Days of Our Lives Round Table: Eric Returns!


Eric Brady returned to Salem! The Devil caused havoc at Ben and Ciara’s gender reveal party. Gabi went after Ava while Chloe, Brady, and Sonny continued to target Leo.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by UhSir from My Hourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate the effect of cherry filling, if Ericole or Racole should win out, and who was the most annoying person this week in Salem?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Rate the twist of Ben and Ciara’s gender reveal party. And do you think they are actually having a boy?

UhSir: It was pretty lame because of the devil story. Too many anvils of doom and gloom. I stopped caring by the time they cut the cake. I do think they will have a boy.

Jack: I’m not a fan of gender reveal parties in the first place, so I wasn’t looking forward to this story. I thought it fell flat. After all the build-up, the Devil’s entire plan was to use a cherry filling that looked like blood and blame Chanel for it?

I don’t put it past the Devil to lie about the baby’s sex, but for what purpose? Not that any of this has had any point anyway. So they probably are having a boy.

Christine: The cherry filling was the best the Devil could do? That was pretty lame. It was a boring party.

The only twist was Allie blaming Chanel for the filling mixup, which was more mean than evil. And yes, I think they will likely have a boy so that they can name him Bo, after Ciara’s late father.

Rafe gave Gabi his police file to investigate Ava for him. Do you hope Rafe, Gabi, and Nicole get their revenge against Ava, or do you hope they fail?

UhSir: Gabi and Ava have made this story a lot of fun this week. It feels like Ava has moved on. So should they. I hope they fail because I want Ava to stick around.

Jack: I don’t think this is revenge. I think it’s justice. Rafe and Nicole’s cheating was wrong, but it is in no way equivalent to Ava framing Rafe, which, as Nicole pointed out, is actually a serious crime.

Unfortunately, I doubt Ava will do time for this. Gabi got that tape by pretending to be an ADA. Even in Salem with its weird laws, that likely isn’t admissible, or else Trask or a judge is secretly on Ava’s payroll or both.

Christine: Rafe cheated on an ex-mob boss. He’s lucky he’s still alive!

Rafe and Nicole seem obsessed with Ava, who appears to have moved on. And it’s not like Nicole is some innocent, so she comes across as pretty hypocritical to me.

I hope Ava walks. She’s become one of the more fun characters in Salem, and I’d hate to lose her.

Should Anna suffer the consequences for using that drug on Sarah? Are you surprised that Tony isn’t doing more to protect her?

UhSir: Of course, she shouldn’t have done it, but she’s Anna, so of course she did! I’m sure Anna will be released after it’s revealed that Gwen switched the syringe because if that hadn’t happened, Sarah would be recovering right now, and everyone would be okay with what Anna did.

I’m very disappointed that Maggie is being so vindictive about this. It’s not like her at all. When Will had cancer, and they found Rolf’s diary with a serum, Maggie was all-in for getting it made and injected as soon as possible, no cries about testing, and it worked.

Why doesn’t she trust Rolf now? Because Sarah is her daughter? Maggie isn’t that shallow.

I’m also disappointed that Tony seems to be distancing himself from Anna over this. He was cold and cruel to her at the police station. Tony would never be that way. Something’s wrong there.

Jack: I’d love to see the look on the judge’s face when this case comes to trial, and Anna’s defense is that she did it to stop Sarah from thinking she was Tony’s dead lover, who hates Anna! I’m Team Anna on this one.

Technically, yes, she shouldn’t have stabbed Sarah with the needle. But I’m tired of everyone acting like she’s the worst criminal in the world, especially Tony. 

Tony has so little empathy for his wife and what he’s put her through by going along with Sarah’s delusions that I can’t believe it’s the same man. Are we sure this isn’t Andre in disguise again?

Christine: I understand why Anna did what she did, but it doesn’t make it right. And I get why Maggie is furious. It should have been Maggie’s choice, and what Anna did may have caused Sarah’s condition to be permanent. If I were Maggie and that was my daughter, I’d be furious too.

But I am a little surprised that Tony isn’t trying to protect Anna more than he is, although it would help if Anna showed a bit more regret. Instead, she only seems to regret her actions because she’s been arrested and not how her actions affected Sarah.

Chloe and Brady tried to convince Nancy not to sign the divorce papers while Sonny dragged Chad to New York to try and find something more on Leo. In your opinion, is all of this warranted to stop Craig from marrying Leo?

UhSir: Not one bit. Craig is a grown-up. He’s allowed to make his own decisions about things that will only affect him. Even Nancy knows that. They all need to step back.

Jack: This is unbelievably annoying. Leo probably is conning Craig. But Craig is neither a child nor mentally incompetent. It is not anyone’s job to save him from his choice of husband.

If Leo is bad news, Craig will figure that out eventually. All of this just makes his family look controlling, and Sonny seems to have lost it altogether.

Christine: What is the matter with everyone? Craig is a grown man. They’ve told him all they know about Leo. If he still chooses to marry Leo, then that’s his choice.

All of this makes Chloe and Brady look childish, while Sonny has become paranoid and obsessed and may need therapy.

Eric Brady is back in Salem. Do you hope his presence breaks up Rafe and Nicole? Do you hope Eric and Nicole find their way back together?

UhSir: I like Rafe and Nicole together. I loved them together years ago when he was helping her when she was pregnant. They fit together really well.

I don’t want Eric to interrupt them. Besides, that would mean Eric is not a priest anymore. It would be ridiculous to have him being an on-again, off-again priest. But ridiculous never stops Days from doing something. /snark

Jack: No and no. Eric and Nicole have had more than enough chances, and it always ends up the same: with judgmental Eric deciding Nicole is not good enough for him and Nicole tearfully agreeing.

As soon as Rafe and Nicole expressed interest in each other a year ago, I knew that eventually, Eric would pop back up to try to ruin it. Ugh.

Christine: I’m not Eric’s biggest fan, but I’m also not a fan of Nicole and Rafe. I thought I’d like them together, but I just find them annoying most of the time.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing all three of them leave Salem, but I’m clearly not going to get that lucky. I expect lots of angst, Rafe to be insecure, and Nicole to be whiny as she waffles between the two men.

Which character did you find the most annoying this week in Salem?

UhSir: Gwen being upset and whiny and constantly looking pitiful, all while repeatedly lying to everybody. I’m sure she’s supposed to be annoying, and she’s doing a great job of it.

Jack: I couldn’t stand Sonny’s manipulations to get Chad on board with his crazy plan.

Ava was also annoying me when she confronted Rafe, but Rafe annoyed me more because he didn’t take the advice he gave Nicole last week and WALK AWAY.

Christine: Ugh. Kayla tells Roman she didn’t see it coming when she lost her job. She was told she’d be fired if she didn’t fire Marlena. Why is she shocked that it happened?

Chloe asking her mother not to sign the divorce papers. This has been difficult enough for Nancy, and Chloe was making it worse.

And Gabi running around playing junior detective was as dumb as it was annoying.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

UhSir: Paulina in upset-Mama mode…

Chanel: What are you doin’, Mama?

Paulina: What do you think I’m doin’? I’m calling a taxi! No, I can’t drive when I’m upset like this. I tend to get lost.

Jack: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Gwen and Leo’s scenes together. I’m not a fan of either character, but they were fun together!

I also loved Craig and Nancy’s reminiscing about their relationship after they signed the divorce papers and Craig telling Nancy that even though it was over, the love they’d shared was real.

Christine: John comforting Belle and assuring her that love always prevails over evil. You have to love John. He’s the one character who fiercely believes in love.

Then Ava calling out Gwen on what she did to Sarah. You know you’re pretty bad if Ava Vitalli thinks you’re evil.

What do you think, Days fans? Who was the most annoying this week? Are you rooting for Ericole or Racole? And do you think Ciara’s really having a boy?

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