When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 10 Review: Never Say Never


Extraordinary developments are coming in quickly for Hope Valley residents.

The unimaginable is happening, and it’s going to take some time to adjust to everything that happened on When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 10.

Well, unless you had on your WCTH bingo card the end of Walden Wyman, Nathan holding Lucas’s life in his hands, and Rosemary’s unexpected and thrilling news.

When Lucas first arrived in town, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see him behind bars.

Faith: Elizabeth, I hope you’re aware that none of us question Lucas’s innocence.
Elizabeth: I think there are at least a few.
Faith: Nathan and Bill are doing their jobs.
Elizabeth: Perhaps. But they know Lucas.

He was painted as a bad boy who had little chance at redemption. Everyone was aflutter when he set his sights on Elizabeth, but Lucas had everyone fooled.

Under his swagger was a man searching for everything he missed as a boy. All of his worldly pursuits meant nothing to him compared to finding a place to settle down, where he could get to know everyone as he was never able to as a child.

Sadly, when Nathan and Bill took Walden at his word, tossing Lucas into the clink for crimes associated with documents discovered in his office, Lucas wasn’t surprised.

Faith: Hey, you and Bill don’t actually think Lucas is in cahoots with Walden.
Nathan: I’m trying to keep an open mind, Faith, but you know, Lucas was into some dirty dealings before he arrived.
Faith: But, should that have any bearing now?

On the other hand, Elizabeth was saddened by how it unfolded and was miffed that Bill and Nathan, who now know Lucas, still held enough of their previous notions that they’d consider the possibility that Lucas was guilty.

But the story has been in motion for a while, and we finally know why someone was racing out of town, hitting Nathan and Newton without looking back. That fellow had planted the evidence in Lucas’s office.

The catch that placed Nathan into the center of the controversy worked as a jumping-off point to show how far he and Lucas have come since their days courting Elizabeth.

The friendship that was always a possibility under the surface has sprung to life in When Calls the Heart Season 9, but Nathan’s conundrum was whether they should let the culprit off the hook in return for info that would free Lucas and condemn Walden.

It’s aggravating that any criminal would get a free pass. Nathan’s not alone in that line of thinking. But as is too often the case in our world, you’ve got to decide what level of criminal needs to be stopped the most.

As a Mountie and all that it stood for, I have an idea what it took for you to make this decision. Thank you.


Walden runs the ring of criminality, so taking him down while freeing Lucas in the process would be a better get than prosecuting someone for the hit and run.

Thankfully, it all worked out. Interestingly, we’ve never gotten a complete picture of the foundry Walden built. As Lucas detaches himself from the oil company and the reopening of the coal mine, maybe he’ll take an interest in the foundry.

With people making assumptions about my behavior, I’m beginning to understand how Henry feels.


And yes, it’s official. The mine will reopen, and Henry will take the fall for it in Hope Valley.

Arthur Gilchrist wasn’t coming to Hope Valley to check out the Valley Voice. He would stop by, but the true purpose of his visit was his connection to Jerome and desire to reopen the mine.

Opening the mine again comes with so much angst for Hope Valley residents, but I have a feeling that it’s going to work out well in the end.

Arthur has a thing for Fiona. She’s rebuffing him, but it would be great if he spent more time in town and got the Lucas treatment. After all, even Jerome has turned out not to be the monster we expected.

Henry worked so hard to overturn the deal, but it came down to him and Jerome sitting face to face and talking business.

The sticking point has been the safety of the mine. While it wasn’t a top priority in the past, Jerome seems intent on finding the latest technology to ensure safety.

The bottom line was that the mine would be reopened, with Henry or without him. With Henry on board, he’ll have the opportunity to ensure that all safety measures are secure. He will never stand silently by again while management overrides his concerns.

Unfortunately, the story was broken without warning when Rosemary and Lee decided they had a moral obligation to run the news even if its source — Elizabeth — didn’t agree.

Elizabeth: With the oil company Lucas ran and sold, looking to possibly reopen the mine, people will blame him. They already blame Henry.
Rosemary: Well, then this story will help clear up-
Elizabeth: Can you please just wait until you have all the facts before publishing? Then let people think what they want. I won’t care then. I told you all of this in confidence, as my friend.
Rosemary: I wish you could see things from my perspective, as our town’s newspaper editor.
Elizabeth: You’ve already made up your mind to publish tomorrow, haven’t you? Rosemary, I really hope you’ll reconsider.

That scene hurt.

Rosemary is always so bright and cheerful, but when she and Elizabeth disagree about things, Pascale Hutton can work miracles with her facial expressions, offering no doubt about the seriousness of their debates.

The first time I recall that was when Rosemary and Elizabeth were arguing about Elizabeth’s feelings after learning of Nathan’s reasoning for coming to Hope Valley. There was no doubt how much that conversation hurt Rosemary, and the same was true here.

The Valley Voice published the mine story, and it took the town by storm. The wounds are still so fresh, as they would be, especially in such a small, close-knit community.

But that didn’t make it any easier to see Florence and Molly’s reactions or how they condemned Henry without knowing the whole story behind his involvement.

Elizabeth and Rosemary made up when Rosemary revealed the news of her pregnancy without saying a word. Elizabeth just knew. The town’s grief overshadowed their happiness, but just barely.

Sometimes, an illness isn’t an illness at all, and Rosemary’s stomach flu might be morning sickness. Of course, it might not be, too, but surely, she won’t be put through that terrible pain.

Just like sometimes an illness isn’t an illness, never isn’t always never.

If you watch When Calls the Heart online, you know Rosemary and Lee wanted children very badly, but they finally understood that their lives would still be complete without children.

Perhaps it was a little like watching the pot boil. Their spirits needed solace that allowed their bodies to produce a miracle.

Are you excited for Rosemary or concerned that she’ll be dealt another blow, but this time without Lee’s support since she’s opted not to tell him?

Should The Valley Voice publish an article explaining Henry’s involvement in the mine deal? And would it help others to forgive him?

There is so much to discuss about this episode, so I hope you’ll drop below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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