inside Adam Link’s house. This was something I found concerning.

The fact that law enforcement can essentially break into your house and try to find evidence to incriminate you in a crime should make everyone concerned. A lot can go wrong here.

Can homeowners be blamed when they find strangers going through their belongings inside their houses and shooting them?

Ever heard of the concept of “dirty cops?” Cops have been known to plant evidence inside their suspect’s homes.

This and a no-knock warrant are incredibly dangerous to the suspect and the officers on the case.

There is no difference between obtaining evidence by breaking in and requesting such a warrant. Any evidence found by search methods should be inadmissible in court.

People have many things in their homes that they don’t want to be seen or discovered by law enforcement because the said things might get them in legal trouble without cause.

Call me crazy, but I believe a home is private, and privacy should be respected unless there is firm evidence that something illegal and potentially dangerous is happening inside that house.

Laura also took the opportunity to train Brendon on different types of warrants and their legal scopes. In all this chaos and madness, it is easy to forget that Brendon and Simone are still rookies and are here to be trained.

Laura: We have a sneak and peek warrant, which means what?
Brendon: Really? Pop quiz? Now?

The best thing in the episode was the little plot twist. Learning that Adam Link was not the mole sent the story in a wild direction.

All these years, Garza and Link have been trying to prove that the other person was the mole when neither of them was.

Simone’s powers came into play when she convinced Cate to potentially break the law to get them in contact with Garza.

We cannot let the boss down. This is a matter of life or death.


I have been wondering when we will see Cate. I thought she had been written off the show for some reason. The last time we saw her was during the backdoor pilots.

It is always the government officials who are implicated in these things. It is sad when someone abuses their power to such a degree. Giving out classified intelligence for such a long time has undoubtedly done a lot of damage to the US. Brady will not be missed.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger.

We always love hearing your thoughts, so let us know what you think.

Are you going bonkers over Mark and Laura? Do you think that they make a cute couple?


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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